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Previously verified DAR membership and supplemental applications can be used as genealogical research tools as well as documentation for new applications. As long as there is no reason to believe that the lineage or service is incorrect on an older application paper, it can always be used as genealogical proof documentation. If DAR verified the lineage in the past, the applicant does not necessarily have to send documentation to DAR to prove her entire lineage, therefore expediting the process for the applicant and the verifying genealogist.

Copies of previously verified DAR membership applications (record copies) can be ordered from the Library Copy Services Office. Please note, record copies only consist of the application, and not copies of the supporting documentation that originally accompanied it. The latter is available through the Library Search Service (see below).

  • DAR only provides copies of membership applications and supplemental applications (i. e. “record copies”) with a shortened first page that contains the following information: the name of the member, the member’s national number, the date her application was approved for membership, and the name of her patriot ancestor. A chapter’s original first copy of an approved application will still contain a copy of the original first page.
  • The cost of each record copy ordered will be $10.00 for orders placed electronically with a credit card and $15.00 for orders placed by mail or by fax.


Limitations to Use of the Record Copy You Receive

Copies of NSDAR membership applications or supplemental applications may not be resold, digitized, posted online, or published in any form. They are for the sole use of the person ordering the copy and may of course be cited or quoted in publications using appropriate citations methods. See American Genealogical Research at the DAR, Washington, D. C., Chapter 14, “Citing, Quoting, and Reproducing DAR Sources” for more information.

Policies Establishing Access to Copies of Approved DAR Applications and Supplemental Applications

Policies authorizing access to record copies of application papers are set by the Executive Committee of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and are regularly reviewed to ensure currency and security of member information.

DAR Library Copy Services Office

This office processes orders for record copies received by mail and by fax and serves as the contact office for questions relating to electronic record copy orders. The phone number for this office is 202-879-3251 (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a. m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern time), and the email address is

The Library Copy Services Office does not answer questions relating to the content of applications and supplemental applications or to corrections to them. Similarly, this office is not involved with the processing of new applications or supplemental applications.

Contact Information for Related Topics

Pending Membership Applications or Supplemental Applications

(i. e., those recently submitted for approval)

If you have a question relating to pending applications or supplementals, contact either the Registrar General's Data Processing office at, or the Registrar General's Genealogy Department at

General Information Inquiries Relating to the DAR Application Process

Please send any general inquiries relating to the application process or the Genealogy Department (the Office of the Registrar General) to or

For more information about Record Copy, visit:
Instructions for Ordering Application Record Copies
Application Paper Copy Limitations