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The Pennsylvania Memorial Forest now consists of 150 acres growing from the original 106 acres and is located outside of Tidioute in the Allegheny National Forest. Seventy-five thousand trees were planted under the direction of State Regent Mrs. Joseph Forney. The memorial forest was planted with 75,000 trees at a cost of $750. Two large dedications were held after the plantings on 25  May 1940 and 21 June 1941. Heather Koech, writer of the 1999 DAR magazine article, 'Do You Know Where Your DAR Forest Is?' found another plot dedicated in 1931 to George Washington in Potter County near Couldersport, Pennsylvania. As of 2002 many of the trees are gone do to thinning of the forest. A plaque was rededicated in 2002.



The South Carolina DAR Forest is marked and located on the Jefferson Davis Highway (US #1) between Camden and Cheraw. Sixty-six thousand five hundred Penny Pines were planted in 1940 on Catawba Indian Reservation in the eastern section of the state.


A 125-acre DAR Forest of Penny Pines was planted in Black Hills in 1940.


Thirty-four acres were planted in Cherokee National Forest in 1941.


TX DAR ForestIn 1929 Texas Society DAR acquired by gift and purchase one hundred fifty acres of pine land in Jasper County, near Buna, on Highway 8.  The State Society also maintains the DAR State Forest in the deep Piney Woods area of Southeastern Texas. During the term of State Regent Mrs. Rountree in 1931-1934, there was a donation of 100 acres of forestland in East Texas. Subsequently, the State Society purchased 50 adjoining acres and still owns this land today. The forest was dedicated 31 October 1929 and rededicated 31 October 1995 as a part of the TSDAR Centennial Celebration.


VT DAR ForestThe State Society of Vermont DAR donated the 95-acre park in Addison to the State of Vermont in 1955, but they still operate the adjacent 1765 John Strong Museum. Located along the shores of Lake Champlain, the park offers camping, a small picnic area, boating, fishing, sailing, and swimming. Foundations remain today of the first English settlers in this area about 1765 and are located in the picnic area of the park.



Sixty thousand seedling cedars and pines were planted in 1940 in the George Washington National Forest.


WA DAR ForestThe Fort Vancouver Chapter planted 3,000 trees in the Columbia National Forest in Vancouver, renamed in 1949 as Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The surviving pine trees are located on the north and south sides of the entrance to the popular Beaver Campground, Wind River Highway, north of Carson, Washington.


The West Virginia Daughters had been meeting at the Jackson’s Mill for years when Mr. Kendrick donated the land which was to become the West Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial where four hundred trees was planted in 1940. An amphitheater was built and dedicated on October 19, 1940.


The Brule River State forest was established in 1907 with a land gift from Fredrick Weyerhaeuser’s Nebagmon Lumber Company.  In 1929, the Wisconsin DAR acquired 320 acres near Brule with the financial support of the Ah Da Wa Gam Chapter along with all other daughter chapters of the Wisconsin DAR.  ON September 1, 1930, this tract was dedicated and turned over to the state and is still part of the state forest plan today.  WI DAR financial support continued through the 1930’s and beginning in 1930, 2,000 seeding trees were planted annually at Brule.  In the 1940’s, with the advent of the war, WI DAR focus turned to support of the war effort projects and the WI DAR tract of land was absorbed into the Wisconsin state forest plan.

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