The Americana Collection is comprised of manuscript and imprint materials, primarily (but not exclusively) pertaining to life in Colonial America, the Revolutionary War era, and the Early Republic.

Included among the manuscript materials are letters, ledgers, diaries, indentures, land deeds and grants, political and governmental (official) papers, legal and court records, birth, baptismal and marriage records, wills, maps, military papers and commissions, autographs (especially of Presidents of the United States and First Ladies, and signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States), business papers, tax records, drawings, and music.

Printed materials include books, forms, almanacs, sermons, newspapers, pamphlets, school books, lithographs, tintypes, photographs, paper currency, and music. Most items in the collection date from the seventeenth, eighteenth, or nineteenth centuries; however, some twentieth-century items have been incorporated (such as autographs of twentieth-century Presidents and First Ladies, and materials pertaining to notable, contemporary Americans and to landmarks in recent history). Currently, the Americana Collection is the sole collecting agent at the NSDAR for early American manuscripts and printed materials.

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