Americanism & DAR Manual for Citizenship

This committee was established in 1919 and strives to promote knowledge, loyalty, and love of country in the hearts of American citizens, whether naturalized or citizens by birth. Over 100,000 copies of the DAR Manual for Citizenship are supplied annually, at no charge, to applicants for American citizenship through  Immigration and Naturalization offices, or from clerks of court.

DAR members are involved in the naturalization process, and some conduct authorized citizenship classes. Members assist new citizen applicants in completing naturalization forms, improving English skills, and preparing for American History and U.S. Government exams. DAR members participate in the naturalization ceremonies by escorting new citizens, serving refreshments, speaking at ceremonies, presenting patriotic materials, and helping new citizens register to vote.

DAR Manual for Citizenship
 DAR Medal of Honor
 DAR Americanism Medal 


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