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Guardian Trust – Immediate Needs

Thank you so much for your interest in making an online donation to help with the Immediate Restoration Needs of DAR Constitution Hall. This momentous effort requires the commitment and financial support of our members in order to continue preserving America’s history for future generations.

To accomplish this crucial undertaking we need the help of Daughters like you! CLICK HERE to find out more information about this vital campaign and to see an important video featuring the current and past Presidents General. 

2016 DAR Wall Calendar

2016 DAR Wall Calendar

Click the Give Now button, above, to make an online donation of $25 or more to help with the Immediate Restoration Needs of DAR Constitution Hall and we will send you the 2016 “Spirit of the Revolution” DAR Wall Calendar as our way of saying “Thank you” for your support of this critical cause. Or call the Office of Development at (800) 449-1776 to make your donation over the phone, or to order multiple calendars.

Minimum online donation of $25


President General’s Message to Daughters Fall, 2015:

“Guard that which is committed to thy trust.”

1 Timothy 6:20

Dear Daughter,

I doubt that Margaret Corbin ever imagined herself in the history books.

The vivacious 20-year-old from Pennsylvania married Virginia farmer John Corbin in 1772. She likely would have lived a life of peaceful obscurity, if not for events that placed her squarely in the heat of Revolutionary War combat.

It all started shortly after the early Battles of Lexington and Concord. John joined the Continental Army in America’s fight for independence. And Margaret, like many soldiers’ wives of the day, followed him to the battlefield.

As men tended to military duties, the women cared for them—cooking, cleaning and nursing the wounded.

Then, on November 6, 1776, everything changed for Margaret.

As the British advanced north through Manhattan, a Continental brigade of just 600 soldiers faced 4,000 enemy troops. John manned a cannon and Margaret stood by his side, helping him load the weapon.

Unimaginable grief must have gripped Margaret that day as she watched her beloved husband die in battle. But instead of giving up, this brave patriot took her husband’s place at the cannon and continued to fire.

Her comrades were amazed at Margaret’s excellent aim. Unfortunately, the enemy noticed too and targeted her with their guns. Though the British won the battle that day, Margaret’s cannon was the last to be silenced.

She was later found in critical condition on the battlefield, wounded by three musket balls and grapeshot. She survived and on July 6, 1779, the Continental Congress awarded her a lifelong pension. Margaret was the first woman who ever received such compensation by the U.S. government.

More than 125 years after her death, DAR led a successful mission to find Margaret’s unmarked grave. Then, on April 14, 1926, her remains were reinterred with full military honors at the cemetery of the United States Military Academy at West Point—making her one of only two Revolutionary War soldiers buried there. The Margaret Corbin Monument was erected by the DAR at the gravesite.

The beautifully rich photographs and lively descriptions of artifacts in the 2016 “Spirit of the Revolution” DAR Wall Calendar tell the stories of amazing patriots like Margaret. These tangible and vulnerable vestiges of the past are meticulously cared for and preserved in the climate-controlled display and storage spaces of the DAR Museum in the buildings that encompass our historic home. And one of these landmark buildings urgently needs restoration.

This letter is an urgent request for help. Constitution Hall is in need of immediate repair. Your generous gift today will help restore this treasured part of our Headquarter complex—our home.

Once a year we join our collective voices at the Annual Continental Congress in Constitution Hall to move our mission forward. Part of that mission is to preserve artifacts like the ones featured in the 2016 DAR Wall Calendar, so that we can preserve our patriot stories now, and for generations to come.

At our 124th Continental Congress last June, we announced the establishment of the Guardian Trust Campaign. The purpose of this campaign is two-fold: to establish a permanent endowment for the preservation and restoration of our home and to attend to the immediate restoration needs of DAR Constitution Hall.

This work must begin now! In order to make DAR Constitution Hall absolutely safe and presentable to the half-million patrons who visit this hallowed hall each year we must begin this work without delay.

  • Restore and repair original lobby finishes;
  • Remediate areas of hazardous materials;
  • Improve air distribution and mechanical controls;
  • Address basement water infiltration issues;
  • Improve accessibility for patrons and performers;
  • Identify, retain and preserve historic materials and features.

Please help us meet this urgent need. Your gift will help make these restorations possible and ensure the protection of the countless historic artifacts entrusted to our care. Your donation today will help to preserve these amazing stories for tomorrow.

Celebrate America!
Lynn Forney Young


P.S. Please help us “Guard that which is committed to thy trust” by making a generous gift today. Simply click the “GIVE NOW” button just above this letter to make a one-time donation today, or CLICK HERE to make a monthly commitment to the Guardian Trust Campaign through Sustaining Supporter. Thank you.



Allow us the opportunity to recognize your commitment to the Guardian Trust Campaign.

All donations to the Guardian Trust Campaign count toward your Heritage Club giving recognition.

DONOR RIBBON: All donations to the Guardian Trust Campaign are recognized by the Office of Development with a special golden-colored Donation Ribbon for your name tag at Continental Congress and at select State and Chapter events where the Office of Development is in attendance throughout the year.

DECORATIVE LAPEL PIN: All donations to the Guardian Trust Campaign of $500 or more are recognized with a decorative lapel pin that you may wear on your scarf, jacket or lapel any time to show your support of this vital campaign. These pins are sent to you by the Office of Development once you reach $500 in total contributions to the Guardian Trust Campaign.

OFFICIAL DAR DONATION PIN: All donations to the Guardian Trust Campaign of $5,000 or more are recognized with the eligibility to purchase a DAR Donation Pin designed by Hamilton Jewelers and authorized for placement on the official DAR Ribbon. CLICK HERE to see an image of this beautiful Donation Pin. Other pin designs are available for donation totals of $10,000 or more.


Contact Us

For more information, or to make a donation by phone please contact the Office of Development toll free during office hours at (800) 449-1776. Or send us an email inquiry anytime at

If you would like to donate by check, please click HERE for a printable form (PDF). Please be sure to write “2016 Calendar/Immediate Needs” across the top of the form, or on the blank line directly under “Name and address for acknowledgement.” Thank you.