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Click and hold your mouse on the image above, then move it around to see different areas of the room.

The Connecticut Board Room Virtual Tour is a gift of the Connecticut DAR in honor of the Connecticut Daughters.

The Connecticut Board Room was set aside to serve as a conference room for the NSDAR Board of Management. It is designed in a classical revival or Beaux-Arts style, inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. The furniture is in the very ornate rococo revival style and includes a replica of the famous “Rising Sun” chair from Independence Hall used by George Washington as he presided at the Constitutional Convention. The use of electricity to light the chandeliers was the latest technology during the early 20th century when this room was built. The exclusive use of electricity to light Memorial Continental Hall in 1910 signaled a turning away from gas lighting popular during the previous century. Each chandelier features a gilt or golden brass frame hung with polished glass spheres and jewels.