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Americana Collection

The Americana Collection is a manuscript collection which may be defined as a group of historically valuable records of individuals, families and organizations often focusing on a historical era or theme which varies according to the specific collecting institution’s interests. The Americana Collection houses manuscripts and imprints pertaining to the history of Colonial America, the Revolutionary War period and the Early National period to 1830. The collection is also home to diaries, letters, household inventories, samples of colonial-era currency, court records, birth and marriage records, land deeds and grants and military documents. The collection contains more than 4,000 accessions. The Americana Collection is intended for research use both by DAR members and staff and by the general public including students.

Access to the Collection and Exhibits

The collection is open for research purposes by appointment to anyone who agrees to comply with both building security requirements and proper handling techniques for collections. Requests for photocopies are handled by the Office of the Historian General. That office reserves the right to evaluate each photocopy request and to deny permission in certain instances such as when original copies are too fragile. Exhibits are installed in special display cases in the Americana Room and are changed periodically. Individuals and groups are welcome. Tours may be arranged by prior consultation with the staff.


The Americana Room is located on the second floor of the NSDAR Administration Building, 1776 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006-5303. Contact the staff by telephone: (202) 879-3256 or email: Potential researchers should work with an archivist to determine which specific materials may be of interest.


The Americana Collection is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Please contact the Office of the Historian General to discuss a potential donation to the Americana Collection. Interested donors should review the Americana Collection Development Policy before contacting the office regarding a potential donation.

Americana Room Fund

Contributions to the American Room Fund are used for the purchase of items for the collection, for the conservation of manuscript and imprint materials in fragile condition, and for special maintenance needs of the Americana Room.

Friends of the Americana Collection

DAR members are cordially invited to become members of the "Friends of the Americana Collection," established in 1988. Membership information is available from the Office of the Historian General upon request.

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