Committee System


For more than a century, the members of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution have dedicated themselves to historical preservation, promotion of education, and encouragement of patriotic endeavor.  These goals are as relevant in today¬ís society as they were when the organization was founded in 1890. 

Most of DAR's volunteer work is accomplished under a committee system comprised of a national chairman appointed by the President General and locally appointed state and chapter chairmen.  The national chairmen direct and supervise the activities of their committees with the assistance of the national vice chairmen.  The committees are grouped based on the above-mentioned goals and objectives.  To learn more about a specific committee and the work it does, please follow the hyperlinks below:


Historical Preservation

 American Heritage/Conservation
DAR Library
DAR Museum
 Genealogical Records 


 American History
 American Indians
 DAR Good Citizens
 DAR Magazine
DAR Scholarship
 DAR Schools
 Literacy Challenge

Patriotic Endeavor

Americanism and the DAR Manual for Citizenship
 Community Service Awards
 DAR Service for Veterans
 Junior American Citizens (JAC)
 National Defense
 Project Patriot
 The Flag of the United States of America


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