Betty Albanez

For many of you the NSDAR is a family affair. In the case of Nancy McBride Wark, it is just that. For over 30 years her mother and mother's sisters dreamed of joining the NSDAR but never realized the overwhelming amount of research often required to prove an ancestor. Nancy, with a passion for genealogy, took on the task and was delighted to discover that the family stories were true. She uncovered that they were descended from John Hart, who signed the Declaration of Independence. She finally became a member of NSDAR in 2005 and soon after her mother, sister, daughter and niece followed suit. After only a year of membership she was nominated and became the chapter's Vice Regent. Currently she is about to start her second year as the Chapter Regent, and also serves as District VI Recording Secretary and as Vice Chairman, American Heritage.

"I am now at a place where I realize how small my life on earth is, and I want to do what I can to support the organizations I believe in that will be here long after I am gone."

DAR is an organization that boasts members who truly know what it means to be dedicated to a cause. Betty Albanez, one of our newest Founders Club members through a bequest to NSDAR, and a member of the Heritage Club, is especially dedicated to the DAR and the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), which won her the DAR Service for Veterans award in 2008. She shares that, "Supporting the National Society with a legacy gift became very important to me after that night [at the award ceremony]. I want to be sure that the DAR continues all of the many wonderful things it does. I owe a great deal to all my fellow Daughters. It helps me to know I am giving back."

Of her work with the DAV, Betty explains that, "The DAR State Society has always encouraged me to achieve big things. I started volunteering more after my exposure to all of the wonderful things DAR does. This led me to the Disabled American Veterans where I found I could use my own personal trauma, my Army training, and my God given ability to write to help fellow Veterans apply for and attain their benefits."

"The DAR State Society has always encouraged me to achieve big things."

Betty grew up on a farm in southwest Iowa and has always known she was eligible to be a Daughter. Her paternal grandmother and her great aunts took the time to research their family history and encouraged all family members to become involved. Betty carried on this tradition when she became the Organizing Senior President of the Ft. Crook Society CAR, of which her three children became members. She has also helped her mother, sisters, nieces, great nieces, cousins and grandchild become members of CAR and DAR.

Betty has been active at both the Chapter and State level. She is a Charter member of the La Belle Vue Chapter, and has held the titles of Treasurer and Regent at the chapter level. At the state level, she has been the Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Chaplain, and, starting in July, will become the state of Nebraska's Vice Regent. She has also served on several committees.

Betty resides in Nebraska with her husband, Rick, who is retired from the Air Force.

Testimony Thumb ...abiding passion for education... longstanding interest in historical preservation...
Testimony Thumb "...very proud to be part of an organization that does so much..."
Testimony Thumb ...want make sure "America and the world" will never be without DAR.
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