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Click and hold your mouse on the image above, then move it around to see different areas of the room.

The New York Period Room Virtual Tour is a gift of Merry Ann T. Wright, First Vice President General 2007-2010, in memory of her son, Ryan Andrew Parks.

The New York room is a parlor exhibiting decorative arts from the mid 18th to the early 19th centuries. Its décor is reminiscent of the colonial revival style. The most striking feature of this room is the Chinese wallpaper that was made in 1970, in a style that has been popular for centuries. It is hand-painted with traditional Chinese motifs including stylized floral sprigs populated by a variety of brightly plumed birds. The strong Chinese decor of this room reflects the influence of China on American decorative arts during the early 19th century. Once America achieved independence, direct trade opened up between the two countries. The rug is a copy in both design and color of an original dating from the 1820s.