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August 2011
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Welcome Message

I am pleased to say 2011 is off to a terrific start! There are many exciting events happening at National Headquarters, as spotlighted in this issue. Phase II of the roofing project, part of the President General's Project, was completed just before Congress this past June. We have a wonderful new exhibit at the DAR Museum, "Try to See It My Way," that looks at the artifacts in the DAR Museum from the perspectives of various museum professionals. Our "Member Spotlight" profiles an amazing Daughter from Virginia, Frances Crutchfield. And in addition to "Meet the NSDAR Genealogists," we have a new segment focusing on how DAR supports education.

Before I go any further, allow me to introduce myself—my name is Elizabeth Tate. I am honored to join the staff as the new Director of Development, and I look forward to working with each of you. I graduated with my B.A. in history and psychology from the University of Virginia in 2004 and earned my J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2008. As a D.C. native, I am thrilled to be back in my hometown. In my free time, I enjoy reading, taking advantage of the fantastic cultural offerings of D.C. and cooking. I may be reached at etate@dar.org.

I also would like to introduce another new staff member, Michelle Lockwood. A 2008 Shepherd University graduate with a B.A. in communications and English, Michelle joined the Office of Development in February 2011 as our Direct Marketing Coordinator. A Daughter since 2009, Michelle joined to honor her late grandmother's devotion to DAR. When not planning your next mailing she enjoys reading, traveling, and exploring new museums, restaurants and theaters in D.C. If you have any suggestions for our next mailing or would like to recommend a D.C. restaurant, you may reach her at mlockwood@dar.org.

I hope to see you next time you're in D.C. Please make sure to stop by the Office of Development on the third floor of the Administration Building, where we would be happy to answer any of your questions, process your donations or simply introduce ourselves.

I look forward to meeting you!

Elizabeth Tate
Director of Development

President General's Project Update

Each summer, more than 3,000 Daughters, future Daughters and their families arrive at DAR Headquarters for Continental Congress. The yearlong work of more than 170,000 members culminates during this weeklong celebration of the DAR's mission of promoting historic preservation, education and patriotism. It all takes place at DAR Headquarters, a historic complex made up of three buildings: Memorial Continental Hall, Constitution Hall and the Administration Building.

Over the years, significant damage and aging have occurred, requiring an exhaustive study that created a 10-year restoration plan for our buildings. To ensure that our National Headquarters stands for generations to come, the Wright Administration is working diligently on this President General's Project, "Preserve the Past, Enhance the Present, Invest in the Future," with President General Merry Ann Wright leading the way. "Keeping The Roof Over Our Heads" is vital for all the members, family, friends, employees and guests who visit the DAR complex daily.

The preservation and restoration of the buildings has been in progress for some time, with Phase I finished in December 2010. Finalized this past June, Phase II of the roofing project addressed the $1.5 million in repair and restoration work that will be performed over the next three to four years. Areas of DAR's hallmark copper roofs, which have almost exceeded their life expectancies, require a great deal of work. Severe damage could occur to the interiors of the buildings should they fail; many priceless and irreparable heirlooms and artifacts are at stake.

Copper roof work on the two flat roofs of Memorial Continental Hall and Constitution Hall began Monday, April 4, ahead of schedule. The layers of tar and sealant that have built up over 90 years of repairs have been removed, and entirely new composition roofs have been installed. Unbeknown to current leaders and staff, Constitution Hall originally had a glass roof, which was covered to improve the acoustics in the concert hall. Although they are no longer visible from inside the building, care has been taken not to break the glass tiles.

This President General's Project is also tackling other key areas of interest to the DAR: membership and education. We are striving to enhance the present through the Chapter Development and Revitalization Commission. Membership has increased to more than 170,000. Last year alone, 10,494 membership applications were approved. This growth is only expected to continue. New training opportunities will be available to both new and long-standing members, to provide Daughters with the skills to lead at the chapter, state and national levels through a better understanding of our programs and committees. We ask that all members look for ways their states and chapters can encourage active membership and gain community recognition. For ideas and assistance, please visit our website: http://members.dar.org/committees/chaptDev-Rev (Click to Open).

To invest in the future, numerous chapters are sponsoring grant proposals that will allow their communities to prosper from the funding of local historic preservation, educational and patriotic projects while at the same time garnering positive public relations recognition for the chapters. The Special Projects Grants Committee and the Executives awarded 93 grant winners in April. Winners are required to complete all projects within one year of receiving the grant. About $190,000 worth of grants will be awarded in this first round.

Since Mrs. Wright can't preserve the building, train members or provide grants herself, she depends on every member to do everything she can to continue to propel the project forward. This way there is no doubt that the DAR mission will be strengthened for generations to come.

Frances Crutchfield: Representing the DAR's Mission of Preservation

Many women join the DAR to in order to continue the legacy of Daughters who came before them, hoping to honor their mother's or grandmother's dedication. Once they become a Daughter, they find that the DAR is the best place to be active in the community and make life-long friendships. Truly no one better represents this ideal than Frances Overton Bailey Broaddus Crutchfield of the William Byrd Chapter in Richmond, Va.

"Many of us join DAR because our mothers wanted us to. Often we carry our guilt to their graves before we finally get around to the paperwork," says Frances, who credits her application to one person: "Virginia Muirhead Gibbs, the salvation of such procrastinators."

A fellow member of the William Byrd Chapter, Virginia has served in numerous chapter positions including treasurer, registrar, magazine chairman, State Regent's Project chairman and senior president for the William Byrd Society C.A.R. But she is most known for her work as a genealogist, which has given her the tools to shepherd in numerous members over the years. A Virginia Beach resident joined William Byrd simply "because Mrs. Gibbs is so nice." It was her prompting that finally led Frances to become a Daughter.

Frances and Virginia connected through the shared love of DAR, but another influential Daughter connected with Frances one day during a rather crowded car ride. On her initial visit to the William Byrd Chapter, Frances was scrunched in the back seat of a car due to limited parking opportunities. It was there that she met Marcia Clawson. Small talk soon gave way to the connection of shared interests, such as a writing background and a wicked sense of humor. As if to demonstrate this, Frances bet that Marcia was younger than she. Having never lost that bet, not even to a plumber whose failure to jump over a gate cost him a fifth of whiskey, Frances was confident. Ultimately, she lost her dollar but gained a close friend. Over the years, that dollar would be passed back and forth along with laughter and good times.

Two years later, Marcia was nominated for Chapter Regent, which she accepted on the condition that Frances must serve as her Vice Regent. Together, the two expanded upon the wonderful programming that William Byrd Chapter offered its members. They behaved as "two halves of one brain," sending instant messages and e-mails late into the night and working on many award-winning programs. Projects and activities included the adoption of the John Marshall House in Richmond, a memorial service for a lost colonist from the 1750s nicknamed Sybil, helping American Indian tribes save endangered rivers, presenting a patriotic sing-along on the bank of the Pamunkey River after the September 11 tragedy, and leading a three-year literacy challenge project that later expanded into eight other states.

"The more ideas we had, the more work we did," said Frances. Due to Frances and Marcia's programming and Virginia's recruitment, membership in the William Byrd Chapter continued to grow. Always finding joy in life, Frances and Marcia attended their first state conference dressed as Betsy Ross and Veronica Lake, demonstrating their love for the DAR in attitude and attire. After sitting with them at Continental Congress, another chapter regent said, "You seem to be having so much fun."

"Maybe that is the secret," shares Frances. "While accomplishing its lofty objectives, DAR can still be fun."

Born in Richmond to Frances Elizabeth Cobb Bailey and Samuel Russell Bailey, Frances grew up with a brother, Samuel Russell Bailey Jr. After gaining a B.A. from Salem College in North Carolina and her M.A. from Columbia University in New York, Frances held various jobs in the writing, education and entertainment fields. She married Woodford Meade Broaddus in 1972, and they had one son, Henry Ruffin Broaddus, in 1975 before Meade passed away. Henry currently serves as associate provost and dean of admission at the College of William & Mary. He and his wife Alison are expecting a daughter.

After taking a leadership course with the Boy Scouts, Frances met George Thomas Crutchfield, who shared similar interests such as writing, nature, hiking and camping. They married in 1995 and Frances gained two stepchildren, Lisa Crutchfield Barth and Laurence Steven Crutchfield, as well as three step-granddaughters. Known for his efforts at soil and water preservation, George was the ideal outdoorsman. His interests meshed wonderfully with Frances' environmental crusades. George served as the former Director of the School of Mass Communications at Virginia Commonwealth University and professor emeritus before passing away on March 15, 2011. Like Frances, George once worked for weekly and daily newspapers.

Shortly after she joined the William Byrd Chapter, Tommy Shoemaker, then state president of the Virginia Children of the American Revolution, asked Frances to contribute to his "Glub, Glub, the Funky Fish Club." Many DAR members, including Frances, worked to help the fishermen at the Pamunkey Shad Hatchery. While doing so, she was also fighting Hanover County's plan to dump treated sewage into the Pamunkey River upstream from the Pamunkey Reservation. Despite the efforts of many, including Frances and her son, the land was obtained through eminent domain and dumping has continued into its sixth year now. Frances, Henry and Tommy received awards from the DAR for their work.

Considering all that DAR has given her, giving back was easy for Frances. She led the Virginia Daughters in establishing the Anne Trevarthen Memorial Scholarship for an American Indian at the College of William & Mary. "I wanted to memorialize my friend, Anne Trevarthen, who died in office as State Recording Secretary." Being able to support the American Indians was important as well.

"I've always said I'd like to leave the world better for my having been here," says Frances. "Even though we failed to save the Pamunkey River, we set an example that may make it easier for the next person to fight government wrongs."

It is the National Society's service work for conservation and support of the American Indians that continues to inspire Frances. "I found that DAR and I have the same passions and that DAR had other members who could make accomplishing ideals fun."


Try to See It My Way: Behind the Scenes of the DAR Museum

This exciting exhibition will open your eyes to the hidden stories of everyday objects. A chair is no longer just a piece of furniture but rather a treasured heirloom passed from mother to daughter. Countless patriotic documents may have been written on a worn desk. A pistol goes from being a weapon in a historical battle to a hazard capable of blowing up the museum storage unit. "Try to See It My Way: Behind the Scenes at the DAR Museum," on display through September 3, 2011, gives visitors a peek into the minds of educators, curators and registrars as they create an exhibition of fascinating objects from the DAR Museum collection.

Visitors can explore unique and significant historic artifacts while learning about the different roles performed by the DAR Museum staff in the analysis, contextualization and upkeep of the collection. Objects in the DAR Museum collection often have particularly interesting histories because many donors are DAR members who keep detailed accounts of their family history.

Dividing into teams, the DAR Museum educators, curators and registrars chose objects from the collection and used their unique perspectives based on their jobs to write the object labels. Represented on the exhibition walls by colorful cartoon characters, the experts provided some comments about objects in each other's sections to show how a single item can be viewed in a variety of ways.

The educator's goal is to enhance the learning experience by presenting information about objects to visitors of all ages. The educator presents the facts and let the visitors draw their own conclusions.

The curator section of the exhibition displays a range of portraits, furnishings, quilts and costumes. Curators become experts in studying objects like these through examining, researching and writing about museum objects. Many curatorial discoveries and surprises are showcased in this section.

In their portion of the exhibit, registrars show visitors how museum objects are stored, located and cared for. For example, DAR Museum registrars work with firearms professionals to ensure that historic powder flasks, pistols and cannon balls no longer contain gunpowder and are inoperable because, "Nothing ruins the registrar's day more than blowing up a storage area!"

"Try to See It My Way" answers many frequently asked questions about putting together an exhibition and makes the visitor part of the exhibition. Visitors are presented with questions and encouraged to share their own thoughts and questions by posting sticky notes right on the exhibit wall or by e-mailing the Museum at museum@dar.org. That visitor feedback will be shared and answered online throughout the duration of the exhibition at www.dar.org/share (Click to Open). Stop by the DAR Museum to tell us the way YOU see it.

To see images from the exhibition and behind-the-scenes photos of the DAR Museum, visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TodaysDAR. (Click to Open)


Meet the NSDAR Genealogists: Brenda Newel

Many of our members are particularly interested in genealogical work, spending countless hours filling in their family trees and searching for new lines. For these members especially we offer a behind-the-scenes look at the people behind the applications: the NSDAR genealogists. The Genealogy Department works hard each day to prove new patriots, check and approve applications, and preserve and record the past. Each Heritage Club Newsletter will celebrate this work by interviewing a different genealogist. In this issue we introduce Brenda Newell, Assistant Director of Supplementals.

Tell us a little about yourself. What are some of your interests? Where did you go to school? What are some of your hobbies?

I attended Purdue University, graduating with a master's in Agricultural Economics. I like to read, with favorite topics being historical fiction, and some science fiction and fantasy. Right now one of my biggest interests is looking after my soon-to-be four-year-old granddaughter, Caitlynn.

Have you always wanted to be a genealogist?

Genealogy was a hobby of mine that grew. I became a genealogist with DAR when the director noticed that I was often in the library doing bits of research.

How did you become involved in genealogy?

While growing up, my great aunt was working with a lot of the materials compiled by her uncle, Rob Vial, who was born in 1873. There were always family reunions to go to where family members would exchange their newest family updates, as well as other information located about more distantly related families. My Aunt Mary encouraged my interest and began instructing me so that one day I would become the keeper of the family records.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Although I have been here a number of years, there is always something different or new to learn.

What is a typical day at DAR like for you?

Busy! I check other genealogists' work, answer questions and e-mail inquiries from our members, consult with our director and the other assistant directors to keep us all together in the same goal, and sometimes I can review a few new supplemental applications. There is always a new source of documentation which becomes available to investigate. I work with our training team to prepare and present to our volunteer genealogist consultants program.

What part of delving into the past interests you most?

It is interesting to learn how much our ancestors differ from us and how much remains the same.

Do you have a favorite historical place you have visited?

There are so many. I have visited the Kremlin, Plaza Mayor Madrid, the Tower of London, Boston, Charleston, Mount Rainier National Park and the historic Rose Bowl.

Do you have a special tip or trick to share with members?

Yes! Be sure to proofread the entire application and the accompanying documentation before sending it to our office.

How far back have you traced your own family tree?

Personally, not so very far. Because I have inherited so much research, I can document that my Vial family arrived in the country in the 1600s, the Craigmiles arrived in the 1840s, the Goods were in Pennsylvania in the 1790s and a grandfather Howard was born in Maryland in 1854. But very little of this is my original research. There are always interesting details to dig up about more recent family. It was a surprise to learn that my grandfather had a first wife and family.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our members?

If you don't like surprises, maybe you shouldn't research your family. There is always something unexpected.

To support the NSDAR genealogists through a gift to the 1890 NSDAR Annual Fund, please contact the Office of Development at (202) 777–2374 or give now at http://www.dar.org/giving (Click to Open).

Patricia Houck Holvick Helps Create Good Citizens

Paving the way for students to attend college is just one way the DAR pursues its goal of promoting education. With the mounting costs of higher education for today's youth, the scholarships of DAR make a vital difference in a student's ability to afford college. Nobody understands the need to educate future generations more than Patricia Houck Holvick of the Gaspar De Portola Chapter in Stanford, Calif.

Pat followed her Aunt Faith's footsteps into DAR. During the Vietnam War, Pat sympathized with the men being drafted. "I felt they weren't being respected or thanked," says Pat. "I am proud of the DAR for helping veterans. I feel that's one of the things the public isn't very aware that we do."

The other would be DAR's strong support for education. As a member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Pat feels that opportunities for continuing education should be available to everyone. She helped the AAUW develop multiple grants and fellowship awards.

"An important one we did was a grant for women who fight diabetes," remarked Pat. "My grandson has diabetes and the women who benefit from the grant help him."

Due to all her history with AAUW's grants and fellowships, Pat found creating the Patricia Houck Holvick DAR Good Citizens Endowment Fund to support the DAR Good Citizens Award to be right up her alley. It centers on her passion in life: helping people get an education.

The DAR Good Citizens Scholarship is given at Congress to one high-school senior that has received a state DAR Good Citizens Award. The DAR Good Citizens program is a nationwide effort to recognize a student at public and private schools who display dependability, commitment to service, leadership and patriotism. Each faculty selects, by vote, three seniors who demonstrate the qualities of a good citizen in their homes, schools and communities. The entire senior class then chooses one awardee from the three nominees. The local DAR chapters recognize those students' achievements in various ways, such as inviting them to present their essay at a meeting or hosting a luncheon in their honor. Deadlines vary from state to state and are set by the state chairman.

For the past 15 years, Pat has been able to meet the student receiving her support through the DAR Good Citizens Scholarship at Continental Congress. Her favorite parts of Continental Congress also include the programs, sightseeing and hearing the bands play.

"It's amazing how the DAR Good Citizen meets all the requirements," marvels Pat. "They have to do community service, demonstrate leadership, be involved, all the while maintaining a high GPA."

Hailing from Seattle, Wash., her parents were Dr. Henry Houck, a dentist, and Peggy Jacobsen Houck. She had one brother, who was a pilot. She attended the University of Washington, obtaining a B.A. in fine arts. Today, she continues to take watercolor classes as a hobby. After graduating, Pat was employed by a neon sign company, but desired to work in fashion design. She eventually did before becoming a mother to three daughters. Her husband Carl Holvick passed away in 2003 after 56 years of marriage.

Pat met Ted Knudson, retired general contractor, at her country club. "Five years ago, he asked me to a dance," Pat reminisces. "We've been dancing ever since." The couple celebrated their second anniversary this past June. They both have pilot licenses and enjoy travel, playing bridge, going to church, swimming and, of course, dancing.

"It's very important to find someone with your interests," advises Pat. "We support the Palm Springs Air Museum with its World War II Fightable Airplanes. Every year we take a big trip. This year we're going to Ireland and Scotland."

Given all her accomplishments in life, what Pat is proudest of is her work to give young people, including her six grandchildren, opportunities to achieve a higher education. "I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful life and be able to help my grandchildren through college."

"I love DAR and what they do for veterans and education," shares Pat. "It's wonderful—I so appreciate what they do, the passion and patriotism. They're like sisters to me."

To make a difference in the lives of America's future leaders, please contact the Office of Development at (202) 777–2374 or give now at http://www.dar.org/giving (Click to Open).

New Founders Club Members
From October 1, 2010 to May 1, 2011

The NSDAR is proud to welcome the following as new members of our legacy society, The Founders Club. These generous Daughters, by including the NSDAR in their will or other estate plans, have become part of a visionary group of people dedicated to sustaining the mission of our founders. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club newsletter will present a list only of new members.

M. Zandra Baker, MI
Edna Benson, FL
Eva Betts, KY
Sally Bilyeu, NV
Lethe Burns, TX
Elizabeth Caran, NC
Nancy Chandonnet, MD
Bernice Clay, AL
Jo Anne Farrell, NJ
Betty Green, FL
Margaret Grieve, VA
Ruth Haney, TX
Margaret Ivancevich, TX
Linda Kozlowski, NC
Karen Lampus, NV
Susan Lemon, TX
Margaret Martin, KY
Mary Kay Milquet, WI
Jean Mueller, NJ
Cassandra Myers-Warner, NM
Joyce Parker, FL
Zelma Porter, FL
Julia Preston, TX
Dail Pribil, FL
Brittney Rau, GA
David Ritchey, WA
Jane Ritchey, WA
Linda Sandlin, CO
Shelley Sapone, DC
Katherine Shackelford, TX
Audrey Soll, CA
Susan Stout-Pierce, CA
Margaret Strelinger, MO
Julie Theroux, MA
Linda White, AR
Lucille Wilkinson, FL
Stephen Wilkinson, FL
Christine Woods, FL
David Woods, FL
Gretchen Wurth, NC
Melissa Zack, NY


New Heritage Club Members

From October 1, 2010 to May 1, 2011

The National Society is proud to welcome new members to the Heritage Club. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club Newsletter will carry a listing only of new members accepted and any upgraded members since the previous issue.


Shirley Arendt, CA
Marjorie D. Bird, NJ
Sue Bratton, FL
Mary Brawley, OR
Sylvia Campbell, FL
Barbara Carpenter, VA
Georgette Case, NY
Sharon De Puy, NY
Janet Deaton, AL
Jane Fieldcamp, TX
Mildred Gaston, TN
Beverly Hayes-Hartnett, AZ
Lisa Hefner, OK
L. Donna Hoffmann, ME
Katherine Johnson, HI
Marcelyn Karagosian, MA
Judith Lindauer, FL
Janet Littlejohn, NY
Margaret MacKenzie, VA
Dianne Norman, MS
Linda Owens, OH
Jo Porter, VA
Bunny Price, TN
Brenda Reeder, UT
Rita Reid, AL
Judith Saulnier, VA
Elizabeth Schiller, MI
Jean Sutton, MD
Sarah Voll, DC
Dorothy Wainwright, TX
Elizabeth Woods, NY
Ann Zuhr, NC


Donna E. Atwood, NY
Virginia Ladd, AL
Rebecca Lockhart, FL
Christie Noble, IA


Sharon Abbe, FL
Betty Acker, OH
Ramona Ackman, TX
Linda Adamson, NE
Leela Aitcheson, NY
Dorothy Alair, VA
Ann Allen, TX
Camille Allen, CA
Jennifer Allison, FL
Joan Alvarez, AZ
Joanna Alvarez, WV
Christine Angele, TN
Florence Angley, MA
Peggy Arbaugh, AZ
Betty Arbo, AL
Elizabeth Arden, GA
Elizabeth Armstrong, TX
Ann Arneson, ID
Cherie Arnette, FL
Vera Arnhold, MO
Pattie Arwood, VA
Lois Aschenbach, MD
Rosalind Ashmun, PA
Carol Ashworth, CA
Carma Astleford, IA
Bonnie Atchison, AL
Norma Axx, FL
Florence Babos, IL
Victoria Bacon, MA
Margaret Baker, NY
Catherine Balduino, NJ
Lynne Baldwin, CT
Marcia Ballard, MS
Martha H Ballard, TN
Betty Banks, VA
Elizabeth Barfield, GA
Cathleen Barker, VA
Agnes Barnes, TX
Janet Barnhill, FL
Joy Barnhill, WA
Mary Barnum, SC
Joyce Barry, TX
Mary Barthelmess, MT
Josephine Bartlett, TX
Jeanne Bartolich, VA
Barbara Bartram, CT
Mary Bassett, VA
Jeanne Basso, FL
Helen Batson, NC
Joyce Bausman, NY
Cheryl Beauregard, MD
Patricia Beavers, VA
Brigette Becker, IL
Lucile Bedford, OK
Joyce Behlendorf, VA
Margaret Belcher, IL
Bunny Bell, NY
Carol Bell, GA
Edith Bell, VA
Virginia Bennett, MI
Gwendolyn Benson, CA
Lisa Bernhardt, CO
Kay Bertl, IN
Lou Jane Bickert, NJ
Mary Bicknell, TX
Marilyn Biglane, MS
Sandra Bill, CA
Nancy Billings, AL
Betty Bird, TX
Karen Anne Black, TX
Charlotte Blair, IN
Carol Bland, CA
Edith Bland, MS
Linda Blanton, TN
Leora Bledsoe, TN
Diane Blevins, MI
Virginia Blitz, CA
Joyce Blodget, CA
Margaret Bloomfield, CA
Nancy Bloomstrand, IL
Candace Boehm, IL
Madelyn Bogue, IL
Lillian Bolton, VA
Janice Bongiovanni, NJ
Donna R. Bowen, NJ
Jolene Boyer, IN
Edna Marie Bozette, PA
Twylia Brand, MO
Lillie Branton, TX
Aileen Brasko, AR
Ethelyn Braun, PA
Leah Brennan, NC
Ellen Bridges, OK
Nedra Brill, OR
Judith Britton, IL
Hilda Brown, AL
Nelda Brown, OK
Frances Buchanan, MS
Alice Bugel, TN
A. Lorraine Buhrmann, FL
Dorothy Burbank, NH
Marilyn Burbank, MN
Marilyn Burchett, TN
Dorothy Burdick, CO
Jo-Lynn Burge, GA
Mary-Leita Burge, GA
Elizabeth Burgess, VA
Denise Burja, IL
Sarah Burkholder, MD
Barbara Burleson, SC
Virginia Buse, WA
Jeanne Bush, MS
Rue Buss, NC
Lorraine Bydalek, CA
Leah Byles, LA
Doris Byrd, TX
Jo Caldwell, DE
Lucille Callaway, MO
Marilyn Camp, FL
Debbie Cannon, MS
Genora Canon, NM
June Canty, IL
Billie Capell, AL
Margaret Carkeet, TN
Lois Carlson, NE
Charlotte Carman, NC
Judith Carmichael, CA
Kathleen Carmicino, CA
Georgia Carter, GA
Glenda Carter, GA
Eileen Cartwright, TN
Phyllis Carvo, CA
Mildred Casey, VA
Susan Casperson, NC
Jane Cassidy, MD
Sharon Catledge, NC
Mary Cawthorne, VA
Allison Chafin, AZ
Ruth Chamberlin, AR
Lydia Champlin, OH
Constance Chaney, OH
Carol Channell, MI
Betty M. Chapman, NY
Kathleen Chase, CA
Gwyndolyn Chesnut, GA
Sara Childs, MD
Alleda Clark, CA
Michelle Cocchia, TX
Barbara Collins, FL
Alyce Colvin, LA
Bonnie Cook, LA
Kate Cook, GA
Roberta Cook, OH
Martha Cooke, TN
Charlotte Cooper, MI
Martha Corbin, LA
Jeri Corbitt, AL
Alison Corpieri, NH
Ora Corrow, NJ
Patricia Couchman, NY
Mary Cowherd, MO
Phoebie Cox, OR
Vivian Cox, CO
Carol Crane, KS
Jan Crego, WV
Mary Crittendon, AR
Peggy Croft, VA
Patricia Crosby, MD
Bernice Cumming, WA
Patricia Curtis, OK
Beverly Daley, NY
Carolin Davis, MA
Margaret Davis, WA
Nancy Davis, TX
Jean de Schweinitz, TX
Wilhelmina Dearybury, SC
Jane Decker, MO
Mary Deere, AR
Martella Degermark, OR
Barbara DeHimer, NY
Rebecca Dellinger, NC
Katrina DeLude, FL
Grace DeMarco, NJ
Dale Deren, WI
Lucille DeVries, MI
Cathie Di Trolio, NJ
Donna Dial, OR
Izella Dickey, CA
Barbara Dickson, OK
Marianna Dietrich, IN
Lucille Dishongh, AR
Kathleen Dixon, OH
Laura Dixon, AZ
Darlene Dobbs-Farmer, VA
Mary Downe, NY
Nelda Doyle, OK
Doreen Dreistadt, NC
Laura Ann Dresser, TX
Mary Driftmier, WI
Sylvia Duda, MI
Gloria S Duffy, CA
Virginia Dunkel, MD
Allie Dunlevy, MN
Judith Dunn, AZ
Jamie Durham, TX
Terrie Durham, VA
Joan Duwell, WI
Martha Dykes, GA
Meriam Eakin, TX
Eileen Earl, OH
Lisa Ebeling, NJ
Ethel Echols, GA
Lillian Eddy, WV
Ruth Edney, TX
Dorothy Edwards, MO
Ellender Edwards, MD
Eloise Edwards, LA
Patricia Edwards, NC
Judy Ekeler, NE
Shirley Elliott, MO
Pamela Ellis, FL
Anna Elwyn, NY
Sandra Emerson, CO
Patricia Enfinger, AL
Mary Engstrom, IL
Shirley Ennis, VA
Mary Epley, TX
Susan Erdman, PA
Joan Erickson, AL
Judith Erickson, VA
Eleanor Erion, TX
Marjorie Eshleman, PA
Elizabeth Esmann, FL
Dolores Estey, VA
Eugenia Fagyal, MO
Rachel Farley, NM
Jo Anne Farrell, NJ
Elisa Faye, TX
Joann Feehan, KS
Pamela Feehan, VA
Beverlee Felkner, PA
Elizabeth Fetner, LA
Barbara Findley, IN
Sylvia Fiscus, CO
Frances Fisher, PA
Marjorie Fisher, NY
Alice Fitts, TN
Lenore Fitzpatrick, WA
Jean Flannery, GA
Margaret Fleming, LA
Margery Fletcher, OH
Mary Floyd, NC
Alice Foley, TN
Nancy Folk, AL
Virginia Folsom, AL
Ginevra Forbes, NY
Janet Fortnam, NH
Jane Foster, AZ
Dorotha Fowkes, OH
Virginia Fox, LA
Anna Friberg, NJ
Brenda Fritz, FL
Sarah Furgiuele, PA
Joy Gage, CA
Roberta Gaines, NC
Dorothy Gardner, MA
Mary George, GA
Susan Gessner, OH
Darsie Gettinger, OH
Virginia Geyer, PA
Beverly Ann Gibson, AL
Joan Gibson, WV
Sara Gibson, MD
Linda Gilbert, MD
Doris Gill, KY
Sharon Gill, PA
Sandra Gilliland, NY
Katherine Girouard, LA
Marilyn Girouard, CO
Shirley Glanz, NY
Lona Glascock, TN
Elizabeth Goad, VA
Edith Godfrey, NJ
Henrietta Fay Shoop Goertzen, CA
Marjorie Goggin, FL
Mary Goldberg, MT
Doris Goodale, CA
Joyce Gooden, NC
Carolyn Goodman, KY
Evelyn Goodwin, GA
Patricia Gourley, IA
Charlene Graham, AL
Cheryl Grasley, IL
Susan Gratch, OK
Joan Green, CA
Pattye Greer, TX
Bonnie Gregory, LA
Annie Griffin, VA
Sharon Griffin, VA
Priscilla Griffith, MD
Brenda Grinder, TN
Shirley Grodecour, PA
Lettie Groshel, VA
Martha Groton, MA
Caroline Gruenwald, FL
Jonny Gubachy, TX
Mary Gullett, TX
Nancy Gulliford, PA
Diane Gunter, LA
Bettie Gustafson, TN
Sandra Gutosky, NY
Margaret Haberman, VA
Betty Gene Haerr, OH
Shirley Hager, PA
Carol Hagy, VA
Marian Hales, OH
Kathryn Hall, UT
Patricia Hall, VA
Renita Hall, TX
Barbara Halsey, IL
Nancy Hamilton, MI
Virginia Hamilton, MS
Karen Hangsleben, TX
Joan Hanley, NY
Kathy Hanlon, TX
Mary Hansen, TX
Eunice Ada Hansens, WA
Leslie Hansler, NJ
Marie Harbour, TN
Ann Harder, PA
Evelyn Anne Hardy, TX
Sue Harlow, AZ
Carol Sharpe Harper, KY
Joyce Harrington, FL
Delinda Harris, TX
Sharon Harris, KY
Jodi Harrison, FL
Martha Hartley, TX
Beth Hartz, CA
Annie Harvey, PA
Sharon Hastings, NV
Barbara Hatch, UT
Kathleen Hatchett, NC
Martha Hauber, FL
Sue Hauck, IL
Shirley Haufe, AR
Marilyn Haugh, PA
Donna Hawk, MD
Jean Hawkins, SC
Judith Haynes, AL
Wilma Head, IL
Leona Heath, PA
Kathleen Heinzer, NV
Ellen Helming, SD
Dorothy Henderson, GA
Bettie Henry, MO
Edna Hensey, NC
Glenda Herman, NC
LaDene Hersman, CA
Constance Hess, NY
Dora Hetrick, MI
Mary Heys, TN
Marilyn Hightower, LA
Pamela Hill, MD
Helen Hines, VA
Sandra Hockenyos, IL
Jean Hodson, VA
Shirley Hoerle, FL
Roberta Hoffmann, FL
Ellen Hoffrichter, MI
Patricia Holcomb, IL
Sallie Holder, MD
D. Christine Hollister, CA
Nancy Holm, NJ
Susan Holsclaw, CO
Victoria Hontas, NM
Amanda Hooper, PA
Drada Hoover, FL
Susan Hopfensperger, WI
Marjorie Hopkins, FL
Frances Hornbuckle, MO
Elizabeth Horne, CA
Jeanie Hornung, IN
Jane Ellen Horton, VA
Mary Houchin, IL
Jo Hubbard, MS
Jane Hudgins, VA
Carla Huebler, IA
Lenore Huffer, MD
Mildred K. Hugghins, SD
Eleanor Hughes, MD
Mary Hughes, KY
Susan Hughes, TX
Geraldine Hughey, AL
Jean Hunt, CA
Carolyn Hunter, TN
Janice Huntington, CA
Lois Huntington, IN
Charlotte Hurley, ME
Janet Hill Pistell Hurst, NJ
Karen Hutchcraft, AR
Jean Hutchinson, MA
Louise Hutt, FL
Linda Irvin-Craig, MD
Kay Irving, IL
Sue Irwin, AZ
Doris Isley, TX
Fairrell Jacobs, FL
Miriam Jacobs, AZ
Cynthia James, DE
Linda Jamison, TX
Rachael Jarrell, AR
Patricia Jenista, TX
Janet Jobson, IL
Carol Johnson, FL
Kalani Johnson, CO
Martha Johnson, LA
Norma Johnson, IL
Patsy Johnson, VA
Shari Johnson, KS
Susan Johnson, IA
Arabel Johnston, OK
Demetra Jones, CT
Estelle Jones, NC
Ethelene Jones, GA
Grace Jones, FL
Meade Jones, PA
Sharon Jones, OR
Iris Jordan, GA
Millicent Jordan, MD
Amy Jorgensen, CA
Lynne Kalagher, FL
Mary Sue Kamen, FL
Jean Kanter, TX
Diana Kapagian, MI
Jean Karm, TX
Eleanor Karpa, PA
Gwendolyn Kassoff, NJ
Martha Kaywood, MI
Nelda Keck, OK
Ellen Keeland, OR
Opal Keenan, TX
Joan Kellam, VA
Jacque Kellison, NV
Wilhelmena Kelly, NY
Constance Kendrick, VA
Charleen Kennedy, LA
Verdery Kennedy, GA
Virginia Kennedy, NH
Mary Elizabeth Kepley, VA
Alma Kesler, IN
Anna Marie Kidd, NY
Mary Kilcer, NY
Edith Kilcrease, AR
Deborah King, ME
Virginia Kinzer, TX
Nancy D. Kirsch, NJ
Roberta Kirwin, OH
Alice Kittell-Kuzay, IL
Marjorie Knight, OH
Joan Knollenberg, IL
Barbara Knox, KS
Elisabeth Koch, NJ
Kristen Koelmel, TX
Marjorie Koerner, WA
Marjorie Kohut, FL
Janet Kondziela, MI
Alice Konze, MD
Sue Kotalik, NY
Bonnie Kottschade, MN
Janell Kozak, FL
Donette Kranz, MN
Diane Kreis, VT
Shirley Krug, CO
Sandra Kruse, TX
Lucy Kuhne, FL
Gina La Croix, MI
Benita Lackey, VA
Carolyn McClanahan Lackey, GA
Melissa Lambert, PA
Suzanne Landry, FL
Carol Larson, IL

Merlaine Latham, FL
Sandra Lawson, KY
Anna Lee, TX
Kay Lee, TX
Wilma Lee, AL
Lynda Leeper, IN
April Legler, IN
Virginia Leguey-Feilleux, MO
Janet LeMay, IN
Nancy Lesh, WI
Jeannie Leson, VA
Carolyn Levin, MI
Elaine Lewis, PA
Evelyn Lewis, TN
Nancy Lewis, DE
Leslie Lingenfelser, GA
Janet Lloyd, IN
Sara Lloyd, FL
Marilyn Lockard, MO
Janet Loengard, NJ
Joan Longmire, IL
Arline Lorente-Dowdy, VA
Judith Lowery, GA
Kim Lucas, CA
Virginia Lutskus, NC
Loraine Luyten, FL
Nancy MacInnes, FL
Paula Macko, CA
Elizabeth Maculsay, CA
Joan Madore, LA
Kathryn Madsen, TX
Greta Mahaffey, FL
Dorothy Mahla, IL
Dorothy D. Malkovich, CA
Ann Malo, FL
Nellie Jo Maney, NC
Ellen Manfredi, NY
Charlotte Manning, SC
Shirley Mapstone, NY
Mary Lou Marshall, OK
Carole Martin, FL
Laurie Martin, CA
Marilyn Martin, AL
Emily Martinsen, FL
Elizabeth Mascia, NY
Mary Jo Maslanik, UT
Judy Mason, WI
Jo Massey, TX
Sandra Massey, SC
Olive Massie, TX
Barbara Matthews, AL
Mary Matthias, AZ
Mary Mawdsley, CA
Charlotte May, GA
Dorothy May, MO
Charlotte Maybee, MI
Debora Mays, TX
Suzannah Mays, TX
Karen McAlhany, OR
Betty McAndrews, CA
Karyl McAninch, IL
Margaret T McCaul, CA
Lucille McComas, OH
Carolyn McCulley, NC
Kristin McDonald, ND
Margaret McDonald, OH
Mary McDonald, PA
Ann McFadden, NC
Jane McFarland, MO
Susan McIntyre, LA
Martha McKinney, TX
Helen McLellan, AZ
Jeanie McNees, AL
Janice McNeil, TX
Sandra McNeil, GA
Susan McReynolds, TX
Jeanne Mead, FL
Barbara Meger, MD
Margaret Meggs, TN
Tammy Meigs, CA
Marilyn Meinke, OH
Mary-Ellen Menge, LA
Annie Merriam, KS
Martha Merritt, AR
Ruth Meyer, IA
Peggy Michel, NE
Patricia Mick, WV
Paula Miklovic, OH
Zelma Mikolajczyk, TX
Dorothy Mikoloski, MD
Carol Miles, AR
Diane Miller, VA
Elizabeth Miller, MO
Mary Ann Miller, MO
Nancy Miller, VA
Rebecca Miller, OH
Ruth Althea Miller, NC
Janet Mills, OH
Marilyn Mills, VA
Luanna Mitchell, NV
Lucy Mitchell, KY
Phyllis Mlecka, FL
Sarah Molina, CA
Katherine Mondor, IN
Alice Moore, SC
Elizabeth Moore, VA
Jenelle Moore, NC
Marjorie Moore, NJ
Martha Moore, CA
Rogena Moorhead, GA
Dorothy Morlan, KS
Dorothy Morrison, GA
Monelle Moseley, LA
Elizabeth Mosher, NY
Frances Mullen, TN
Eleanor Mulligan, MD
Megan Mullins, NY
Joann Mulso, MI
Prudence Muran, CA
Jo Murphy, OH
Margo Murphy, NJ
Roberta Murphy, TX
Wilma Murry, AR
Rebecca Musgrave, NC
Melba Musselwhite, NC
Lucy Dodd Myers, FL
Bonita Nalepa, MI
Barbara Nancarrow, MI
Rebecca Nathan, FL
Charlotte Needham, VA
Elizabeth Nelson, TX
Susanne Newberry, MD
Kathleen Newcomer, MD
Ellen Nichols, FL
Muriel Nickerson, MD
Imogene Nighbert, KY
Gloria Noble, TX
Sharon O' Hara, IL
Phyllis O'Dea, PA
Kathleen Ocasio, NE
Cornelia Olde, NJ
Karen Olson, KS
Judith Onopchenko, CA
Catherine Ort-Mabry, VA
Phyllis Osborne, AZ
Becky Osbourn, MO
Bettie Ott, GA
Keron Lee Owens, MS
Teresa Oyler, MD
Julia Pace, SC
Janet Pal, CA
Letticia Palmer, PA
Rosemary Palmer, NC
Phyllis Parker, TX
Dorothy A. Parrish, IL
HelenSue Parrish, MS
Mary Parrish, GA
Lori-Ann Parrott, CO
Dianne Passmore, GA
Margaret Patterson, MO
Karen Patty-Graham, IL
Julie Payne, WI
Thelma Peek, NY
Barbara Pereira, FL
Mary Louise Perkins, CO
June Perry, KY
Cheryl Peschke, TX
Martha Peter, MD
LuDean Peters, MI
Joanne Pettey, FL
Suzanne Pettit, VA
Roylee Pflughoeft, WI
Hazel Hickman Phillips, VA
Rebecca Phillips, MD
Gail Pietrzyk, MI
Maxine Piha, IL
Zuetta Pinkston, TX
Elva Pitsenbarger, SC
Donna J. Porter, CO
Vivian Powell, GA
Virginia Powers, MI
Martha Pratt, NH
Jeanne Preston, TN
Janice Price, OK
Kemi Price, CA
Julia Prichard, TX
Mary Priest, CA
Carol Propst, VA
Martha Pullen, AL
Jennie Pumphrey, KS
Frankie Quamme, GA
Elizabeth Quelch, TX
Patricia Quillen, NE
Marjory Radford, WA
Mary Helen Ralston, TX
Carolyn Rand, OH
Grace Rankin, OH
Gaynell Crary Rawley, FL
Alma Ray, VA
Susan Reagan, NC
Kathy Reagor, IL
Ada Redin, PA
Barbara Reed, VA
Thelma Reese, PA
Marjorie Reid, PA
Betty Remsburg, MD
Karen Renegar, TX
Ann Rennie, DE
Patricia Repucci, MA
Elizabeth Rhiddlehoover, CO
Cynthia Rhoades, IN
Deva Richards, CA
Linda Richardson, SC
Vera Richardson, MS
Sharon Richeson, IN
Debborah Riley, TX
Marian L Riley, DE
Noralyn Ripps, TX
Nancy Ristau, IL
Linn Ritterskamp, MO
Carole Roach, GA
Ruth Robechek, OH
Adina Roberts, CA
Edna Robertson, PA
Janis Robertson, OR
Carolyn Robinson, CA
Janet Rodgers, SC
Robin Lee Rose, OH
Marsha Roseen, NY
Bennie Ross, AL
Carol Roth, AZ
Gay Frederick Rothe, SC
Linda Rowe, CA
Barbara Rowles, OH
Marjorie Rowles, OH
Margaret Rowser, MN
Ruth Roycroft, NC
Alice Ruggieri, NJ
Alice Russell, FL
Marion Russell, FL
Shirley Russell, MI
Erma Rust, KS
Georgianna Rutherford, CO
Mildred Saderholm, VA
Ann Sadler, TX
Betsy Salunek, NJ
Emma Sanders, AR
Cheryl Sandor, FL
Mildred Sandridge, VA
Anne Satterfield, GA
Jean Satterfield, DE
Ruth Scates, OH
Catherine Schaughency, PA
Marie Schilke, CA
Holly Lynne Schmidt, VA
Patricia Schmidt, CA
Sandra Schmieder, GA
Barbara Schmitz, NE
Deborah Scholl, PA
Sandra Schrieber, MI
Martha Schroeder, NV
Le Ann Schuck, PA
Nancy Schultz, IL
Kimberly Schwab, NY
Anne Schwanda, FL
Carol Schwenk, VT
Margaret Scites, KY
Mary Sedgwick, TX
Charlotte Seefeldt, GA
Barbara Seeman, MD
Margaret Seip, PA
Wilda Seward, NV
Pamela Sexton, SC
Barbara Sharp, VA
Priscilla Sharp, AZ
Roberta Shaver, IN
Betty Shaw, FL
Clarice Shaw, VA
Kathe Sheehan, NY
Susan Sheeren, TX
Sara Sherrod, KY
Jeanette Shiel, CA
Faith Ann Shirley, KS
Jocy Shronce, NC
Nancy Sifford, SC
Elizabeth Silvo, GA
Mary Campbell Simons, VA
Anne Sizemore, MO
Marilyn Skinner, CA
Beverly Slovensky, AL
Carol Slusser, PA
Patricia Small, TX
Abigail Smith, KY
Carole Smith, GA
Frances Smith, GA
Grace Smith, MI
Linda Smith, KY
Marjean Smith, NC
Marjorie Smith, OH
Paula Smith, GA
Rebecca Smith, AL
Rose Smith, AL
Sherrie Smith, KS
Suzann Smith, CO
Janice Snead, VA
Merry Snyder, CO
Dorothy Southerington, IL
Lurlein Spangler, TX
Caryl Sparks, UT
Cornelia Speer, GA
Ruth Springer, OH
Joan Sprinkle, CA
Wanda Staggs, OH
Mary Stuart Stanley, VA
Lena Staton, TX
Abigail Stearns, NJ
Meta-Ann Steele, NM
Deborah Stemwedel, CA
Margaret Stenson, CO
Alice Stenstrom, WA
Clara Stephens, MD
Helen Stephens, NC
Lisa Stephens, IL
Suzanne Stephens, NY
Marylin Stephenson, OH
Patricia Stevenson, IL
Eleanor Stewart, PA
Helen Stewart, CO
Louise Stiloski, NJ
Lois Stitch, MO
Jacquelyn Stokes, NY
Patricia Stolberg, FL
Judith Stoma, NJ
Ellen Stortz, IL
Joyce Stratton, ID
Patricia Strawmyer, TX
Mildred Strickland, NC
Frances Strout, ME
Julie Stufft, VA
Frances Sullivan, NY
Joan Summerfield, NC
Loy Summers, GA
Marla Suter, IA
Dorothy Swanson, TX
Roberta Swartzendruber, IA
Carol Sweeney, VA
Patricia Sympson, KY
Jacqueline Szczepankowski, NY
Margaret Taaffe, VA
Maryanne Tallichet, TX
Jere Tate, GA
Elizabeth Taylor, TX
Margaret Teague, MO
Carolyn Tedder, VA
Pat Tennison, MO
Elizabeth Teti, PA
Emeline Thaxton, TX
Deloris Thayer, IA
Priscilla Theberge, NH
Barbara Thomas, KY
Bobbie Thomas, MS
Susan Thomas, TN
Sylvia Thomas, AL
Sharon Thomasson, IL
Betty Thompson, GA
Estelle Thompson, SC
Katie Thompson, AR
Dorothy Thomson, FL
Ruth Throne, PA
Pauline Tidman, VA
Marsha Tilden, AL
Ruth Tillar, VA
Mary Tinkler, TN
Iris Todd, TX
Maretta Toedt, TX
Nancy Tomlinson, IA
Helen Townley, AZ
Clarine Tucker, TX
Irma Tuggle, GA
Elizabeth N. Tull, TX
Carolyn Turchon, MA
B Turner, MI
Peggy Turner, GA
Tamara Turner, AZ
Cardella Tyrrell, MI
Karen Utley, TX
Lynn Valerius, FL
Barbara Van Deraa, MI
Kelly Van Wormer, MI
Patricia Van Wormer, MI
Jane Ann Vanesler, IL
Mary Vangoff, MI
Jennifer Vaughn, TX
Margaret Venn, PA
Elizabeth Verdini, CT
Karen Vereen, SC
Doris B. Vickers, FL
Anne Vincent, NY
Nan Vodde, AL
Dorothy Vogt, MO
Peggy Wagoner, VA
Barbara Wahlers, NJ
Kathryn Waible, MA
Shirley Waite, FL
Rebecca Walker, MO
Ann Wallace, KY
Lulu Wannamaker, SC
Shelley Ware, CA
Adelaide Waring, CT
Linda Warman, CT
Caroline Warren, VA
Dorothy Watkins, CT
Karen Watkins, GA
Martha Watkins, KY
Helen Watson, GA
Connie Weatherford, OH
Lois Weaver, FL
Marilyn Weber, MI
Jennifer Wehrfritz, TX
Natalie Weise, CT
Doris Wells, VA
Martha Wells, GA
Patricia Werth, OR
Marylynn Wesson, TX
Joyce West, AL
Kathryn West, KS
Karen Westerlund, PA
Joyce Westlake, AR
Stephanie Whims, OH
Barbara White, TN
Bonnie White, LA
Brenda White, AL
Georgea White, NC
Linda White, AR
Valena White, TX
Elizabeth White-Peters, CT
Doralyn Wicklund, VA
Judith Wiedeman, TX
Michelle Wikum, CA
Madine Wilburn, OK
Belva Wilkinson, CA
Lucille Wilkinson, FL
Elizabeth Will, NC
Mary Willems, TN
Carolyn Williams, TN
Gayle Kennedy Williams, SC
Jean Williams, OK
Marilyn Williams, NC
Mary Lou Williams, FL
Margaret Williamson, MO
Betty Wilson, CA
Marjorie Wilson, VA
Minta Wilson, TX
Natalie Wilson, GA
Grace Wise, TX
Carol Wister, MA
Melissa Wiygul, LA
Stephanie Wolfley, VA
Linda Woodstock, HI
Mardella Woolston, NJ
Joanne Worrell, IL
Theresa Worsham, TX
Mina Wright, TN
Jo Wullschleger, CA
Nancy Wurmle, IL
Gretchen Wurth, NC
M. Wyrick, CO
Mary Yobs, NJ
Anne York, CT
Barbara Young, PA
Carolyn Youngs, NJ
Melissa Zack, NY
Carol Zduniak, VA
Carolyn Zeigler, GA
Saundra Zentrich, CO
Annette Zickl, NY
Evelyn Zimmerman, VA
Karla Zimmerman, CA
Sara Zink, IN
Marion Zipf, MD
Judith Zoumbos, CA


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