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Welcome Message
President General's Project Update
Meet the NSDAR Genealogists!
Member Spotlight: Judith Branch
New DAR Museum Exhibit - The Furniture of John Shearer
Two New NSDAR Scholarships
The President General Donates Pillows to VA Hospital
New Founders Club Members
New Heritage Club Members
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October 13, 2010
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Welcome Message

It has been an exciting summer and I want to welcome Merry Ann T. Wright as our new President General. I am excited to work with her over the coming three years to help her accomplish the goals she has set forth for her Administration.

In this issue you will learn a bit more about what the President General has planned for her Administration’s project and how you can help. You can also follow her journey through her blog, which she updates regularly. We have also added a new segment to our newsletter: Meet the NSDAR Genealogists. This issue will feature Terry Ward, Director Registrar of the General’s Office and Head Genealogist.

Many of you may have received the three year pocket calendar so that you too may begin to plan for the future over the next three years of Mrs. Wright’s Administration. This handy tool features photos of the building, a place to write down chapter contact information, and important upcoming DAR dates and events. If you did not receive one and would like to purchase one please visit the DAR Store, or if you would like to join our direct mail mailing list please contact the Office of Development.

I would also like to introduce you to our two Gift Planning Officers. Kay Yarbrough and Lois Thatcher have been traveling all over the country to meet with Daughters to help them gain a better understanding of the different giving programs and avenues for donations available through the Office of Development. Their goal is to help educate members on the specific types of planned gifts, general estate and financial planning for women, and the benefits of other giving programs, such as Charitable Gift Annuities.

Kay Yarbrough, a twenty-six year member of the DAR, serves the Society as a Gift Planning Officer for the Southeast, lower Midwest, and parts of the West Coast. As a former development director for a private university and a historic preservation organization, Kay has gained valuable experience in the areas of general fundraising, annual giving, marketing, grant writing and planned giving. She served as a National Vice Chairman for the NSDAR Development Committee from 2002 - 2010.

A graduate of Auburn University, Auburn, Ala., Kay holds memberships in the Heritage Club, The Founders Club and the 1890 Annual Giving Circle.

Lois Thatcher joined the DAR Development Team in 2009. She serves the Society as a Gift Planning Officer for Northeast, upper Midwest, and parts of the West Coast. Her previous experience includes development in academia where she held positions as Major Gifts Officer and Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations. Lois also has over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing, new business development, and customer service in healthcare, public sector, and private industry.

Lois has a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Va. She is a member of The Founders Club.

Both of these ladies look forward to meeting with you at your State Conferences and chapter events.


Carolina Camargo

Director of Development

President General's Project Update

Merry Ann T. Wright, President General
Merry Ann T. Wright,
President General  Merry Ann T. Wright, President General

We are excited to begin work on President General Merry Ann T. Wright’s Project, Preserve the Past, Enhance the Present, Invest in the Future. Her project focuses on three goals, which are reflected in her symbol of three intertwined rings. The project will continue the vital restoration of our National Headquarters; strengthen membership across national, state and chapter levels; and provide grants that promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism in local communities.

Along with a new administration come new faces, activities, projects, and symbols. Change can be positive and energizing when new ideas and innovations are integrated with what has stood the test of time for over 120 years. Our lives are changing faster than we could ever have dreamed and the Wright Administration hopes to apply some of the changes to our work in DAR over the next three years.

One way in which Mrs. Wright hopes to use the new technology available is through her blog, which she updates regularly. Through her blog she hopes to share her day-to-day activities and DAR news with her fellow members. To follow the work of the President General and learn more about her journey, you can also sign up to receive her latest entries via e-mail.

The first and most pressing issue the President General faces in her project is the repair of the roofs on Memorial Continental Hall and Constitution Hall. In 2010, a comprehensive examination of all roofing surfaces at DAR National Headquarters identified more than $1.5 million in work that should be performed in the next three to four years - including work on DAR's copper roof.

The findings of this study revealed that many areas of the roof have exceeded their life expectancy, and immediate attention is required to avoid severe damage to the interiors of the buildings. We have already experienced noticeable damage in the NOC Assembly Room, some of the Museum Period Rooms, and in the Library. The chances we may lose something irreplaceable are great.

To learn more about the President General’s Project click here.

To visit the President General’s blog click here.

To support the President General’s Project and help Keep the Roof Over Our Heads click here.

Meet the NSDAR Genealogists: Terry Ward

Terry Ward
Terry Ward,
Director of the Registrar
General's Office and
Head Genealogist  Terry Ward

Many of our members are particularly interested in genealogical work and spend countless hours filling in their family trees and searching for new lines. For these members especially we would like to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the people behind the applications: the NSDAR genealogists. The Genealogy Department works hard each day to prove new patriots, check and approve applications, and preserve and record the past. Each Heritage Club Newsletter will celebrate this work by interviewing a different genealogist. In this issue we would like to introduce you to Terry Ward, Director of the Registrar General's Office and Head Genealogist.

Tell us a little about yourself. What are some of your interests? Where did you go to school? What are some of your hobbies?

I was born and raised in Jackson County, Ohio.

I have been married to my husband, Steve, for 36 years. We have three children and four grandchildren. I love sports, especially the Ohio State Buckeyes and the New York Yankees, and I follow the European and New Zealand rugby teams as well.

Have you always wanted to be a genealogist?

Yes. When I was sixteen I told my parents and the high school guidance counselor that I wanted to be a genealogist. They immediately told me that genealogy is a hobby, not a profession and I should find something else to do!

How did you become involved in genealogy?

My grandfather gave me a family history that he had written on his family when I was twelve. I was hooked!

What is your favorite part of your job?

Working with the Registrar General's staff. They are so knowledgeable and so dedicated to their jobs and to the Society.

What is a typical day at DAR like for you?

I'm not sure I have a typical day, ever! I spend a great deal of time managing the department's workflow, planning for the future, answering questions concerning lineage and service, and trying to keep up with the staff.

What part of delving into the past interests you most?

It's like solving a mystery. One discovery leads to the next. I love history, so imagining your own family participating in the events of their time brings them alive.

Do you have a favorite historical place you have visited?

I would say Pearl Harbor. Both my parents are World War II veterans, and I had the privilege of visiting the site with my daughter, who was on active duty with the Air Force at the time.

Do you have a special tip or trick to share with members?

Anyone working on family research should be prepared to be open to whatever they may find. Take the time to secure the documents that are necessary. There really are no short cuts in genealogical research.

How far back have you traced your own family tree?

I have documented my father's family to 1640 when they arrived in Massachusetts with the Winthrop Fleet.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our members?

I would encourage them to use the Members' Web Site and the Genealogical Research System (GRS), spend time reading the information that is available to them. We are very proud of the work that we have done digitizing the records and providing information that we hope will be beneficial to them.

To support the NSDAR genealogists through a gift to the 1890 Annual Giving Circle click here.

Member Spotlight: Judith Branch

Judith Branch
Judith Branch
at Continental Congress  Judith Branch

Throughout their lives, Judith and Chase Branch have been active members in their community and given generously in every way possible to charities and other organizations in their area. After a recent cancer scare (they were simultaneously diagnosed with cancer in 2009), they refocused their energies and committed themselves further to travel, charity, and philanthropic work, including the DAR.

Judith's first experience with the DAR was an invitation by a friend and DAR member to model hats at a chapter meeting. She was invited to join the DAR several times but felt it would be difficult to prove an ancestor. Soon after, the Chapter Registrar asked to see her family history and was able to find a Patriot within four days.

It was during this time that both Judith and her husband Chase were diagnosed with cancer within days of one another. It was a trying time, to say the least. "DAR saved my life that summer," she divulges. "DAR gave me a family. It gave me several new families, and a cause I can believe in sharing with others."

Since that time Judith has been able to locate many existing family members, as well as a family association, and the DAR has grown to be an integral part of her everyday life. She is a member of the Presidio Chapter in San Francisco, California and she chairs the Insignia, Literacy and DAR Project Patriot committees for her chapter. She is an associate member of La Puerta de Oro-San Francisco Chapter and is the Chairman of the DAR Genealogy Preservation Committee for both her chapters. Of the program she says that, "I think this is a fantastic project and want to encourage others to work on inputting the information - imagine having every application ever filed online as a research resource!"

Additionally, Judith's enthusiasm for DAR Project Patriot and Literacy promotion are also boundless. She has decided to tie Literacy promotion to the California C.A.R. "Books from the Battlefield Program" that encourages deployed military personnel to read books to their children on DVDs to send home. Via her associate membership in the Palatinate Chapter in Germany, she supports the collection and purchase of books for wounded military to send to Landstuhl Regional Army Hospital.

Judith graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with honors. She earned a double major, one in Communications and Public Policy and the other in Psychology. She later received her Juris Doctor from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law and has a Legal Masters in Taxation. She is a member of the State Bar of California and licensed to practice law. In addition, she worked as a lawyer in Washington, D.C. for a year right after law school. Judith was also a nationally recognized speaker in her specialty of pension tax law.

Judith met Chase, an architectural graduate student, her first day at Berkeley. He was born in Peru of American parents and grew up in Brazil. His career has spanned work on both the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, as well as Disney's Epcot Center, hospitals and research laboratories. Inspired by becoming a member of the DAR, Judith researched Chase's genealogy and submitted his application for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. Chase was recently inducted as a member in the San Francisco Chapter S.A.R. He will begin serving as Chaplain in November. She also honors her father's memory with a memorial S.A.R. membership. Her parents are buried in the home state of her father's patriot, North Carolina.

The events of the past few years have allowed Judith to gain a new perspective on life and a profound new connection to her own personal history through the DAR. She explains that she had not yet found anything she felt she truly connected to on a personal level, something she could really delve into and be a part of. She says that she "didn't expect DAR to touch me so much." Because of this, and the importance she places on sharing what she has with others around her, she became a member of The Founders Club within months of joining by including the DAR in her will. As a member of both our Founder's Club and our Heritage Club, which recognizes donors who have cumulatively given $500 or more since 1998, Judith has truly shown a commitment to the work that DAR accomplishes.

Judith has expressed how impressed she is with the kinds of work the chapters do–scholarship, American history, and work with disabled veterans. She explains that, "I have come full circle, from thinking that, we, as a childless couple, had limited ties to the future. But looking at the expanse of time, those whose lives and values are being formed now, I realize that we have a greater responsibility to ensure that the next generation understands the lessons we have learned from our forefathers and fully appreciates the gift of their sacrifices."

Judith and Chase both grew up in families who place an emphasis on helping others. Judith was raised in a small town where she says if someone in the community needed something the entire community would come together to help them. It is about doing what you can do and giving what you have available, whether that be time, money, or energy, everyone always has something they can give. Judith shares that she was, "taught that you always have something to give – you're never too busy to stop and help someone. We all have an obligation to our fellow man."

Sometimes life takes you in directions you do not expect it to and you wind up changing your entire focus and redirecting your energies. Judith is an amazing example of how life is about embracing these changes and facing challenges head on. She is excited to be a part of this new generation of DAR. She is proud that it is a changing and dynamic organization that is moving into the new century by embracing new values and reaching out to new people to continue its mission of promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism.

We thank Judith Branch for her ongoing commitment to the DAR and hope that her story inspires others.

New DAR Museum Exhibit

'A True North Britain': The Furniture of John Shearer

Chest of Drawers by John Shearer
Chest of Drawers by John Shearer  Chest of Drawers by John Shearer

The DAR Museum is proud to announce their latest exhibit, "'A True North Britain': The Furniture of John Shearer, 1790-1820," which will be on view from October 8, 2010, through February 26, 2011. Noted not only for its form but also for the politically charged symbols inlaid in many pieces, John Shearer's furniture helps to explore early America's cultural ties to Great Britain during the most contentious period in the shared history of the two nations.

John Shearer worked in northern Virginia and western Maryland in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He left behind no paper trail, choosing instead to inscribe his biography and his politics directly on his furniture. While other early craftsmen were inlaying their work with eagles to symbolize a new American government, Shearer glorified Great Britain and its Royal Navy.

Shearer was from Edinburgh, Scotland. Like many from this region, he identified with the Kingdom of Great Britain, formed by the 1707 Treaty of Union which unified Scotland and England. Shearer touts his loyalty by signing two desks on view in this exhibition with the slogan, "A True North Britain."

On another desk, he cheers Napoleon's downfall and Britain's victory in the Peninsular War by depicting a crowned lion rampant (rearing on hind legs, paws raised) from the Scottish and English royal coats of arms along with the inscription "Victory Be Thine."

Shearer documented the Royal Navy's exploits almost like a political cartoonist. Although fine furniture was an unusual medium for these messages, 52 of his pieces survive, showing that his pro-British sentiments did not deter demand for the simple but unconventionally embellished furniture. As America formed a national identity, its cultural and political diversity included many who retained a strong sense of loyalty to Great Britain.

Not all Shearer's messages were meant to be seen, however. Shearer, following the age-old tradition of artist retaliating against problematic patron, hid a note inside one desk accusing his customer, a slave holder and trader, of being "the Greatest Scoundrel in Loudoun County."

This unique piece is among 20 on display in "A True North Britain." Independent scholar Elizabeth Davison is the guest curator for this exhibition. Her book, a catalog raisonne of Shearer's work, will be published this winter. Her expertise informs this exhibition, exploring the work of one eccentric artist to show how a diversity of cultures and loyalty was built into the foundations of our country.

To learn more about John Shearer and the DAR Museum's past exhibits please click here.

To see behind-the-scenes photos visit the President General's blog.

Two New NSDAR Scholarships

Shiloh Wersen and Andrew Bratten
Shiloh Wersen (left) and Andrew Bratten, past DAR national scholarship winners.  Shiloh Wersen and Andrew Bratten

As a key element in the DAR's mission of promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism, education is without a doubt essential to ensuring the work accomplished each day is carried on into the future. It is vital that this generation of children understand their personal history and continue to pass on the traditions and values of our forefathers. For this reason, scholarships available through the National Society not only benefit the students that receive them but also our country as a whole. The NSDAR is pleased to announce two new scholarships available for high school seniors.

The first is the Lucinda Beneventi Findley History Scholarship. This particular scholarship was established to assist graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated advanced interest in history throughout their high school tenure and plan to pursue the study of history in a full-time accredited college or university in the United States. The scholarship will be awarded annually to the student chosen by the DAR Scholarship Committee.

The second new scholarship is the Massachusetts Daughters of the American Revolution, Inc. Scholarship. The objective of this scholarship is to assist worthy young men and women, who are graduating high school seniors from Massachusetts, to acquire higher education in colleges, commercial, technical, and professional education institutions with a view of becoming competent, self-reliant, and productive citizens. Only Massachusetts residents are eligible for this scholarship. Applicants must have been accepted and plan to attend an institute of higher learning.

To learn more about these scholarships or others available through the DAR please click here.

To learn how you may financially support these scholarships or others or to start your own please contact the Office of Development at 1 (800) 449-1776.

The President General Donates Pillows to VA Hospital

President General Merry Ann Wright, Shari Thorne-Sulima and Fernando Rivera
President General Merry Ann T. Wright and District of Columbia State Regent, Shari Thorne-Sulima greeted by Fernando Rivera, Medical Center Director/CEO.  

Many of you received pineapple pillows from the Calvin Administration in the winter of 2009. While this was a popular item, the Office of Development overestimated the number needed and had a surplus. As a new administration has been installed, coming with it the new administration symbol of three intertwined circles, the President General generously made the decision to donate the approximately 3,000 pillows remaining to the Veterans Medical Center here in Washington, DC.

On August 20, 2010, along with Shari Thorne-Sulima, the State Regent of the District of Columbia, and Sarah Uribe, DC DAR Service for Veterans State Chairman, Mrs. Wright had the opportunity to visit the VA Medical Center and personally hand out some of the pillows. During the visit, the President General toured the facilities and met with the Medical Center Director/CEO, Fernando Rivera, who shared his gratitude for the work our chapters do across the country to help our veterans. He also discussed the long term plans and renovations planned for the facilities.

President General Merry Ann Wright visits with residents of the VA hospital
President General Merry Ann T. Wright visits with residents of the VA hospital.  President General Merry Ann Wright visits with residents of the VA hospital

After the tour, Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Thorne-Sulima visited with many of the veterans who proudly shared their stories. After the visit, the President General shared her thoughts and experience on her blog. By clicking here you can read her entry, view photos of the trip, and even watch a video of her with Alyce Dixon, a particularly feisty 103-year-old veteran.

It was an inspiring visit for all in attendance and is a wonderful example of how the DAR actively searches for innovative ways to support our military personnel. It is often the little things, such as sending phone cards to troops overseas to ensuring the comfort of our veterans, which can make a lasting impact.

To read about Mrs. Wright's experience, view the video and photo slideshow on her blog click here.


From May 26, 2010 to October 1, 2010

The NSDAR is proud to welcome the following as new members of our legacy society, The Founders Club. These generous Daughters, by including the NSDAR in their will or other estate plans, have become part of a visionary group of people dedicated to sustaining the mission of our founders. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club newsletter will present a list only of new members.

Roberta Caito, IN
L'Ann Bingham, CA
Patricia Aitcheson, NY
Eleanor Clark, PA
B. Ann Carlton Oppenheimer, TX
Elizabeth Simms, AR
Susan Nadelman, CA
Linda Adams, CA
Rebecca Dobias, IL
Rebecca Eisenman, NV
Betty H. Ford, IL
Donna Grogan, CA
Marjorie Lamkin, MI
Loa Reichenberg, IA
D. Linda Scheuplein, FL
Harriet Hunt, VA
Lois Thatcher, VA
Patricia Viles, ME
Clare Hasler, FL
Elizabeth Frey, FL
Kate Cook, GA
K. Nicole Escue, United Kingdom
Jane Chick, DC


From May 26, 2010 to October 1, 2010

The National Society is proud to welcome new members to the Heritage Club. Due to space constraints, each issue of the Heritage Club Newsletter will carry a listing only of new members accepted and any upgraded members since the previous issue.


Margaret Steward, MI


Gladys Lisanby, KY
Marilynn Mendell, VA
Ann Prothro, KY
Judith Vars, VA


Gwendolyn Babcock, CA
M. Zandra Baker, MI
Margaret Ivancevich, TX
Lucy Shimon, CA
Jill Uzell, FL


Pat Andrews, ID
Jean Armstrong, OH
Frieda Blakemore, MO
Lisa Cook, NC
Patricia Ellingson, FL
Betty H. Ford, IL
Susan J. Garrison, TX
Jane Lasselle, NH
Henrietta Morton, SC
Frances Stavros, FL
Sandra Stone, CA

Charlotte Abbott, WA
Bobbie Adams, TX
Frances Adams, WV
Nancy Adams, MS
Kimara Ahnert, NY
June Albaugh, MA
Virginia Albert, VA
Ja Ann Alderman, TX
Carlene Aldridge, NC
Michelle Lynn Jones Allen, CT
Betty Almquist, NM
Mary Jo Alspach, MI
Patricia Alvord, TN
Lois Anderson, LA
Marlys Ankrum, IA
Elizabeth Arbuckle, WV
Susan Arnold, WV
Cecilia Atkinson, SC
Lois Atwood, MA
Mary Babb, FL
Ruth Baber, OH
Billie Bailey, TX
Virginia C. Baker, NH
Debra Baldwin, AZ
Julianne Balitsaris, TN
Sibyl Bankes, PA
Joella Barbour, VA
Gail Barbre, OK
Rosemary Barker, VA
Jo Ann Barnstorff, WI
Anne McDade Barrett, CA
Marjorie Bastin, KY
Betty Bath, PA
Catherine Baumann, CA
Betty Baumgardner, VA
Mary Baxter, MD
Norene Beach, VA
Ann Beebe, ID
Claudia Belk, NC
Martha Bennett, VA
Mary Ellen Benson, MI
Ann Benzon, TX
Peggy Bergh, TX
Mary Berkebile, IN
Betty Bicknell, IA
Helen Blase, IL
Linda Bloomfield, MD
Virginia Bond, SC
Marjorie Boozer, FL
Gloria Bouchard, SC
Tara Lampman Boulden, MD
June Bowden, PA
Marlene Brewer, TX
Shelby Brewer, AL
Leah Brewster, VA
Rosemary Brinegar, TX
Gail Brooks, NM
Audrey Brow, NC
Jackie Brown, CA
Margaret Browne, TN
Iva Browning, GA
Jane Brubaker, CA
Juliet Brunson, FL
Adaline Buchanan, MD
Helyne Buchanan, TX
Sharon Buchbinder, MD
Pamela Buell, VA
Lois Bumgardner, WV
Dorothy Bunevich, DC
Carol Burford, CA
Martha Burger, OK
Sidney Burgin, TX
Lethe Burns, TX
Dr. Betsy Burson, TX
Avanele Bush, CA
Mary Lou Butler, PA
Gayle Butterfield, FL
Ida Jean Caldwell, PA
Teresa Cales, OK
Mary Campbell, AL
Maryellen Canfora, FL
Shirley Cannon, TN
Emma Carner, IL
Nancy Carpenter, GA
Mary Carrado, NY
Dessa Cassens, FL
Ysleeta Catalfo, MD
Bonnie Chambless, TX
Anne Chandler, VA
Tricia Chapman, CT
Rebecca Chastain, AR
Dixie Christenson, CA
Mary Christiano, MO
Marlys Chutich, MN
Candace Clark, FL
Katharine Clark, NJ
Mary Clark, MS
Susan Clark, CA
Wyvonna Clark, IL
Diana Claussen, CA
Betty Clemmer, VA
Nadine Close, KY
Delayne Cochran, OK
Elizabeth Cohan, NY
Betty Collins, MD
Anna Combs, CA
Elizabeth Combs, VA
Carol Comp, OK
Betsy Connell, CA
Elizabeth Conover, FL
Stephanie Conrod, MA
Jacquelyn Cookingham, NY
Sandra Coomes, VA
Jane Cooper, TX
Douglass Corey, AL
Sally Costello, MA
Evelyn Cousins, TX
Christine Cox, CO
Mary Crocker, FL
Laurie Crowson, MS
Maudethel Cullom, IL
Phyllis Dale, WA
Janet Dameron, CA
Gwendolyn Danhof, TX
Jacqueline Daniels, WA
Beverly Daugherty, PA
Anna Davis, NY
Harriet Davis, NJ
Lila Davis, TX
Aileen Day, MA
Savannah Day, FL
Marjorie DeGear, AZ
Harriet DeHart, NC
Beverly DeLaney, OH
Lucy DeYoung, WA
Lorene Dickson, MO
Dolores Dockins, KS
Constance Dodge, MA
Martha Douglas, MA
Linda Dreyer, TX
Odelle Dulaney, MS
Harriet Dumas, NH
Jean Duncan, VA
LaDonna Duncan, MO
Isabella Dunn, CA
June Dunn, VA
Lillian Dykes, AL
Laura Easley, KS
Carolyn Eberhardt, PA
Elinor Edmundson, OH
Beverly Edwards, OK
Gayle Ellison, OR
Patricia Elsaesser, NC
Margaret Engelhardt, FL
Lelia Essic, NC
Wilsonia Esteve, VA
Ruth Etter, OH
Helen Evatt, NJ
Margaret Everly, PA
Tamzon Fagan, NJ
Mary Farber, CA
Rosemary Farfel, CO
Patricia Farr, NM
Dorothy Brigham Faust, WI
Sue Fibish, VA
Joanne Finch, FL
Patricia Fine, NY
Alice Flattery, FL
Carol Flick, OH
Susan Floyd, VA
Marilyn Foley, NY
Amelia Ford, NC
Elizabeth Francis, CO
Jane Watson Fagg Francis, TN
Susan Francis, TX
Jean Freelove, IN
Barbara Freeman, CA
Donna Freeman, KS
Shirley Ann Fuller, TX
Carol Jean Gaffney, WA
Patricia Galas, CA
Mary Jane Galer, GA
Wanda Gantt, NC
Avis Gardiner, RI
Dorothy Garrain, SC
Jennifer Garvin, CA
Norma Gattiker, FL
Mary Thomas Doran Gelsomino, CT
Kathleen Glenn, WI
Esther Goheen, KS
Nancy Gohlinghorst, IL
Glenda Golden, OK
Judith Gosselin, IL
Catherine Grabelski, PA
Olive Graffam, VA
Emily Grambling, TX
Anita Gray, TX
Irva Gray, OH
Elizabeth Green, CA
Marian Green, FL
Erlaine Gregory, CA
Jeanne Gross, FL
Catherine Grove, IL
Marylouise Guerrieri, NJ
Diane Guildner, WA
Mary Gulley, TX
Ann Gurman, VA
Jane Hagan, KY
Elizabeth Haight, VA
Mary Haire, GA
Emily Hall, WA
Ruby Hall, NC
June Hamer, IL
Patricia Hamilton, DE
Terry Hamilton-Jones, FL
Elsie Hammond, IN
Harriet Hammond, GA
Darlene Hancock, IL
Mary Hankins, VA
Louise Hansen, VA
Mary Ann Harding, WI
Shawnee Harding, TX
Hazel Harl, IL
Jeannette Harper, MD
Melba Harper, SC
Sheryl Harrell, FL
Barbara Harris, NJ
Hazel Harris, NC
Jeanette Harris, KS
Linda Harris, NC
Joyce Hartig, NV
JoAnn Hartman, VA
Sandra Hartnell, MI
Wilma Harvey, WV
Helen Hatter, TX
Margie Hawkins, NC
Patricia Hawkins, AR
Zoe Hazlewood, TX
Anne Hecox, FL
Fern Helbach, WI
Virginia Heller, PA
Martha Henderson, GA
Ruth Hendricks, TN
Corrie Hendrix, GA
Sarah Hennessee, NC
Carol Herder, TX
Ruth Herzberg, SD
Janet Hicks, TX
Carol Higer, ID
Prudence Hilger, CO
Sybilla Hinkhouse, CO
Martha Hoffman, IL
Mollie Holbrook, OH
Allene Holland, TN
Alice E. Horn, TX
Norma Hosker, NJ
Joyce Hottenstein, VT
Carolie Hougland, KS
Helen Hoyt, FL
Margaret Hubbard, MS
Mary Hubbard, VA
Angela Hughes, TN
Joyce Hughes, VA
Margaret Hughes, MO
Joycelin Hulett, MO
S. Ann Hunter, IA
Mary Hutchings, CA
Anna Hutchko, GA
Virginia Hyman, MI
Evelyn Ibarreta, AZ
Ann Irwin, IL
Gweneth Jackson, PA
Mary Jackson, GA
Dorothy Jacobs, TX
Barbara Jenkins, MD
Sandra Jenkins, AR
Frances Johnson, KY
Shirley Johnson, NE
Sharon Potter Johnston, IA
Anne Jones, NC
Lucille Jones, NC
Rita Jones, TX
Ann Jumper, TX
Janet Kademan, IA
Marilyn Kane, MA
Lorene Kasner, CA
Juanita Kegley, KY
Louise Kellogg, TN
Eileen Kelly, FL
Claire Kenyon, CT
Margaret Keyworth, PA
Barbara Kieffer, OR
Merle Kimmel, OH
Joyce Kipps, VA
Jane Klasmeier, MD
Mary Lynne Knutson, CA
Jacqueline Koechlein, MN
Ann Kopecky, WI
Mary Kovach, IL
Shelley Krieg, MI
Bernadette Kucharczuk, NJ
Nancy Kudich, TX
Edith Kuzenko, NY
Marjorie Lamkin, MI
Jean Eileen Pulliam Lanpher, IL
Carol Larkin, MD
Janice Lear, KY
Sarita Lentz, VA
Ruth LeRosen, TX
Belva Lightner, KS
Shelia Limparis, WV
Bernice Litt, OH
Ruth Lockwood, CA
Catharine Long, AL
Katherine Long, VA
Joyce Love, VA
Enid Lynch, ND
Anna Mackley, NC
Claudia Maddox, TN
Mary Anne Magnuson, CT
Diane Mahler, GA
Mary Main, PA
Ruth S. Malone, GA
Barbara Mandell, FL
Linda Mann, OK
Victoria Mann, CA
Nedra Markham, IA
Jennifer Marshall, CA
Elizabeth Martin, NC
Patricia Martin, GA
Ronelle Martin, CA
Wilma Martin, KY
Doris Massey, NC
Kaydee Mathews, GA
Patricia Matthews, AR
Barbara May, MD
Anyse Mayborn, TX
Dorothy Mayo, NC
Harriet McAfee, GA
Sally Lyons McAlear, MO
Lois McBride, CT
Katherine McClelland, VA
Joan McDowell, NY
Violet McElwee, MD
Mary McFarland, NC
Patricia McIntosh, TX
Nancy McKinley, TX
Ardis Carol McLeod, MI
Lily McMurrey, TX
Nancy McNabb, TN
Cynthia McNamara, MS
Anna McNett, TX
Georgia McPherson, MS
Myra McTiernan, WY
Michelle Meehan, VA
Diana Memos, IA
Barbara Meurer, LA
Joy Michelson, VT
Bridget Miller, IL
Charlotte Miller, TN
Marjorie M. Miller, MO
Sue Miller, FL
Susan Miller, VA
Mary Minturn, TX
Helen Monnier, NC
Patricia Monroe, GA
Carole Moore, IA
Johanne Moore, AR
Patricia Morell, IL
Dorothy Morgan, CA
Karen Morgan, PA
Marian Morgan, VA
Fran Morris-Higgins, NV
Lynda Morrison-Rader, NV
Ruth Mosier, VA
Fay Moss, WA
Mary Mueggler, OR
Mary Mullins, FL
Shirley Multhauf, WI
Annie Lou Bobbitt Murphy, NC
Elizabeth Myers, OH
Norma Myers, NM
Helen Nahrstedt, KS
Elizabeth Nava, MA
Patricia Neal, NM
Janice Nelson, TX
Paula Nelson, GA
Elizabeth Netts, KY
Frankie Rush Nevins, GA
Joanne Nicholson, AZ
Fredericka Noordyk, WI
Sharon Novak, OH
Jeannine Ross Null, NM
Nancy Nutter, GA
Mary O'Bryan, CA
Rosalie O'Grady, NV
Jane O'Hara, GA
Ruth O'Neill, MI
Betty Otley, OR
Cathy Owens, MO
Glenna Owens, FL
Minnie Parham, MS
Judi Patton, KY
Martha Payne, GA
Sally Pegues, TX
Harriet Pepa, FL
Mae Pettit, TX
Dorothy Petty, VA
Blanche Pflaum, MI
Ann Phillips, NV
Jean Piller, FL
Susan Cameron Polesnak, NC
Evangeline Poling, WV
Marjorie Poore, DE
Effie A. Potter, PA
Roblyn Potter, NY
Ann Powell, AL
Janye Powell, GA
Mary Prescott, VA
Eleanor Price, VA
Virginia Price, VA
Claribel Prince, FL
Martha Prince, LA
Lucy Proffer, MO
Eleanor Quigley, NJ
Jane Rader, VA
Lorna Rankin, TX
Shirley Ransom, AZ
Margaret Joan Hughes Rawlings, TX
Caroline Ray, CA
Gretchen Redwine, NV
Eloise Reed, MS
Genevieve Reedy, TX
Laura Reffitt, OH
Pamela Reid, VA
Nancy Remmers, NC
Joan Rendell, NY
Rebecca Rhinehart, MS
Mary Rhodes, GA
Jessie Rivers, GA
Monique Robbins, IL
Leila Roberts, FL
Dorothy Robertson, OR
Drama Robeson, TN
Tracy Robson, MO
Jacqueline Ross, AZ
Betty Rotolante, FL
Carolyn Rowe, IN
Irene Rupp, NY
Gene Russell, TX
Natalie Russell, CA
Barbara Rutledge, OH
Olga Ryan, AL
Penelope Sabourin, MA
Mildred Safford, MO
Carolyn Sandlin, AL
Natalie Sandlin, AL
Ruth Santer, MI
Marilyn Scanlin, SC
Virginia Scarborough, TX
Virginia Schafroth, TX
Melody Scheffield, OH
Georgiana Schielke, NY
Geraldine Schlecht, WI
Joyce Schmale, IL
Carolyn Schmalz, NV
Alexandra Schmidt, IA
Ronee Schneider, TX
Loraine Schroeder, MT
Elizabeth Schwarting, NY
Carolyn Schwender, NJ
Diane Scott, VA
Hazel Seale, LA
Anita Seulean, IN
Karen Shepard, VA
Kate Shier, PA
Martha Shoup, AZ
Helen Simmons, AZ
Patricia Sisk, CT
Jennifer Six, WV
Eula Slanker, FL
Betty Anne G. Sloan, SC
Deborah Smith, GA
Edna Wright Smith, NY
Helen Smith, IA
Louise Smith, IL
Nancy Smith, AZ
Patricia Smith, MS
Phyllis Smith, VA
Rosita Smith, CA
Roxana Smith, NH
Sarah Smith, AL
Pamela Smith-Gondek, FL
Jane Smoot, TX
Wilna Sneed, LA
Lois Snider, TN
Kathleen Spear, VA
Bonnie Speegle, NC
Connie Sperry, OK
Bettye Splittorff, IL
Elizabeth St Clair, VA
Marion Startz, TX
Carrie Steckler, IL
Gayla Steel, IL
Shirley Stein, CA
Virginia Stephens, KY
Julia Stevens, MI
Elizabeth Stever, AK
Patricia Still, TX
Du Rell Strathman, NE
Mollyra Stroud, OH
Betty Studebaker, VA
Eleanor Suddath, NC
Helen Sullivan, SC
Barbara Sundermeyer, OH
Evelyn Swanson, GA
Isabelle Swartz, WA
Kathryn Swindle, TN
Ann Symroski, VA
Patricia Tausch, TX
Catherine Taylor, KY
Patricia Taylor, NY
Patricia Thiele, TN
Eleanor Thompson, PA
Josephine Thompson, VA
Virginia Thompson, CA
Janice Thorstad, FL
Frances Tillar, VA
Geneva Tillian, TX
Paula Timmerman, CT
Lana Tober, CA
Janet Tobias, FL
Vicki Trexler, VA
Betty Tripp, MI
Connie Troy, CA
Maxine Tullos, MS
Louise Tune, KY
Bessie Tuttle, NM
Marilyn Underberg, FL
Myrtle Van Dyke, IA
Linda Van Niewaal, IA
Sara Vaughan, PA
Bettie Vogel, FL
Evelyn Walldorf, TN
Mary Walter, TX
Betty Walters, AL
Catherine Warren, KS
Paula Warren, TX
Corinne Watson, LA
Elizabeth Waud, CA
Lounell Waugh, FL
Joan Wayne, CO
Marguerite Weaver, TN
Cheryl Welch, IN
Constance Weldon, FL
Mary Wells, MD
Ruth Wells, CO
Jan West, AR
Constance Wheeler, GA
Margery Wheeler, TX
LynnAnn White, FL
Mary White, MO
Marguerite Whitmore, MD
Penelope Wilhelm, VA
Mary Elizabeth Will, PA
C. Diane Williams, VA
Faye Williams, GA
Patricia Williams, FL
Jerry Willoughby, CA
Ann S. Wilson, TN
Gertrude Wilson, IL
Lael Wilson, FL
Lisa Winship, IN
Madilee C. Wnek, VA
Margaret Woerner, TN
Pamela Vicars Wohlford, KY
Eloise Wolfersteig, GA
Jane Woodruff, GA
Mary Woodward, TX
Mildred Wright, TX
Sharon Wyatt, AR
Laquetha Young, OK
Luciclare Young, CA
Anne Zartman, MS
Beverley Zimmerman, CA
Nancy Zloto, FL


Are you looking for ways you or your chapter can support the NSDAR more specifically? It's easy to do with the NSDAR Wish List! The Wish List is a list of many of the NSDAR's currently unbudgeted needs. You can see the Wish List at

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