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Many Indiana state parks and monuments exist only through the work and contributions of this state's DAR members. In 1940 “Penny Pine Forest” was established in memory of Mary Parke Foster, the third President General and native Hoosier and named the Mary Parke Foster DAR Memorial Forest. After World War II, State Regent Edna Taylor Burns (1916-1949) established a State Memorial Reforestation Project in Crawford County to honor men and women from Indiana who had lost their lives during that war.  On June 25, 1977, in honor of Estella Armstrong O’Byrne, Honorary President General, the “Estella O’Byrne Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary” was dedicated in the Hoosier National Forest. Other locations include the Turkey Run State Park, Shades State Park, Penny Pines Forest in Perry County were a later reforestation project was completed, and the Caroline Scott Harrison Herb Gardens and other landscaping at the President Benjamin Harrison home in Indianapolis.


The Kentucky DAR Memorial Forest is 70-acres located 5 ½ miles from Morehead in Rowan County in the Cumberland National Forest. The Forest was dedicated on October 11, 1940 by State Regent Mrs. Frederick A. Wallis with the placement of a bronze marker. Three thousand seven hundred trees, plus shrubs, perennials, and bulbs, were planted. In 2010, the forest became part of the Daniel Boone National Forest and is managed by the United States Forest Service.


Two acres of Penny Pines were planted by the DAR State Society in 1940 under State Regent Mrs. Henry M. Robert, Jr. as a part of the NSDAR Golden Jubilee Projects. The planting was performed by the Civilian Conservation Corps.


In 1940, a bronze marker was dedicated at the thirty-eight acres of Penny Pines planted in a 34-acre grove in Elk Neck Park near Northeast, Maryland.



The DAR State Forest is a 1517-acre natural treasure in Goshen, the Berkshire foothills of Western Massachusetts, with miles of biking trails and dirt roads, swimming, and a number of campsites. The forest is on the state map and is managed by the Department of Environmental Management. It was established in 1929 when the Massachusetts State Society DAR donated 1,020 acres to the state.  Almost 750 additional acres have been acquired since then, including the Upper and Lower Highland Lakes. Massachusetts DAR members visit the DAR State Forest in Goshen every year, and provide financial support and donation of equipment.


A DAR Forest of 160 acres was planted and a bronze DAR plaque was placed on a large boulder to mark the site in 1939.


DAR State Forest was established in 1929 when the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) donated 1,020 acres to the Commonwealth. Almost 750 additional acres have been acquired since then, including Upper and Lower Highland Lakes. The forty-acre Minnesota DAR Memorial State Forest is on the state map located in Pine City in Pine County in the quad known as Askov Lookout Tower.  The forest was dedicated in 1941. Today there is a half-mile road and overnight camping facilities.



The DAR Forest was planted in 1940 by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the Chickasawhay District of the De Soto National Forest. This Ranger District is the northern unit of the DeSoto National Forest and known for the Gavin Auto Tour and its vast area of pine plantations in the western portion. The eastern boundary is less than ten miles from Alabama and US Hwy 45, and less than ninety minutes from Mobile. The buildings are the original ones, with the Fire Tower listed on the Fire Tower Registry.


One hundred thousand trees were planted in a 100-acre area in need of reforestation in 1940. Additionally, the Sara Barton Murphy Chapter planted 40 acres of DAR Forest on US Highway 67.


In 1941, 47 acres of Penny Pines were planted in the only National Forest in Nebraska, near Halsey. The National Forest is a unique hand-planted green island in the middle of the sand hills of central Nebraska commonly known as “Forest in the Sand”.  This area is known as the “Forest in the Sand” because it is located way out west in the Sandhills of Nebraska and shares space with cactus and yucca plants. In 2009 members planted over 255 pine seedlings. 

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