Joyce Patton

Joyce Ball Patton was a Charter Member of both the Heritage Club and the Founders Club and she believes we must support what is the most dedicated women's organization in the world. She recognizes, as do many others, that there are various ways to support DAR, first with your time, talents, and devotion to making sure that our Committees have funds to continue the work the Founding Daughters set forth in 1890. When Joyce became a member, she encouraged her entire family to become members: her mother, two sisters, and cousin joined the Augustin Clayton Chapter. Her father, brother, two nephews, and her husband, Ray, joined SAR when a new chapter formed in the area.

Joyce credits much of her knowledge and involvement in DAR to a registrar who encouraged new members to read the DAR Handbook and the State Proceedings and to work on a committee on the chapter level. Joyce became regent of this chapter within three years after joining. One of her goals was to increase membership and increase participation on the state and national levels. She offered a challenge to each member who would help two ladies to become members. They would receive a "Member for Member" pin at the end of her term. Then President General Georgeane Love heard about this challenge and presented Joyce with a Unity of Spirit Award for her efforts to increase membership. The first year after becoming regent, 12 members attended Continental Congress and all became Heritage Club members as well.

...want to make sure "America and the world" will never be without DAR.

President General Merry Ann Wright was also a wonderful inspiration to Joyce and her friend when they visited the Development Office wanting to learn more about the Heritage Club and how to become members. Hearing about the purpose of the Heritage Club and seeing the beautiful buildings for the first time planted a seed of desire to leave a legacy to the Daughters of the American Revolution. Joyce believes that once a member walks the halls of our wonderful buildings, works in one of the best genealogical libraries in the country, and feels the history of what DAR has meant to our country, they, too, will want to make sure "America and the world" will never be without DAR.

Recently, Joyce discussed with her husband and family her desire to leave a legacy to DAR and they were very supportive of her decision. "I only hope this article, which comes from my heart, will be the encouragement a member needs to call our Development Office and leave their legacy for the future of DAR." Our motto "God, Home and Country," is the best example of how our members live their lives and prepare for the future. Planning to leave a legacy is one way your contributions will never be forgotten.

Testimony Thumb ...abiding passion for education... longstanding interest in historical preservation...
Testimony Thumb ...want make sure "America and the world" will never be without DAR.
Testimony Thumb "...very proud to be part of an organization that does so much..."
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