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Member contributions account for a significant percentage of the NSDAR operating budget, so every online donation in support of the General Fund, no matter the size, is vitally important to our work. Your donation to the General Fund will be put to immediate use helping us maintain state-of-the-art climate controls throughout our vast complex in order to preserve over 30,000 historic portraits, photographs, documents and other precious American artifacts, as well as our many other initiatives.

The General Fund has played a crucial role in our ability to carry out our mission. Your gifts to the General Fund provide immediate support for the day-to-day operations of NSDAR Headquarters, which is the hearth and home of our Society. Your contributions ensure that we can keep the lights on and the doors open for the nearly 18,000 visitors that we host annually.

In short, your gift to the NSDAR General Fund is the “life blood” of this organization and helps to move our work forward.

General Fund Donation

Masthead of a reproduction of the first issue of The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser, dated August 20, 1773. Click HERE to view a sample section from the FRONT PAGE.

Click the Give Now button at the top of this page to make a donation of $25 or more to the NSDAR General Fund today and in honor of your online donation we will send you your very own reproduction of this incredible document from our collection. Printed in the U.S.A. on beautiful parchment paper stock, supplies of this wonderful collectible are very limited, so please don’t wait. And be sure to read the “P.S.,” below, for a tip on deciphering the 18th Century text.

President General’s letter in support of the Current Campaign:


Dear Daughter,

Your wedding day. Your child’s first steps. A joyful family reunion.

I am sure you are like me—we painstakingly preserve moments like these through photographs, newspaper clippings and other special mementos. And you know it is no easy task to protect these precious keepsakes from becoming yellowed and worn with age.

So you can imagine how difficult it is to preserve fragile artifacts, some dating back 250 years. At NSDAR, we care for over 30,000 historic portraits, photographs, documents and other precious American artifacts. Precise temperatures and moisture levels must be maintained at all times to keep these items in peak condition.

As a Daughter who supports the NSDAR General Fund, you protect these delicate treasures by helping us provide a state-of-the-art climate-controlled environment throughout the display and storage spaces here at the DAR Museum, Period Rooms, NSDAR Archives, Americana Collection and other locations throughout our DAR home.

By protecting these important reminders of the past, you bring to life our nation’s proud history and you lovingly preserve the stories of our ancestors—great Americans and patriots who deeply loved our country and fought so valiantly for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Your online gift to the NSDAR General Fund today will help us continue to keep these historic artifacts safe and secure and our buildings in peak condition.

Just above this letter is the Masthead of a reproduction of the first issue of The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser, one of the many wonderful items preserved in our collection.

The document itself is fascinating—the articles are refreshingly down to earth. In fact, on the front page, the publisher apologizes for the delay in publishing due to the considerable expense and lack of materials.

He then goes on to assure subscribers that he will print all views (as long as the language is appropriate), so one gentleman took the opportunity to explain why another gentleman should not challenge him to a duel!

The back page contains announcements for new store openings and even a real estate ad placed by none other than George Washington himself!

The story of the newspaper and its publisher is even more intriguing. American Patriot and accomplished innovator William Goddard launched the newspaper in 1773 and his sister Mary Katherine took over the reins in 1775.

Under Mary Katherine’s leadership, the Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser continued to publish throughout the Revolutionary War, despite the risk of being arrested or having her press confiscated by the British.

Mary Katherine also gained quite a bit of recognition as the first publisher to print the Declaration of Independence with the names of all the signers. She was also the first American postmaster, holding that position for 14 years.

In a male-dominated world, Mary Katherine handled the roles of printer, editor and postmaster with great skill and determination She was a trailblazer and will continue to serve as a wonderful role model for our own daughters, granddaughters and future generations of women.

Mary Katherine’s story is one of many you protect and preserve through your dedicated support. I hope you will decide to make a generous gift today as we continue to …

Celebrate America!
Lynn Forney Young
President General

P.S. I am sure that many of you are familiar with reading 18th Century documents, like the sample of The Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser, posted below. But for those of you who want a little help with interpreting the “long s” (where an “f” appears in place of an “s”), click HERE for more information. 


In recognition of your ongoing commitment to the NSDAR General Fund, your donations may be recognized annually through the 1890 Annual Giving Circle.

See the complete list of 1890 Annual Giving Circle Members, Class of 2015, which is by far the largest class of 1890 members in NSDAR history!

All General Fund donations count towards your Heritage Club giving levels.


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