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The Daughters of the American Revolution, through the Library Copy Services Office, provides copies of previously verified applications and supplemental applications, when available. DAR does not guarantee that the information found on any application is the most current or that it is now accepted by the DAR Genealogy Department. The record copies are sent as additional tools for use in your research.

Please note:  DAR does not have information on every patriot serving during the American Revolution, only those established by our members.

When is an application paper not available for copying?

  1. When a member has requested that her papers not be shared. Members may no longer close their papers, but we still honor that request for those active members who did close their papers before the policy change in 1985.
  2. When the time frame for the requested information occurs before April 19, 1775 or after November 26, 1783. There are some exceptions for certain events in 1774.
  3. When no DAR member has established an ancestor as a patriot thereby creating a paper.
  4. When a patriot has only been established through a grave marking or a commemorative marker because there is no application paper to send.
  5. When a paper is requested through a specific child that has not been established by a DAR member because there is no application paper to send.

A paper may contain little or no information because . . .

  1. Older forms from the 1890s or early to mid- 20th century may be incomplete because certain information was not required or provided at the time the paper was prepared. DAR does not assume responsibility for the completeness of any application, so please be aware of this situation before ordering.
  2. Short form applications (two-page forms) may not contain full lineage, reference, and service information, because they only go back from a member a few generations and then tie in with another earlier paper that traces back to a Revolutionary War patriot ancestor. We only send copies of short form applications when the request is made for a specific member’s name or for a specific national number.