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The Virginia Period Room Virtual Tour is a gift of the Virginia DAR.

The Virginia room represents a dining room dating from 1800 to 1810. By this time, dining rooms had become common in wealthy households. The room is interpreted for dinner, which was served between two and four o’clock p.m. The table is set with fashionable Chinese export porcelain and English earthenware. Like today, the tablecloth protected the table from splatters and the distinctive creases are the result of it being placed in a linen press. This main course includes a small beef roast with stuffed onions, pan fried perch, asparagus, stewed sweet potatoes, and a fruit pie. Fruit pies were commonly served as part of the main course, unlike the modern practice of serving it for dessert. Upper-class Virginians could choose from a variety of furnishings to enhance their dining rooms, such as the fashionable sideboard and dining table. These provided the perfect stage for impressive arrangements of expensive silver, ceramics, and glass.