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Throughout 2015, the Daughters of the American Revolution will be celebrating 125 years of service to America. If you would like to invest in the President General’s Project and help us celebrate our Quasquicentennial, marking 125 years of devoted and dedicated service to the nation, then please click the Give Now button below to make an online donation to NSDAR. You may also call the Office of Development at (800) 449-1776 to make your donation over the phone.

If you would like to receive one of these beautiful wall calendars, then please send your gift of $25 or more to NSDAR today.

President General's Project

We need the commitment and financial support of our members to continue to preserve America’s history for future generations. We need the help of Daughters like you!

Of course, historic preservation is just one of the areas to which we need to dedicate resources in the months and years ahead. Your support of the President General’s Project will help us to:

• Advance our technological capabilities to enable the National Society to share its collection of historical, educational and patriotic resources with audiences throughout the country;

• Promote membership and enhance awareness of DAR through unprecedented community service; and

• Fund community grants for historic preservation, education and patriotism.

For more information, please contact the Office of Development at or (800) 449-1776.

Fall Campaign: 2015 DAR Wall Calendar

2015 DAR Wall Calendar

President General’s Message to Daughters Fall, 2014:

It is my great pleasure to present to you the 2015 DAR Calendar.  This visually stunning and thought-provoking edition displays examples of DAR Historic Preservation at its finest.

Nestled within the walls of one of the most elegant exteriors in Washington, D.C., are rooms and artifacts that carry with them the stories crafted by those who have gone before us. These stories come to life in the furniture, clothing, textiles, arts and crafts in each period room, and even in the building itself. They are stories that beg to be preserved, shared and retold for future generations. With the turn of each calendar page the stories unfold, conveying the historical, cultural and educational importance of the featured objects. DAR Headquarters at 1776 D Street NW is so much more than just a building or a simple collection of things!  It’s our story.

Historic Preservation is one of the great cornerstones of our core Mission. As Daughters, we have a deeper passion for history than many. But investment in Historic Preservation is vital to us all; it is vital to us as a nation, and as citizens of the world. History plays a key role in our lives each and every day. From the small decisions you and I make in our daily lives, to policy decisions made by world leaders – they are all based on the lessons of the past.

Historic Preservation links us to our heritage and our legacy. History has made each of us who we are today and provides the foundation for future generations of Daughters. Investing in Historic Preservation is paramount to our continuing effort to Honor Our Heritage, Focus on the Future, and Celebrate America!

I hope you are as honored as I am to share in the inspirational stories of our patriots and ancestors as our beloved National Society moves towards its Quasquicentennial marking 125 years of devoted and dedicated service to the Nation. Thank you for your support of NSDAR.

Celebrate America!

Lynn Forney Young
President General

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Office of Development at or (800) 449-1776.

If you would like to donate by phone, please call the National Society Office of Development at (800) 449-1776. If you would like to donate by check, please click here for a printable form (PDF).