DAR Service for Veterans

DAR has honored and aided veterans since the organization began. During the Spanish-American War, we established the DAR Hospital Corps in 1898 under Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee, founder of the Army Nurse Corps, and Clara Barton, the first Surgeon General.
Much of the work of this committee was historically directed toward the hospitalized veteran, but new approaches and unique services were required to meet the needs of America's veterans. DAR members now also assist veterans in their communities in locations such as community veterans' centers, veterans' organizations, and long-term care facilities, in addition to 159 of the VA medical centers nationwide.
A second component of the committee is Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS.) Since 1971, one National Representative and eight National Deputy Representatives speak for DAR, and have appointments to the VAVS-National Advisory Board. State Representatives are appointed to serve on local Veterans Medical Center-VAVS Committees.  


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