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Giving 1 Million Hours of Community Service

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2015. Since our founding in 1890, DAR members have worked tirelessly to promote historic preservation, patriotism and educational ideals in communities across this nation and in overseas chapters. To help highlight the DAR service organization mission, members are encouraged to perform and record their volunteer service efforts. It is time that we honor our heritage as we “Celebrate America!” though our combined community service efforts.

DAR members will work toward the goal of 1 million hours of community service each year for the next three years.

The Celebrate America! initiative encourages members to become involved in community service to discover the rewards of volunteerism, to demonstrate the positive volunteer opportunities associated with DAR members to others and to help make their local communities a better, more friendly place. DAR members are giving back to their communities in appreciation for the nation they love!

With a 1 million-hours-a-year goal in mind, members are challenged to discover the impact they make in their local communities by performing all types of community service.

Members volunteer with veterans at their local VA hospitals, make care packages for troops stationed overseas, clean up local parks, work at homeless shelters and food banks, among many other service activities.

DAR members can participate in any activity that benefits someone or something in their community as part of their Celebrate America! service. All DAR members will be encouraged to record their hours of volunteer service regularly in order to keep track of the total progress of members in efforts to achieve the million hour goal.

DAR members are excited to unite in their desire to serve and to achieve their 1 million hours of service around the United States and overseas. We hope you will continue to check back to hear the stories of what members are doing to make a difference in their communities and to learn about the progress they are making toward their goal!

Are you a DAR member who needs to record their service hours? Click here to go to the DAR Members' Website where you can report your hours using the Celebrate America! Online Tally


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