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January  2012
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Letter from the Director


Happy New Year! Even though it’s 2012, the office just finished processing the hundreds of end of the year donations from 2011. What a perfect way to end my first year as your Director of Development! The generosity of our donors is so inspiring. This past year I was able to attend my first Continental Congress. It was an amazing event and an incredible gathering of DAR women. I also attended my first Christmas Open House; headquarters sparkled with holiday decorations. I am constantly impressed by the energy and enthusiasm among our membership. In my brief time at DAR, I have been awed by the wonderful giving spirit of our members. From state-sponsored projects at National Headquarters, to the growing numbers of plaques on the President General’s Project donor wall, to increases in Heritage Club giving levels, evidence of members' contributions is everywhere. On behalf of NSDAR, thank you for your generosity.

In this issue, you will learn about some of the grants supported by the President General’s Project. You will also read about the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies that were held by chapters across the country. A brief explanation of the new opportunities to give to DAR schools will help you understand recent changes to the Friends of DAR Schools Fund. You will also learn about the new DAR Museum exhibit, titled “By, For, and Of the People: Folk Art and Americana at the DAR Museum,” which opened in October.

I am excited to introduce our new staff member, Emily Abernathy. Emily will serve DAR members in the Mid-west and western states, Alaska and Hawaii as the new Planned Giving Specialist at NSDAR. As an experienced nonprofit professional, she raised $150 million for various organizations such as the Tulsa Ballet, the University of Oklahoma and the Animal Rescue Foundation of Austin, Texas. Emily graduated from Oklahoma City University with degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology and earned a masters of public administration from the University of Oklahoma. When not chasing around her 16-month-old son, she enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her family, including her many pets. Emily is looking forward to helping you create your NSDAR legacy. She can be reached at eabernathy@dar.org.


President General's Project Update: Special Grants Program


The Wright Administration has made tremendous progress in preserving the past, enhancing the present and investing in the future. As restoration of our National Headquarters continues, the DAR Special Projects Grants program has proven to be an incredible success. In its first year, 44 grants totaling more than $180,000 were awarded to communities in 26 states. Your contributions to the President General’s Project provide funding for these historic preservation, educational and patriotic grants.

Grants of $10,000 were awarded to 10 projects while the rest received amounts ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. Projects that strive to preserve historic sites, properties, documents and artifacts received 22 grants totaling $77,895. Many grants funded the placement or preservation of markers and signage at historical sites and structures, a long tradition for DAR members. Many local museums also benefited from grants sponsored by DAR chapters.

The largest area of monetary focus was education. Sixteen grants totaling $85,387 will benefit educational programs ranging from exhibitions about topics such as the American Revolution and folk arts to unique scholarship and tutoring programs. Nonprofit organizations focusing on literacy also received support via grant sponsorship from DAR chapters. The Wye River Upper School received a $10,000 grant for its renovation of the old Centreville Armory in Maryland.

Patriotic projects included the purchasing and placing of commemorative plaques dedicated to veterans, supplies supporting programs for military personnel and their families; distributing American flags; and installing flagpoles. Six grants totaling $17,095 were awarded to fund these efforts. The Thunderbird School of Global Management received a $10,000 grant to help restore the school’s historic airfield control tower.

Now entering its second year, the DAR Special Grants program is accepting applications. For more information or to view a list of grants awarded in 2011, please visit www.dar.org/grants. Each of your gifts to the President General’s Project is valuable to the funding of these grants. To make a donation to the President General’s Project, contact the Office of Development at (800) 449-1776 or development@dar.org.

Click here to view a photo slideshow featuring special projects around the country funded by DAR grants.


Member Spotlight: Lynn Brackey
Making a Difference Through DAR Passion


This year, DAR celebrated a momentous milestone by reaching 170,000 members. Often members join for the simplest of reasons, as in the case of Lynn Brackey. “A friend asked me if I would like to join DAR,” Lynn remembers. “Knowing that my mother was already a member, I said ‘Yes!’”

As more women are drawn to our historic organization, finding new ways to encourage active membership becomes increasingly necessary. Shortly after becoming a member, Lynn was asked to serve as chapter historian. “That did it,” says Lynn on being given a role on the local level. “I’ve been actively involved ever since.”

Lynn demonstrates that there is more to DAR membership than a verified application and certificate. She happily takes advantage of the opportunity to volunteer and become involved in historic preservation, education and patriotism. Along with other DAR members, Lynn is making a difference on the local, state and national levels. “My dearest friendships have been formed through my membership in DAR,” shares Lynn. “For that I am most thankful.”

The Georgia native received an associates in arts degree from Virginia Intermont College, a B.A. from the University of Georgia and a M.Ed. from Georgia State University. She worked with children for 37 years, doing everything from teaching middle school to helping create recreation facilities for special needs children to serving as a behavior therapist with juvenile delinquents. Her late husband, William H. Thead, passed away in 2007 after starting a successful manufacturing and marketing company. Lynn would later service as CEO of the company until she sold it in 2011. She currently serves the National Society as a Kate Duncan Smith DAR School Trustee and member of the Advisory Board, in addition to other state and local positions.

Giving back to an organization that has given Lynn so much was an easy decision. As a member of the Heritage Club, the Founders Club and the 1890 Annual Giving Circle, she understands the value of supporting the National Society through contributions. “I believe that financial support of an organization is equally important to an individual’s acts of service,” Lynn declares. “The programs and activities sponsored by NSDAR cannot succeed without members’ gifts.” She believes that all members should support the National Society. Even if they do not have the means now, a legacy gift is one way to ensure NSDAR will continue into the future in a cost effective way.

Lynn is amazed by what can be accomplished due to the teamwork of members. DAR women come from a variety of different backgrounds, but no matter what, they work together to support the National Society. As a result, the goals of the National Society are exceeded each year. “I am extremely proud to be associated with them,” Lynn reveals. “An association only made possible through my membership in DAR.”

Historic Preservation: DAR Museum Opening


The DAR Museum prides itself on its impressive collection of Americana decorative arts, including quilts, furniture and metal. Over the years, important examples of American folk art and Americana have enlivened the collection. For the most part, these were family objects inherited and donated by DAR members.

From October 7, 2011, through September 1, 2012, the DAR Museum holds its first folk art exhibition, “By, For, and Of the People: Folk Art and Americana at the DAR Museum.” This exhibit provides the DAR Museum the opportunity to present and celebrate these treasures for the first time.

Though there are many different definitions for “folk art,” the general idea is to make every day items decorative. For example, a plain gray tea pot would not be considered folk art, but a tea pot with whimsical decorations may be. There is no vital reason to create fun, vibrant quilts – a plain blanket would keep you just as warm. But artisans and artists such a s Grandma Moses and master potter John Bell worked to set common items like these apart from other pieces.


Pieces that are considered Americana relate to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States. These items include paintings, quilts, furniture, ceramics, metals, needlework and other pieces. Patriotism and nostalgia are prevalent themes associated with Americana. This exhibit focuses primarily on 18th century work, in keeping with the focus of the DAR Museum's collection.

Many of the objects on display were made by unknown craftsmen, but the exhibit also features work by celebrated folk artists. View a slideshow of objects from "By, For, and Of the People: Folk Art and Americana from the DAR Museum."


Education: New Ways to Support Our DAR Schools


NSDAR is now offering the wonderful opportunity to support our DAR Schools through the newly revitalized Friends of DAR Schools Fund. Members are able to support the National Society and the DAR Schools as they work together to address the greatest needs of the schools and their students.

NSDAR prides itself on using the funds our members provide wisely. Thus, we strive to maintain the ideal ratio in which 75% of our money supports our programs and 25% is used for administration and fundraising purposes. When donations are passed through NSDAR to a particular school, the IRS does not allow NSDAR to treat the funds as a program expense. This is because NSDAR has no control over how these direct donations are used by the schools. Because we are losing out on credit from the IRS for these donations, the ratio is being thrown off balance.

The Wright Administration has worked to develop a new system that best serves the tenets of NSDAR: historic preservation, education and patriotism. The new system has revitalized the Friends of DAR Schools Fund, which we hope that each Daughter will utilize for donation purposes. Due to the IRS regulation, donating directly to the Friends of the DAR Schools Fund is the only way a member may receive donation credit for gifts to the DAR Schools, including Heritage Club credit and Chapter Achievement Award credit. Our goal is not to take away any funds from our DAR schools but to ensure that resources are spread around to help all our students succeed.

What does this mean for DAR members? This new giving process will ensure that DAR is helping all of the children at DAR Schools reach their full potential. Donations to the fund may be designated for one of four program areas: Educational Support for Post-Secondary Students, General School Fund, Student Support, and Buildings, Property and Equipment. The DAR Schools will apply for funds, which will be awarded on the basis of greatest need. This allows DAR to distribute funds fairly to each school.

While everyone adjusts to the new system, NSDAR staff members are available to help. If you need any information or would like to try out the new system by making a donation, you can contact the Office of Development at (202) 777-2374 or development@dar.org.


Patriotism: Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2011, marked a decade since the United States and 91 other countries lost nearly 3,000 citizens by terrorist attack. Many DAR chapters around the country worked hard with their communities to sponsor and participate in commemorative events. These are just a few of the events that were shared on the Today’s DAR Facebook page.

The Bedford Chapter of Bedford County, Pa., held a dedication ceremony at the temporary memorial to the victims of the Flight 93 crash. As they read the names of the crew and passengers, they placed a wreath with a We Remember 9/11 banner at the site. A We Remember 9/11 banner was also placed into a holder with 40 American flags.

The James Waldrop Chapter of Fayette County, Ga., honored local first responders by delivering certificates of appreciation and We Remember 9/11 banners to Fayette County fire stations, the sheriff’s office and the 911 emergency call center.

The Columbian Chapter of Columbia, Mo.The Rachel Donelson Chapter of Springfield, Mo., held a ceremony at their local fire station and presented a We Remember 9/11 banner. The Wadsworth Chapter presented a We Remember 9/11 banner to the Mayor of Middletown, Conn., and attended the 9/11 ceremony that was held in honor and in memory of local first responders.

Many chapters held memorial ceremonies and candlelight vigils to honor the victims of 9/11. The Columbian Chapter of Columbia, Mo., hosted a citywide commemoration that featured speakers Mayor Bob McDavid and Chief Scott Olsen, head of the Missouri Task Force One who aided in relief efforts following the 9/11 attacks. Local firefighters and policemen attended as guests. Like many chapters, they handed out American flags and presented a We Remember 9/11 banner to Mayor McDavid.

The Wadsworth Chapter of Middletown, Conn.The Governor David Emanuel - Adam Brinson Chapter of Swainsboro, Ga., also held a ceremony to honor local first responders. Policemen and firemen were recognized through the presentation of the Georgia state flag. Many other chapters presented both American and We Remember 9/11 banners to the law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency personnel who risk their lives daily to keep us safe.

It is inspiring to see DAR members commemorate the tragic events of 9/11. As our organization grows, it is important to take a moment and remember those who came before us. Just as the DAR founders set out to honor America’s Founding Fathers, we must continue to remember 9/11 while educating future generations on the mission of DAR to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. 

If you, your chapter or your community commemorated 9/11 in a special way, please join the conversation on Facebook to share your events, photos and reflections.


Giving: What is Your DAR Legacy?

In 1890, four women sought to establish an organization that focused on women’s service to historic preservation, education and patriotism. Our founders wanted to honor the patriots who came before them and to this day DAR strives to carry out these wishes.

As you look back on all you have contributed to DAR, the National Society asks you to look ahead as well. What will be your legacy to DAR?

Whether you are approaching your retirement or enjoying your golden years, it is crucial that you have a plan for your loved ones and the organizations you hold dear. An estate plan will help your loved ones navigate the twist and turns of life.

For more information on creating a legacy with DAR that’s perfect for you, contact the Office of Development at (800) 499-1776 or giftplanning@dar.org.





The National Society is proud to welcome new members to the Heritage Club. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club Newsletter will carry a listing only of new members accepted and any upgraded members since the previous issue.


Eleanor Niebell, MD
Judith Vars, VA


Susan Tomlinson, GA


Patricia Ament, CO
Gaynel Andrusko, CO
Laurie Behn, TX
Maymee Cantrell, TN
Mary Councill, TX
Darla Desautels, CO
Linda Filippone, TX
Karon Jarrard, CA
Gretchen Lindsey, VA
Cynthia Myers-Morrison Ed. D., PA
Alice Patton, PA
Debora Refior, AK
Janeal Shannon, AL
Rebecca Weh, NM
Gretchen Wurth, NC


Linda Aaron, GA
Kay Adkins, CA
Marcia Affleck, OR
Cara Akerley, AZ
Judith Alexander, TX
Elizabeth Davis Alfonso, RI
Doris Allen, OH
Betty Allred, ID
Joan Alsever, MI
Carolyn Amiot, TN
Margaret Amos, NC
Dorothy Amstrup, AZ
Janet Anderson, TX
Patricia Anderson, WY
Ann Andrews, LA
Jeanette Andriano, AZ
Elaine Angus, OH
Lena Arno, ME
Jacquetta Asbury, FL
Betty Ashley, IN
Gloria Aughenbaugh, PA
Judy Austin, KY
Mary M. Babbitt, FL
Winnie Bachmann, CA
Shirley Bailey, KY
Nancy Baker, PA
Eileen Barber, GA
Margaret Barr-Bunnell, CA
Marilyn Barrow, VA
Elizabeth Bartlett, OK
Ada Barton, NH
Carol Batelaan, CA
Katherine Bateman, GA
Mary Bathurst, IL
Alexandra Baxter, GA
Janet Beattie, SC
Dolores Beavers, TN
Ruth Bekkerus, MN
Anne Bennett, TX
Patricia S. Bennett, GA
Dawn Berg, NY
Mary E. C. Bernard, VA
Bette Berning, IL
Nancy M. Bickham, LA
Emily Biddle, PA
Cheryl Billingsley, VA
Barbara Bishop, TN
Mildred Black, WA
Shirley Blanton, AZ
Ann Blevins, TN
Evelyn Bochow, TX
Mary Bond, TX
Ellen Booth, NY
Louise Boss, CA
Mary Ann Bowery, TX
Rebecca Hines Bowling, VA
Shirley Boyce, GA
Arlene Brachman, WI
Kathleen Bratton, FL
Doris Bridges, FL
Patricia Broshears, IN
Peggy Brown, AL
Rebecca Brown, NC
Ann Bryant, VA
Jane Bryant, AL
Maryanne Buddenhagen, NY
Patricia Buehler, IL
Peggy Burge, NY
Mary Burges, TX
Linda Burke, FL
Claudia Burris, WV
Patricia Burton, KS
Susan Busenius, CA
Mary Bush, VA
Phyllis Bush, MA
Rita Byars, KY
Roberta Byrd, TX
Gra Fran Capps-Beare, ID
Catherine Carlton, IL
Billie Carman, TN
Vicki Carner, OH
Gloria Carnes, TX
Frances Carr, VA
Patricia Carruth, MS
Frances Casey, NM
Mary Cashman, OK
Mary Chamberlain, NH
Bertha Chatterson, WI
Brenda Cheuvront, WV
Elizabeth Ciarrocchi, PA
Cynthia Clark, TX
Marjorie Clark, TX
Louise Cleveland, VA
Mary Cline, PA
Renee Closs, MD
Garvin Colburn, TN
Janet Coldsmith, PA
Shirley Cole, AR
Jeannette Coley, AR
Pamela Colgate, NH
Rosalind Colley, RI
Grace Connolly, CA
Linda Conrad, KY
Marcia Copper, NC
Virginia Corbett, NC
Louanne Cossar, MS
Marian Crane, MD
Ernestine Crews, AZ
Donna Crisp, VA
Marilyn Critari, TX
Nahali Croft, GA
Constance Crosby, VA
Mary Crosson, TX
Joan Crow, CT
Jeanne Curtis, MD
Bonnie Cushing, TX
Barbara Cutchin, VA
Margaret Czekaj, FL
Joan Dahmen, CA
Rebecca Danchak, TX
Bess Darby, MS
Carla Davis, TN
Doris Davis, TX
Jean Tate Davis, TN
Nancy Davis, NC
Beth Dawson, LA
Mary Jane Dawson, PA
Barbara de la Houssaye, LA
Pamela Dean, FL
Dorothy Decker, LA
Elizabeth Deering, MD
Marion Wier Rich DeFord, TX
Wanda Deitemeyer, VA
Geraldine Dellenback, WY
Orriene Denslow, OK
Anne Dickinson, OH
Inez DiMambro, NH
Leslie Dimmling, NY
Patricia Dixon, MI
Mary Dobard, TX
Arlene P. Dobbin, CT
Jane Doclar, TX
Patricia Doggett, TX
Nancy Downing, OK
Mary Draper, IN
Mary Drewry, CA
Diane Drugge, CT
Grace Druyor, FL
Ruth Duenner, OK
Jenifer Duffy, FL
Annabelle Dulin, OH
Elizabeth Duncan, KY
Shirley Dundas, CA
Inez Dunham, WI
Marietta Dunkirk, IL
Ruth Dunlap, TX
Virginia Duran, TX
Frieda Dzielinski, GA
Frances Egge, VA
Carol Eichelberger, IA
Martha Elliott, CA
Deborah L. Ellis, GA
Lois Ellison, TX
Merita England, TN
Beverly Engles, FL
Carol Ewing, NV
Geraldine Faber, FL
Jane Fairburn, SC
Carole Fambrini, FL
Mary Fannin, VA
Ellen Fayer, NJ
Phyllis Fecher, IN
Nora Field, SC
Carol Fisher, CA
Dorian Fisher, CA
Janet Fogle, SC
Doris Folejewski, NY
Cheryl Fondse, CA
Mary Lois Forrester, FL
Dianne Forsythe, VA
Ann Fowler, MD
Kay Fowler, TX
Sonia Fox, MS
Imogene Freeman, WV
Carolyn Fry, MD
Anne Fuller, KY
Zella Fuller, GA
Katharine Gabrielson, CT
Phyllis Gagnon, NH
Thelma Galbraith, PA
Dorothy Gardner, FL
Shirley Gardner, NY
Ione Garing, NY
Wilma Alice Gaskamp, TX
Janet Geckeler, SC
Hilda George, FL
Normajean Gerdes, MN
Margaret Gerrity, PA
Janice Gillig, NY
Sara Gilliland, SC
Margaret Gillmore, PA
Barbara Glezen, ME
Patricia Glisson, LA
Mary Glover, FL
Barbara Goodson, ID
Kathleen Goodwin, CA
Mary Gormley, NJ
Mary Graham, OH
Verda Grantham, TX
Alice Greco, MA
Dena Green, KY
Margaret Green-Witt, FL
Helen Greer, FL
Carolyn Gregg, TN
Marcia Greiner, RI
Sandra Griffin, CO
Shirley Groff, MT
Marilynn Grotrian, NE
Elizabeth Guevara, MD
Barbara Guillory, LA
Jean Haag, KS
Dorothy Haddad, LA
Theora Pierce Hahn, LA
Carol Haid, NY
Carol Hailey, TX
Sara Hamilton, KS
Callie Hamner, TX
Susan Hancock, KY
Margaret Hargis, LA
Virginia Harrell, GA
Kathryn Harris, FL
Viola Harris, NY
Jane Harrod, AL
Alta Hartdorn, NM
Karen Hartrampf, GA
Judith Hatcher, CA
Violet Hatchett, NC
Linda Hawkins, SC
Louise Headley, KY
Pamela Heckel, OH
Susan Hector, CA
Katy Heindl, SC
Michelle Heistand, MO
Barbara Hellesoe, CA
Jaclyn Helmke, TX
Letha Heltzel, OH
Laura F. Hembree, MO
Patricia Henderson, CA
Deborah Hershey, PA
Sharon Hierholzer, NY
Carla Hilbert, MD
Faun Hill, FL
Denise Hilzer, NJ
Martha Hodges, TN
Marilynn Hodgson, CA
Ruth Hof, NY
Nancy Hoffer, MD
Donna Hofmeister, MD
Allison Holland, AR
Jacqueline Holland, MD
Shirley Holleman, TX
Roberta Holmes, NJ
Virginia Holter, WA
Jeanney Horn, CO
Mona Hoskins, OK
Elizabeth Hotchkiss, ME
Barbara Houck, CA
Betty Howard, KY
Lyda Howard, KY
Jane Hubbert, IL
Ann Huddart, FL
Loyce Hunt, TN
Hellen Hunter, FL
Diana Huppert, VA
Margaret Hurt, VA
Doris Hussey, AZ
Gertrude Hutchinson, NY
Carol Jackson, CA
Joyce Jackson, NC
Nellie Jackson, VA
Virginia Jackson, WV
Virginia Jaehnig, GA
Kathryne James, TX
Martha James, GA
Karen Janczy, MD
Patricia Jensvold, TX
Elizabeth A. Johnson, AR
Jean K Johnson, PA
Ruth Johnson, VA
Ferne Johnston, CO
Virginia Johnston, FL
Ann Jones, TN
Linda Jones, NY
Marion Jane Jones, CA
Susan Jones, NY
Caroline Jukes, FL
Phyllis Kalunian, FL
Imogene Karabeinikoff, CT
Sharon Karam, CA
Lorraine Kaufman, KY
Carolyn Kelley, ME
Demetra Kelly, MO
Gail Kemper, ID
Adelaide Kersh, NC
Beverly King, WI
Linda King, FL
Alma Kingsbury, AL
Betty Kinne, MN
Frances Kinney, IL
Elizabeth Kipp, SD
Mary Kippley, DC
Martha Kirby, TX
Dorothy Kirk, WA
Eleanor Kirk, MA
Julia Kleinfeld, CA
Elizabeth Betty Kline, TX
Edith Knott, NM
Kristi Kocher, KS
Pamela Kolek, FL
Nancy Koltes, PA
Norma Kornacki, CT
Robin Kragulj, IL
Bonnie Kreidler, VA
Marlene Krein, ND
Donna La Frazia, WA
Sandra Lacey, MD
Roberta Lader, VA
Dava Ladymon, TX
Pamela Lafferty, NJ
Susan Laha, KS
Beverly Laird, OR
Lucille Lamb, MO
Elizabeth Lancaster, NC
Alicia Landry, TX
Karen Lange, WY
Vonceil Lank, LA
Lois Larson, NH
Paula Lasky, CO
Mary Latimer, TX
Elsie Layton, TX
Norma Lebruto, MA
Martha Ball Shelton LePrell, NY
Cheryl Lewicki, PA
Nancy Lewis, VA
Lilly Lievsay, MD
Sharon Linde, UT
Coveley Lloyd, TX
Shannon Cowles Logue, GA
Isabelle Long, CA
Julia Long, WV
Marilyn Loop, TX
Barbara Lore, SC
Sallie Beraud Lovorn, AZ
Jessie Maas, IL
Kathy Machmer, AZ
Evelyn Magee, LA
Sonia Mallar, ME
Helen Malzahn, WI
Jane Mann, HI
Marie Manning, GA
June Markt, MO
June Marsh, TX
Jacqueline Marshall, NH
Laurel Barber Martin, NH
Lea Martin, LA
Mary Martin, TX
Barbara Marx, IL
Jacqueline Mashburn, GA
Patricia Matecki, IL
Christine Maurer, KS
Hilda Mayo, FL
Carol McCann, NY
Hallie McCloud, KY
Virginia McCray, AL
Hannah McInnis, IL
Rose McIntyre, OH
Mary McKechnie, NY
Mary McKee, MD
Lorraine McKinney, LA
Anne McKown, MD
Sandra McLemore, FL
Elizabeth McLendon, WA
Millicent McLeod, TX
Marcia McManus, CA
Etta McMillan, CO
Nancy McMullen, CA
Jane McPherson, TN
Patricia McRoberts, CA
Rachel Mehl, OH
Jean Melloy, NM
Anna Melvin, NC
Sarah Merrill, FL
Joanne Michaels, GA
Mary Miller, NJ
Patricia Miller, OK
Susan Miller, TX
Jean Milner, MS
Dorothy Mohn, OH
Mildred Carolyn Moore, OK
Saralyn Moore, GA
Jeanne Moorman, FL
Katherine Morin, NH
Dana Moritz, IA
Emmalee Morris, VA
Adelia Morrison, CA
Sarah Morrison, VA
Mary Morton, TN
C. Annelies Mouring, FL
Bernice Mowat, MT
Paula Moxley, TX
Velda Moynier, CA
Mary M. Muller, SC
Arlene Mulvehill, TX
Ruth Murray, PA
Marjorie Musil, PA
Frances Neal, MS
Carolyn Nelson, VA
Margaret Nelson, GA
Myrna Nelson, IN
Stacey Nesbitt, NJ
Julie Newhouse, IN
Shirley Newsham, LA
Linda Nichols, TX
Barbara Nickell, WV
Edith Nissen, IA
Barbara O'Halloran, NJ
Judith Oglesby, AL
Susan Ohle, VA
Jeanette Oldham, KY
Robin Oneill, IL
Karol Orfanedes, SC
Louise G. Orr, NC
Alicia Osgood, DC
Julia Pallas, MD
Barbara Parker, TN
Mary Parker, SC
Catherine Passas, IL
Jane Pearce, PA
Doris Pearson, AL
Cree Peck, PA
Catherine Peckenham, ME
Laura Phillips, NC
Rachael Pierce, OH
Juanita Pierson, TX
Kay Pike, IN
Lynn Pittier, WA
Isabelle G. Pointer, LA
Carol Pollock, SC
Theressa Poore, NC
Mary Posey, PA
Dannye Powell, NC
Lois Powell, VA
Virginia Pratt, SC
Shirley Pyron, AR
Anne Queen, AR
Carol Raber, OH
Ellen Rabin, IL
Nancy Radtke, PA
Suzanne Rathbun, TX
Frances Ray, GA
Rosa Ray, TX
Mary Redmann, IL
Irene Redstone, FL
Wilma Reed, TX
Sara Reese, VA
Paula Renkas, MA
Helen Reynolds, WI
Margaret Richards, VA
Suzanne Richardson, GA
Patricia Ridenour, VA
Marin Ridgway, NY
Deirdre Rinehart-Nicholls, CA
Jane Ritchey, WA
Catherine Roberti, WA
Alice Roberts, CA
Patricia Robinson, CO
Diane Rohrbough, TX
Suzanne Romero, CO
Patricia Ross, OR
Pearl Ross, PA
Violet Ross, IN
Nadine Rozell, MO
Bonnielee Ruge, FL
Dorothy Rugh, PA
Jimelle Rumberg, OH
Betty Ann Ryan, NJ
Peggy Sargent, IN
Roxanne Saucier, ME
Dorothy Schickedanz, OK
Diane Davis Schmidt, MN
Marianne Schneider, PA
JoAnn Schuchman, MD
Emily Schultz, FL
Joella Schultz, AZ
Sloan Schwindt, CO
Harriet Scott, VA
Frances Scruby, VA
Naomi Seavy, FL
Diane Seebass, OK
Doris Seem, AL
Christina Seiden, VA
Jane Semones, KY
Anna Senn, NC
Joyce Shafer, OH
Tommie Elaine Shattuck, GA
Mary Shelley, SC
Alice Shelp, NY
Rebecca Shelton, IN
Mary Shields, MS
LaVerne Shipka, IL
Alma Shofner, TX
Johnna Sholty, IN
Lorilee Short, MO
Charlene Shufelt, SC
Linda Simmons, FL
Theresa Simpkins, VA
Kathryn Simpson, WA
Audrey Skutnik, VA
Tacy Slade, TX
Doris Smith, FL
Eleanor Smith, AZ
Gwen Smith, FL
JoAnn Smith, GA
Maureen Smith, CA
Nancey Smith, KY
Sheila Smith, FL
Suzanne Smith, MD
Wilma Smith, CO
Dorothy Soares, MT
Jackolyn Soliday, OH
Grace Somerville, PA
Patricia Southorn, PA
Colleen Spears, TN
Jean Spies, CA
Virginia Spiller, ME
Jean Spinuzza, IL
Jan A. Spradley, WA
Julia Springer, TN
Sharon Spry, FL
Judith St Louis, CA
Pauline Steele, MO
Joan Steiner, WI
Kay Stephens, TX
Charlotte Stephenson, PA
Elizabeth Stevens, TN
Sybil Stewart, NC
Eileen Stocker, NY
Barbara Stone, MS
Avis Stradley, KS
Eleanor Mae Strawbridge, NH
Laura Streich, WI
Janet Struckman, FL
RuthAnn Struss, NJ
Mildred Stuckey, KS
Nola Stucky, CA
Sherry Stucky, FL
Phyllis Swain, GA
Patsy Swindle, TN
Barbara Tamplin, GA
Virginia Tardiff, ME
Maryetta Tate, OH
Mary Tatman, MD
Beverly Taverner, OK
Cecelia Taylor, PA
Edna Taylor, AR
Norma Jean Taylor, FL
Margaret Tebay, WV
Natalie Templeton, NJ
Karen Theofanides, CA
Irene Thibault, NH
Doris Thomas, TX
Cathy Thompson, TN
F. Maureen Thompson, VA
Shirley Thomson, FL
Carol Thrasher, TX
Linda Throckmorton, CO
Mary Jewell Tindall, SC
Christine Tissot, MA
Paula Torti, MA
Sara Towers, MD
Patricia Towns, OK
Elizabeth Townsend, FL
Dorothy Trinkle, IN
Marie True, TX
Patsy Turney, FL
Pamela Umstead, NC
Rhonda VanZandt, AL
Laura Veesart, TN
Mary Wagner, TX
Nancy Wahineokai, HI
Ellen Walker, OH
Louella Walker, KY
Marjorie Walker, AL
Mary Walker, MD
Alice Dodge Wallace, CO
Linda Wallace, CT
Josephine Wallis, TN
Susan Warren, ME
Sue Warzocha, MO
Elizabeth Waskiewicz, SC
Betty Watkins, SC
Ruth Watkins, MD
Jean Watts, MT
Florence Webster, IL
Marjorie Weedin, KS
Barbara Wells, CT
Elizabeth Werner, FL
Joyce West, VA
Martha Jean Wheatley, MI
Evalee Wheeler, KS
Mary Wheeler, MO
Bonnie White, TX
Charlotte White, LA
Dolores White, AR
Joyce White, VA
Marcia White, UT
Pamela White, MS
Joan Whitsett, ID
Barbara Wicker, VA
Helen Wienk, NY
Apryl Wiese, FL
Carolyn Wiggins, NC
Mildred Wilkes, TX
Mary Willard, MS
Alice Williams, IL
Anne Williams, NC
Anne Gowen Williams, GA
Marie Williams, PA
Barbara Williamson, MD
Elizabeth Williamson, GA
Jane Williamson, CA
Judith Williston, MI
Marian Willson, SC
Mildred Willson, KY
Debra Wilson, TN
Jane Wilson, SC
Jeannette Wilson, TX
Joy Wilson, CO
Leta Wimer, VA
Bette Winkelstern, AZ
Joyce Wold, AZ
Barbara Wood, SC
Susan Wood, MD
Iris E. Woolfe, NC
Patricia Worth, CA
Nancy Wright, VA
Peggy Wright, TX
Betty Zern, PA
Kathleen Zinskie, PA
Nancy Zwetsch, NY




The NSDAR is proud to welcome the following as new members of our legacy society, the Founders Club. These generous Daughters, by including the NSDAR in their will or other estate plans, have become part of a visionary group of people dedicated to sustaining the mission of our founders. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club newsletter will present a list only of new members.


Patricia Armbruster, OK
Stephen Armbruster, OK
Ann Babington, MO
Kristen Bisanz, AZ
Donna Bottini, CO
GeorgiAnne Brochstein, TX
Mary Ann Bowery, TX
Judith Chaffin, TN
Linnie Comerford, FL
Gale Auston Crafton, CO
Nancy DeGuire, CO
Betty DeVries, NY
Carolyn Duckworth, TX
Julia Eacott, MA
Judy Ekeler, NE
Linda Fox, OK
Pattye Greer, TX
Susan Griffin, FL
Virginia Hamilton, MS
Resa Hennings, TX
Eric Hennings, TX
Janet Hicks, TX
L. Donna Hoffmann, ME
Demetra Jones , CT
Adele Lancaster, CA
Coveley Lloyd , TX
Carol Kennedy, AZ
Marcy Kimminau, CO
Pamela Marshall, TX
Donna Medley, MO
Nancy Miller, VA
Zipra Morgan, TX
C. Annelies Mouring, FL
Nancy Muller, FL
Anne Nocito, MA
Colleen Pauley-Perry, FL
Charlotte Peters, NC
Christina Ramos, CA
Pamela Sexton , SC
Donna Sharp, MI
Barbara Struve, FL
Ruth Stuart, FL Suzanne Terry, FL
Rebecca Thames-Simmons, IL
Ellan Thorson, MD
Karen M. Trzebiatowski, WI
Jennifer Turner, FL
Kelly Van Wormer, MI
Kathleen Watson, CA
Kathryn West, KS
Ann Zuhr, NC


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