American Heritage and Conservation

The American Heritage Committee aim is to preserve our rich American heritage in the fields of art, crafts, drama, music, and literature.  The Conservation Committee has an impressive record of planting trees, reforestation projects, and concern for our vital natural resources. Many chapters across the nation participate in the Adopt-A-Highway Program.  These two committees were combined in 2001, and the committee added historical preservation to its scope.  Outstanding achievement by DAR members and chapters, such as the DAR Forests, the DAR Conservation Medal, and the American Heritage Award, fall under this committee.

The Conservation Medal is awarded to any man or woman with a distinguished conservation record. Criteria for issuance include outstanding efforts in wildlife and nature centers, resource management, park establishment, youth leadership, the media, and education on the college, high school, or elementary level.

The DAR Historic Preservation Award can be awarded to any individual with a distinguished record in historic preservation. Criteria for issuance include: outstanding efforts in establishing a historic district or preserving a local landmark; restoration or preservation of objects of historic cultural significance; establishing or long-term participation in oral history projects; youth leadership; education on the college, secondary, or elementary level as it pertains to historic preservation.

Subject matter for the American Heritage Award is limitless and could include family heirlooms, storytelling, needlework, crafts, miniatures, musical instruments, Native American artifacts, dolls, snuffboxes or other collectibles, folklore, and urban legends. Programs on cultural events, folk traditions, and historic preservation are also part of our American Heritage. Many interesting stories result from local cultural history, and provide excellent subjects for programs and tours.

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