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Click and hold your mouse on the image above, then move it around to see different areas of the room.

The Texas Period Room Virtual Tour is a gift of the Texas Society DAR.

The Texas room recreates a bedchamber from a house originally located in Alleyton, Texas and built in the second-half of the 19th century. The painted stenciled decoration featuring intertwined scrolls is in the ornate rococo revival style fashionable during that time. Painted interiors were popular in central Texas where large numbers of German and Czech immigrants settled. Another architectural feature found inside houses from this region is the use of wood sheathing instead of plaster walls. The bedroom contains furniture made or used in Texas. The large pine wardrobe is in the classical style featuring a low pitched pediment and pointed Gothic Revival arches on the doors. Low post beds like the one seen here were considered healthy because they were easy to keep clean and allowed for better night air circulation.