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President General's Project Update
Member Spotlight: Bobbi McMullen
Historic Preservation: Lafayette Quilts Exhibit
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Patriotism: 2009 DAR Christmas Open House
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June 18, 2010
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Welcome Message

The New Year has begun with a great start! I am pleased to share with you many exciting things happening at National Headquarters. As we look forward to Continental Congress this summer it is inspiring to review all that the Calvin administration and our donors have accomplished over the past three years. The 'Open Doors of Hospitality' Project has addressed several pressing renovations needed at our National Headquarters. From upgrades to the DAR Museum storage to the replacement of the electrical system, the President General's project has been an overwhelming success.

I look forward to meeting with you during the 119th Continental Congress. Please make sure to stop by the Office of Development on the third floor of the administration building and we would be happy to answer any of your questions, process your donations, or simply introduce ourselves.

Carolina Camargo
Director of Development

President General's Project Update

Hole in ceiling of the Historian
Archives room due to
extensive water damage.  
It is inspiring to look back on the successes of the President General's Project of the Calvin Administration. The - "Open Doors of Hospitality" Project- set forth the goal to begin the restoration our National Headquarters. A summary of the numerous improvements that the members supported through their generous donations include:

Phase I: A new heating and cooling system was installed and new shelving was added in the DAR Museum. Both Memorial Continental Hall and Constitution Hall received much-needed repairs.

Phase II: Both the North and South Porticos of Memorial Continental Hall were cleaned and the stone restored; a new storage vault was made possible under the North Portico; and an entry was created for the DAR Library.

Phase III: The urgent and critically important upgrades to the electrical system and switchboard were completed.

Staining to the ceiling of the
Kemper conference room due to
water damage. 
We are now preparing to embark upon the fourth phase of the renovations: upgrading the heating and cooling distribution system at National Headquarters. This ever-growing problem has been in serious need of attention over the past several years.

The outdated equipment has caused flooding in several of our offices with ceiling and wall damage due to failing pumps and other faulty mechanical parts. Left unattended these problems will occur more and more frequently. Such flooding is not only destructive and costly to clean up but also disruptive to the day-to-day business of NSDAR.

If you would like to make a donation to the President General's Project, please contact the Office of Development at 1-800-449-1776.


Member Spotlight: Bobbi McMullen

bobbi mcmullen
Bobbi at Continental Congress
at the PA luncheon  
There is no better example of a modern day DAR than Bobbi McMullen. Bobbi represents one of the many different types of Daughters who make up today's DAR. She is a member of both the Heritage Club and Founders Club and is active in helping prospective members prove their ancestors and become members. She is deeply passionate about the DAR and the work done by members across the country.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, the youngest of four, Bobbi attributes her love of genealogy to her father, who raised her to have a deep understanding of her heritage and family history. Her father made it a point to instill a strong sense of family in his children and even wrote an autobiography. Her family has been in Pennsylvania for centuries and, in addition to her membership in DAR, she is a member of several other lineage societies.

Bobbi married soon after high school and worked at several different jobs while raising her three children. Until recently she lived on a farm with her second husband where they raised cattle, horses, and champion bulls. In addition, she is an avid fox hunter and says that genealogy is her passion. She has eight grandchildren and, and by the time you are reading this article, she will have a 9th. She has been married to her husband, Joe, for twenty years and he is president of his SAR chapter. Her daughter is also a member of DAR and was a Pennsylvania Outstanding Junior.

Bobbi Mcmullen 2
Bobbi on her horse, Liebchen,
in her fox hunting days.  
Several women on her father's side were members of the DAR, including her sister, grandmother, and two half sisters. After some encouragement from her sister she joined her local chapter and within a year was chapter regent. She has been a member for 20 years and has held several positions within the organization both at a chapter and national level. She has held the offices of State Treasurer, Chapter Corresponding Secretary, Chapter Treasurer, State Registrar, and is currently State Vice Regent Elect.

As a member of both the Heritage Club and Founders Club, Bobbi has truly shown her commitment into ensuring the future of NSDAR. She encourages ladies to help with the work of the society and feels that it is important to support an organization you love now rather than later. She strongly believes that you should support causes you care about while you still have the ability.

Bobbi explains that her passion for genealogy and DAR is inspired by our motto - God, Home and Country. She believes that having an understanding of our own personal histories is essential and feels personally rewarded by helping others join the DAR. She shared that watching new Daughters, especially juniors, progress and become more and more involved with the organization and transition from new members to paging for a State Regent is especially gratifying.

Bobbi also participated in the 'Real Daughters' project and had the opportunity to travel around Pennsylvania. She says that it was particularly enjoyable to meet so many fellow members who were able to share personal stories about themselves or historical sites in their area. It is these stories, which often do not make it out of the small towns across America, that truly tell of where our nation has been and the changes that continue to shape it.

It is the work of Daughters, like Bobbi, that help to keep our story alive. She is a perfect example of today's DAR members. She can seamlessly transition from overalls and tractors to gowns and gloves. She explains that, "DAR ladies come from all walks of life." She truly feels that the DAR members of today are not afraid to get their hands dirty, both physically and metaphorically. There is work to be done along several avenues - from educating children to ensuring proper historical markers on grave sites throughout the country, to simply ensuring that the stories that make up our history stay alive and continue to be told.

New DAR Museum Exhibit - Lafayette Quilts

A sampling of the many quilts currently
on display at the Lafayette Quilts
exhibit at the DAR Museum. 
The DAR Museum is proud to announce the opening of their newest exhibit, "Honoring Lafayette: Contemporary Quilts from France and America." The exhibit will be in place from April 16 through September 4, 2010 and will be available for viewing during this year's Continental Congress. The exhibit commemorates the Marquis de Lafayette, the Frenchman who was instrumental in supporting the American Revolution. 'Honoring Lafayette also includes items from the DAR Museum Collection that were made or saved to remember Lafayette's triumphal visit to the United States in the 1820's in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Revolution.

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette was born in 1757 in France. He served in the French army. However, after hearing of the Americans' struggle for independence he decided to come to the colonies and aid them in their endeavors. He landed in Charleston, SC in 1777 and was welcomed by the colonists who soon commissioned him a Major General. He served under General George Washington in the Continental Army. In addition to serving in several battles, Lafayette also advocated for an increased commitment from France toward the American cause. He is honored today for his devotion to our independence in several cities through city names, statues and city squares.

quilts 2
The Lafayette Quilts exhibit also
includes contemporary and historically
relevant items from the
DAR Museum collection. 
'Honoring Lafayette' features pieces made by quilters around the world who were chosen to make pieces that honor Lafayette. In 2007, in celebration of the 250th birthday of the Marquis de Lafayette, the city of Lafayette, Louisiana spearheaded activities to celebrate and educate the public about his contribution to American independence with their own exhibition. As part of the initiative, quilters chosen from the United States, Canada, Belgium and France made pieces that honored Lafayette. When these Lafayette quilts later traveled to France, the French hosts were inspired to add another element to the exhibit. Quilts by two noted African American quilters from Louisiana were included to examine the intersection of French and African cultures and the quilting inspirations that come from the formerly-French Louisiana region.

This exhibit is exemplary of both a historic and contemporary collaboration between the French and Americans. 'Honoring Lafayette' is a vibrant and inspiring collection of quilts and historic items that is worth visiting. To learn more about the exhibit and some of the items featured, visit the DAR Museum's website at http://www.dar.org/museum/musnews.cfm.

The Genealogy Consultant Training Workshops

genealogy class
Students of the Genealogy Training
Course learn many new skills
over a four day period. 
Many of you have a knack for genealogical research and could find a new patriot in your sleep. Others are new to researching family trees or simply want to improve their skills. Did you know that DAR offers a training course at National Headquarters for becoming a Genealogical Consultant?

The Genealogy Consultant Training Workshops classes span four days and provide much detailed information regarding the application process. Generally, four to five classes are offered each year and times are usually published on the Volunteer Genealogists Committee Web site. There are still three more sessions scheduled for 2010:
  • August 2-5
  • September 13-16
  • November 1-4

The classes will cover several topics and include presentations, informational sessions, tours, and the opportunity to get to know our staff and genealogists. Below are some of the topics the class will cover:
  • Analyzing US Federal census records
  • Talk With an Expert: Meet with a staff genealogist to discuss research strategies for one of your brick walls.
  • Short tours of some of the period rooms, library and Data Entry.
  • Presentations by staff members from the DAR Library and Organizing Department.
  • Small group discussion with ample opportunity to ask questions.
  • What to do if a line is closed
  • How to determine if the lineage is right and what to do if there is a break in the lineage
  • How to work with the staff at DAR and get help when you need it
  • Confirming the identification of the right person, in the right place, with the right service
  • Using the DAR Library from home
  • How to compare proof documents to lineage claims
  • Review of verification process

The training curriculum concentrates on improving the quality of papers submitted rather than simply on how to verify papers. By learning these skills, learning how we operate at National Headquarters, and getting to know our staff you can help yourself, your chapter and others expedite the process of becoming a member or proving another line. In addition, at the end of the course you will have qualified for the Genealogy Consultant pin.

After completing the Genealogy Consultant class you will be qualified to conduct workshops speak before other groups and work on DAR papers in conjunction with the Volunteer Field Genealogists. You may receive credit toward the Volunteer Field Genealogists pin under the new requirements established at the April Executive meetings..

Interested in enrolling? If so, please contact the NSDAR Genealogy Department at genealogy@dar.org or telephone 202-879-3268. The interest in these classes is so great that a waiting list has been established and applicants are encouraged to place their name on the list.


DAR Christmas Open House

Open House 1
The Calvin Administration
welcomes guests to the annual
DAR Christmas Open House
in the Pennsylvania Foyer. 
On December 9, 2009 the National Society opened its doors to the public in our annual Christmas Open House. Each year, a sizable crowd enjoys refreshments in the O'Byrne Gallery, caroling in the DAR Library and tours of our historic buildings decorated for the holidays with trees, wreaths, and garlands throughout. Children shared their Christmas lists with Santa and played with replica 18th and 19th century toys in the DAR Museum's Touch of Independence Education Center. "This is wonderful, what a great way to celebrate the season!" said one guest about the 8th annual event.

The Open House offers activities for everyone from kids to parents and grandparents. Docents greeted visitors as they toured the building while learning about the historical relevance of the period rooms and the antiques within them. "Amazing building so rich with history! It is an honor to be here!" a visitor from Washington State said. The Thomas
santa and miss teen dc
This year's Christmas Open
House welcomed several special
guests including Santa and
Miss Teen District of Columbia. 
Elementary School Choir could be heard singing Christmas Carols in the DAR Library while the genealogists educated the guests about tracing their ancestors. There were several members in attendance who were able to share with the public the work the chapters around the country had done that year. In addition, the DAR Museum's exhibition, "Wedgwood: 250 Years of Innovation and Artistry" was a great hit. Guests had the opportunity this year to view this monumental exhibit while enjoying the festivities.

The DAR Christmas Open House had many returning visitors but also welcomed new ones. One guest from Virginia has been coming to the Christmas Open House for three years and plans on continuing to do so. It has become a cherished tradition that brings joy and cheer to the members, staff, community, and visitors from across the country. We hope that you will be able to join us next year!


From November 12, 2009 to May 25, 2010

The NSDAR is proud to welcome the following as new members of our legacy society, the Founders Club. These generous Daughters, by including the NSDAR in their will or other estate plans, have become part of a visionary group of people dedicated to sustaining the mission of our founders. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club newsletter will present a list only of new members.

Julie Fancher, NE
Leslie Pfeifer, CA
Marilyn Shaffer, OH
Wanda Kahler, FL
Doreen Cesari, NY
Connie Pula, TX
Gertrude Arnold, CO
LaVaun Baldwin, CO
Lois Crum,TX
Eleanor Price, VA
Joan Coker, NE
Paula Osborne, GA
Alice Braud-Jones, TX
Amelia Pelton, GA
Betty Albanez, NE
Jo Hubbard, MS
Bernadette Kucharczuk, DE
Suzann Smith, CO
Roberta Caito, IN


From November 12, 2009 to May 25, 2010

The National Society is proud to welcome new members to the Heritage Club. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club Newsletter will carry a listing only of new members accepted and any upgraded members since the previous issue.


Margaret Steward, MI

Ann Prothro, KY
Judith Vars, VA

Penny Brown, CA
Ama Chambers, PA
Donna Hoffman, IL
Janet Koupal, CA
Louise Little, FL

Elizabeth Pursell Bergbower, PA
Mary Louise Bishop, TX
Elizabeth Bowers, NC
Joy Davis, MO
Barbara Frieman, PA
Genevieve Hassan, CA
Donna Hertha, AL
Jean Keefer, PA
Janet Kohlenberger, VA
Ruth Lee, CA
Ailsie McEnteggart, CA
Catherine Derst Miller, GA
Jean Mueller, NJ
Darlene Rutter, IL
Elsie Viles, ME

Susan R Cowsert Abbey, MI
Marsha Ackerman, IL
Maxine Acola, TX
June Acree, KY
Jessie Adams, OK
Grace Adcock, IL
Mary Aikins, KS
Pamela Akins, TX
Barbara Albertson, CA
Barbara J. Alex, CT
Leah Alexander, CA
Trudy Alexander, GA
Patricia Allen, AZ
Margaret Alverson, TX
Dorothy Anderson, GA
Jeanette Anderson, NC
Joanne Anderson, FL
Nancy Nicholas Andrade, OH
Jean Andrewson, IL
Creeda Antinori, FL
Glenda Armstrong, AZ
Helen Arnold, GA
Terry Arnold, VA
Betty Ashburn, IL
Octavia Ashburn, CT
Dorothy Asmus, CA
Robinette Atkinson, LA
Gayle Avant, FL
Ruth Avirett, GA
Ruth Anne Bacon, TN
Lola Ann Sale Bade, TX
Kelly Baer, VA
Sharon Bagwell, NC
Sally Baker, NC
Katherine Baldwin, TX
LaVaun Baldwin, CO
Jane Ball, NC
Dorothy Bangert, NC
Leanne Baraban, KS
Patricia Barclay, TX
Virginia Sparks Barnard, FL
Joye Barrett, NH
Elizabeth Bates, OR
Dorothy Baucum, TX
Marion Baumann, CO
Mary Jane Baumgartner, TX
Llona Baxter, NJ
Helen Beaman, NC
Alice Bearkshire, NV
Patricia Becker, KY
Blythe Belenky, TN
Phyllis Bell, NE
Caroline Benenati, NY
Susan Bergtholdt, CA
Carolyn Berry, AR
Mary Elizabeth Berry, VA
Celia Berthot, SC
Joann Bevan, CA
Sandra Biddle, PA
Elizabeth Bihr, CA
Suzanne Bissell, FL
Helen Blackwell, VA
Valarie Blanchard, LA
Anne Blanton, VA
Retha Blecha, KS
Caroline Bliss, CA
Barbara Bloomstrom, OH
Goldie Boelsen, MO
Sue Bogardus, KY
Betty Bois, ME
Elizabeth Booth, CT
Lysabeth Bowery, CA
Elisabeth Lovell Bowman, NJ
Susie Boyce, NJ
Margie Milner Boyd, TX
Betty Boydstun, NM
Jean Brault, MD
Charlene Walker Brazell, KS
Shirley Brendemuehl, WI
Katharine Brennan, PA
Jessica Brewer, TX
Margaret Bridgins, IN
Barbara Briegel, MO
Mary Brindle, VA
Corinne Britt, NC
Gwendolyn Brogdon, GA
Bonnie Brose, MD
Martha Brouse, AL
Barbara Brown, KS
Carol Brown, TX
Jewelle Brown, FL
Lorraine Brown, TX
Sherry Brown, TX
Jane Brun, CA
Juanita Bryan, IL
Carolyn Bryant, WV
Jimmie Buescher, NV
Eloise Bullard, SC
Miriam Bunting, VA
Cynthia Jane Robson Burden, OH
Sandra Burgoon, MA
Lindsay Burrell, IL
Sara Busbee, TX
Elizabeth Butler, MD
Carol Byrd, CA
Gladys Byrne, FL
Beth Callans, FL
Bronwyn Campbell, TX
Helen Campbell, AR
Carolyn S. Caprio, FL
Kathy Capron-Besemer, MI
Ruth Carlin, AZ
Mary Carroll, IN
Denise Carson, VA
Mary Frances Case, CA
Bana Caskey, VA
Clara Cate, TN
Frances Chandler, OK
Nancy Chandonnet, MD
June Chapin, OH
Louise Sprague Chase, MA
Beulah Cherne, CO
Alice Chiasson, NE
Virginia Christopher, MD
Debra Clark, WA
Hollis Clark, TN
Evelyn Clarke, CA
Patricia Cleland, MA
Gwendolyn Coalter, VA
Margie-Thomas Cogswell, SC
Joan Cole, MO
Martha Cole, VA
Jane Collins, FL
Marjorie Collins, AZ
Eileen Colwell, CT
Betty Comer, TN
Linnie Comerford, FL
Janie Connelly, LA
Patricia Conner, TX
Candace Cook, CA
Mary Jo Cook, FL
Dorothy Cooley, SC
Gene-Ann Cordes, OH
Ann Cossett, KY
Jeanne Cotting, MS
LCDR M.V. Coullard, USN (Ret.), MD
Mary Elizabeth Courter, TX
Joyce Craig, FL
Marjorie Craig, GA
Ellen Crawford, AZ
Barbara Croner, PA
Eileen Crosthwaite, VA
Mona Cunningham, KS
Mary Curran, WI
Esther Custer, WV
Dorothy Cutright, IL
Mary Cutting, MO
Noel Daily, CA
Martha Turner Dale, TX
Alice Danser, MO
Hazel Daro, AK
Joyce Daulton, OH
Charlotte Davis, OH
Emma Davis, VA
Felicia Davis, TN
Lois Davis, TN
Susan Davis, IL
Ruth De Bruin, NJ
Doris Lee Middleton DeFer, MO
Helen Deiber, OH
Kinta Delamain, NC
Georgia Dempster, NJ
Joan Watson DeMuth, IL
Florence Devore, IL
Elizabeth Dicus, AL
Patricia Dimock, FL
Cora Jean Dirks, CO
Jean Dixon, NC
Patricia Doolin-Thames, CA
Donna Doran, MA
Patricia Doty, FL
Carolyn Dreher, NY
Marcia Dreisbach, DC
Martha Du Val, NC
Virginia Duff, TX
Jane Dugger, TN
Ester Eads, AR
Mary Ealy, IA
Betty Eaton, VA
Regina Edgman, TX
Catharine Gibb Shaw Eftimiadi, MD
Elinor Egelston, IL
Anne Egner, NH
Louise Egowin, MA
Hilda Ehardt, FL
Abra Eisenman, NV
Elva Elliot, FL
Elsie English, CA
Robyn English, NJ
Sara Erwin, AL
Kathryn Escue,
Elizabeth Etter, OH
Elnora Falk, WI
Elinor Farmer, VA
Emily Farmer, TN
Marjorie Farr, IN
Lois Farrand, MI
Carol Fejfar, IA
Jane Ann Felker, FL
Carol Felsen, NY
Glinda Felty, TX
Sandra Fenstermaker, IN
Lucile Fessler, WI
Marian Fiasca, WI
Linda Filippone, TX
Margaret Finney, GA
Ellen Fisher, CA
Ruth Eileen Fisher, PA
Helen Fitch, MI
Carol Fitzpatrick, CA
Catherine Fletcher, GA
Virginia Forney, OH
Theresa Foss, TX
Nona Foster, TX
Patricia Foster, MD
Toni Fox, WA
Helen Franke, FL
Phyllis Frankhouser, PA
Gladys Frazier, MT
Judy Freeman, FL
Esther French, MS
Ann Frey, CA
Helen Fritz, PA
Nancy Frost, CO
Virginia Fulkerson, OK
Jo Ann Galloway-Cooper, NC
Celeste Gallup, PA
Ann Gandy, VA
Fay Gannon, TN
Dottisue Gansemer, IN
Frances Gardner, MS
Estel Garlick, CA
Mary Garoutte, CA
Suzanne Gartrell, AL
Jean Gaudreau, ME
Katherine Gentry, TX
Lila Gene George, TX
Nancy George, IN
Marion Hester Giannasi, VA
Margareth Gibbs, IL
Linda Giffen, OH
Pamella Gillette, VA
Susan Gilman, VA
Franke Giottonini, OR
Linda Giovanni, FL
Jacqueline Giustina, OR
Suzanne Glad, CA
Annis Godbey, VA
Jane Gorden, TX
Elizabeth Grasser, GA
Harriette Greaser, NY
Suzanne Griffing, NY
Jane Griffith, AK
Polly Grimes, MS
Diane Groome, CA
Blanche Grueser, WV
Mary Guill, GA
Polly Gunther, CT
Barbara Guscott, AZ
Harriet Hadley, VA
Katherine Hagan, GA
Rhoda Haight, SC
Jayne Hale-Mc Pherson, MI
Jean Hall, TX
Rowena Hall, MD
Barbara Thrailkill Halpin, IA
Eugenia Hamm, NC
Tyler Hancock, CO
Susan Handelman, NY
Yvonne Hanson, PA
Rebecca Harlan, CA
Margaret Harman, VA
Sharon Harpstead, PA
Mary Harrington, CA
Susan Harris, IA
Evelynn Hartwig, WI
Patricia Musick Hatfield, VA
Marie-Louise Hattier, CA
Susan Hazelwood, TX
Betty Head, TX
Kathryn Heard-Fate, FL
Christine Heaton, FL
Margaret Hebert, VA
Pamela Heide, TN
Mary Louise Heider, IL
Mary Helfrich, IL
Miriam Hemphill, MO
Jean Henshaw, VT
Dorothy Herbruck, SC
Emily Herold-D'Elia, NJ
Janet Hertzler, MI
Wanda Hicks, GA
Sarah Highlander, TX
Carolyn Hildebrand, CA
Edna Hilderbrand, GA
Mary L. Hill, VA
Jacqualyn Hillegass, PA
Alice Hilson, AL
Jean Hilton, VA
Mary Hitselberger, WI
Barbara Hobbs, WA
Anna Hogue, KY
Patricia Hohman, MD
Elizabeth S. Hoisington, WA
Barbara Holder, NY
Rosalind Honeycutt, IL
Harriett Hook, DE
Ann Hooker, CO
Judith Hoover, VA
Frances Horton, NC
June Houghton, NH
Barbara Howell, GA
Barbara Hubbard, MI
Mary Alice Hubert, MA
Susan Huffaker, VA
E. Virginia Hunt, WI
Jacqueline Hunt, IN
Evelyn Huston, TX
Evelyn Hutchinson, CA
Ann Hutteman, NC
Billie Hutton, NC
Jessie J. Inman, FL
Carolyne James-Rudd, FL
Rogina Jeffries, MA
Marguerite Jenkins, MO
Billye Johnson, CA
Judith Johnson, IL
Katherine Johnson, IL
Mona Johnson, NY
Pharen Johnson, SC
Helen Johnston, CA
Weva Johnston, CA
Jennifer Johnstone, WA
Martha Jones, MD
Sue Jones, MI
Catherine Jordan, NY
Joan Jordan, AZ
Virginia Justice, TN
Tommie Kadotani, CO
Wanda Kahler, FL
Jan Kalmus, MD
Mildred Karabats, CA
Betty Kastrup, MO
Virginia Kelley, AR
Kathleen Kellinger, MD
Susan Kendall, MI
Helen Kennington, UT
Randall Kettle, FL
Nancy Kilbourn, CA
Elizabeth Kilgore, FL
Barrie King, MA
Helen Kirby, OH
Lois Kiser, TX
Suzanne Kisner, IA
Aileen Klingaman, MI
J Doris Klotzner, WA

Peggy Steed Knight, TN
Carole Komarek, IL
Anna Koontz, IL
Deborah Kopinski, NY
Laura Kracum, IL
Elizabeth Kramer, CA
Nancy J. Kramer, IN
Ross Waldrop Krape, TX
Glea Kreider, VA
Carolyn Krist, KY
Claire Kuehn, TX
Beverly Kuhn, TX
Lois Lankford, IL
Victoria Laraneta, CA
Katherine Larkin, CA
Lynn Larsen, VA
Katherine Lawler, CA
Edith Lee, CO
Lois Lee, IL
Robin Lee, CO
Frances Legg, MI
Bobbie Leikam, TX
Frances Leitner, FL
Loudene Lemme, IL
Shirley Lenane, MI
Jean C. Leonard, PA
Ruth Lewis, GA
Irene Lilly, CA
Nelda Linkvis, AZ
Nita Liptak, PA
Ellyn Loesch, CA
Kathleen Loftman, CA
Laura Logan, FL
Sharon Logan, TX
Janet Long, PA
SharonAnn Louden, NE
Dallas Love, CA
Linda Love, TN
Sandra Lynch, CT
Teresa Lynch, NC
Nancy MacRae, MI
Sheila Mahaffy, MD
Geneva Maier, OR
Carol Major, MD
Jane Makins, TX
Donna Mancini, KY
Dolores Mandeville, NE
Jean Mangin, PA
Eleanor Manly, KS
Linda Manning, CT
Linda Maples, AL
Christy Marecle, AL
Barbara E. Marinelli, PA
Christina Maring, MO
Faith Marsh, AZ
Rebecca Marsh, VA
Beth Marshall, UT
Deborah Marshall, PA
Dee Marshall, MD
Christie Martin, MD
Jo Ann Martin, GA
Joanne Martin, CT
Shirley Martin, CT
Rebecca Mathews, MA
Suzanne Matson, NC
Barbara Matty, AZ
Janet May, FL
Rhonda Maynard, PA
Mary Lou McCain, PA
Debra McCarty, TX
Sandra McCorkle, CA
Marjorie McDill, KS
Elizabeth McDowell, NC
Marjorie M. McFadden, PA
Carol McFarland, CA
Mary Frances McGehee, AL
June McGregor, NY
Margaret McKee, NC
Jean McKenney, VA
Christene McKenzie, TX
Barbara McNew, CA
Terry McQueen, TX
Judith Mearns, IL
Susan Mercer, WV
Mary Lou Mergele, TX
Phyllis Meyen, VA
Marjorie Michael, OH
Grace L. Miller, FL
Laura Miller, MI
Leslie Miller, KY
Priscilla Miller, NC
Marveen Minish, MN
Linda Mistler, MD
Delinda Mix, SC
Margaret Moehlenbrock, MO
Malvina Moffett, GA
Paula Moles, IL
Jean Monger, OH
Margaret Montcalm, ME
Frances Moore, KY
Kristen Moore, NY
Yvonne Moore, TN
Lynda Moreau, LA
Marilyn Moreland, MO
Carole Morton, CA
Scarlette Moyer, GA
Dorothy Mulvaney, MN
Betsy Murphey, TX
Vera Murphy, NY
Nelle Mussler, FL
Susan Nagel, CA
Elisabeth Napper, CA
Mary Nauman, MD
Jane Nelson-Comp, UT
Janet Nestrud, IL
Ramona Nichols, GA
Henrietta Nicolay, PA
Ruth Nies, ME
Louise Noelle, IN
Marie Norris, OK
Jacqueline O'Keeffe, TX
Shirley Ochsner, AR
Virgene Olson, GA
Violet Osborn, MO
Frances Osterhoudt, FL
Frances Passmore, GA
Nedra Patterson, TX
Marlys Paugh, MT
Marjorie Pavia, CA
Janis Dalrymple Pearce, FL
Karen Pearson, MD
Patricia Peck, KY
Charlene Peel, AR
Janice Pehl, CA
Mary E. Pelletier, ME
Betty Perkins, TN
Deborah Perkins, MS
Mary Perrin, IL
Ann Peterson, MD
Marilyn Pettit, NY
Maurine Pettus, TX
Joy Petty, VA
Lois Picking, PA
Elizabeth Pilgrim, AL
Catherine Pitts, GA
Darcy Plimpton-Sims, NY
Edith Pollard, WI
Constance Pool, TX
Jennifer Pope, AZ
Emily Poteet, NC
Ramona Potts, OK
Marilyn Prado, NJ
Rosalee Preckwinkle, IL
Dolores Price, KY
Louise Price, VA
Nancy Proskow, MI
Irene Provost, NE
Charlotte Carr Puckett, OK
Lois Purdum, MD
Patricia Purvis, KS
Elizabeth Rader, SC
Bonnie Raff, KS
Penny Ramseyer, MA
Lois Rathbone, IL
Peggy Raven, TX
Martha Redick, SC
Helen Regenstein, GA
Lanette Reid, GA
Marilyn Reilly, NJ
Dorothy Rembold, MD
Melanie Remple, MN
Grace Renkens, NY
Judith Renker, TX
Claudia Revell, AZ
Judith Rewis, GA
Anne Reynolds, GA
Carolyn E. Richardson, MA
Eloise Richardson, TX
Marion Richardson, OK
Corrie Richburg, GA
Mary Rieke, KY
Lois Rimmey, PA
Sarah Roach, GA
Susan Robson, PA
Carolyn Rolnik, TX
Lola Ross, NC
Melanie Roth, CO
Virginia Rouse, VA
Leslie Rowland, GA
Jacqueline Ruffing, MD
Barbara Russell-Cambra, CA
Jane Sackrison, AZ
Joyce Safranek, CT
Peggy Salitros, MT
Vicki Sands, CA
Patsy Sarrail, CA
Mamie Sarria, PA
Mary Saulters, MS
Gail Sawyer, WA
Janice Scales, AR
Phyllis Schildmeyer, CA
Joan Schimpf, FL
Vicki Schindler, FL
Nancy Schiskie, NC
Juliette Schmidt, IA
Phyllis Schofield, FL
Anna May Scholla, KY
Eloise Schooley, NJ
Janet Schuhmacher, TX
Florence Schultz, TN
Ruth Schultz, OR
Cadence Schurr, FL
Cathy Schwetke, VA
Wanda Scott, TX
Edna Searles, MD
Linda Sehrt, MO
Joyce Seibel, TX
Ruth Serafini, NY
Helen Shadwick, CA
Regina Shapiro, CA
Banks W. Sharp, MS
Joyce Shelander, GA
Julie Sheppard, KS
Eunice Sherman, OR
Vickie Sherwood, CO
Marilyn Shewmaker, OK
Alice Shipley, MD
Micaela Sieracki, OR
Nancy Simms, IL
Lois Simpkins, MD
Mary Simpson, LA
Ruth Sims, IL
Maxine Singley, VA
Sharon Skrimshire, FL
Henrietta Slagle, TX
Martha Slanta, OH
Myra Slifka, AL
Barbara Smith, NJ
Dorothy Smith, CA
Dorothy Smith, NJ
Elizabeth Smith, CA
Julian Smith, AZ
Kathryn Smith, TX
W. Smith, MO
Anne Snodgrass, AZ
Pamella Solwey, ND
Frances Sonnenberg, OR
Margaret Spears, GA
Barbara Spencer, CA
Marguerite Sprague, MA
Jacqueline Spurrier, MD
Kristin Stanley, IN
Joy Starr, TX
Janice Steele, CA
Shirley Sternquist, MN
Sharon Stiff, IA
Yvonne Stillwaugh, TX
Erin Stoesz, WI
Shirley Stokes, CA
Susan Stout-Pierce, CA
M Straub, TX
Ruth Strickland, FL
Gloria Sudora, CT
Nancy Sullivan, VA
Valerie Sullivan, FL
Jenny Sutton, FL
Gloria Swanson, WA
Julie Swanson, TX
Joyce Swearingen, TX
Virginia Swenson, KS
Mary Ann Swigart, VA
Kay Swinford, TX
Roxie Sykes, LA
Helen Taraboletti, IL
Bettie Tate, KY
Helen Taylor, KY
Lelia Taylor, TX
Mary Taylor, IL
Patricia Taylor, NY
Jane Telford, TX
Jean Terberg, CA
Clara Louise Terrill, OK
Rebecca Thames-Simmons, IL
Virginia Thieman, MO
Carol Thom, TX
Doris Thomas, KY
Harriette Thompson, TN
Marjorie Thompson, KY
Mary Thompson, NC
Mary Thompson, MO
Mary Thurston, CA
Louise Tiffany, PA
Marsha Timberlake, CA
Sarah Todd, OK
Donna Tolmie, ID
Leslee Toupal, CO
Mary Triplett, MO
Katherine Trott, NC
Jean Trumbore, VA
Karen Tucker, FL
Irma Van Steenburgh, CT
Donna Van Wyhe, CA
Louise Vandivier, IN
Marlys Varner, IN
Elaine Viau, CA
Barbara Vucanovich, NV
Connie Waldron, CA
Joan Walker, OR
Barbara Waller, OH
Sandra Walsh, VA
Phyllis Walton, NC
Isabelle Warren, GA
Shirley Warren, TX
Beatrice Waters, NC
Virginia Weidman, NC
Patricia Welter, CA
N. Yvonne Thornton Werner Gallagher, TX
Ruth Anne Werner, IN
Gayle West, TX
Shirley West, NC
Ruth Westerfield, NJ
Robbin Wheatley, GA
Annie White, CO
Dorothy White, IL
Dorothy White, MS
Mary White, LA
Nettie White, VA
Elisabeth Whitesell, VA
Sarah Wight, GA
Jeanne Wilcox, CA
Betty Wilken, MO
Norada Wilkey, CA
Mary Catherine Willard, FL
Serena Willcox, AL
Alice C. Williams, MD
Isabel Williams, IN
Patricia Williams, TX
Rosie Williams, MO
Terri Williams, WA
Jo Ann Williamson, VA
Ann Wilson, OH
Suzanne Wilson, NC
Jean Wirt, TX
Margaret Wischmeyer, GA
Mary Wold, MN
Bette Wolfe, AR
Ellena Womack, OK
Eveline Wood, NC
Joy Wood, CO
Penelope Wood, AK
Phyllis Wood, OH
Judith Wooderson, NM
Barbara Woodson, NC
Melba Woodson, TX
Phyllis Worley, IN
Nancy Worsham, NY
Freddie Wright, FL
Rochelle Wright, CA
Susan Wuest, FL
Ann Maddy Yamrus, NC
Catherine Yeager, AZ
Dixie Yeatman, MD
Joanne Young, PA
Pauline Zach, NY
Frances Fohey Zeluff, CA
Sandra Zenser, OH


Are you looking for ways you or your chapter can support the NSDAR more specifically? It's easy to do with the NSDAR Wish List! The Wish List is a list of many of the NSDAR's currently unbudgeted needs. You can see the Wish List at http://members.dar.org/dev/wish/.

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