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DAR Takes Top Honors in PR Competition

DAR Takes Top Honors in PR Competition

Washington, D.C.
– The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) received three top awards from the 2003 Magellan Awards, a national publicity campaign competition of the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). DAR was ranked #3 in the Top 50 Publicity Campaigns of 2003, which are ranked according to the highest-scoring entries regardless of competition class.  DAR also took highest honors with the Platinum Award for Community Relations in the Non-Profit/Charity/Foundation competition class; and was voted the Best Publicity Campaign Debut.

“My sincere congratulations to the DAR Public Relations Department whose tireless efforts in highlighting the work of our organization have not only made the DAR more visible in today’s society, but now are recognized by their peers as having one of the best publicity campaigns of the year,” says Linda Tinker Watkins, DAR President General. “Our communications team has produced extraordinary results with a very limited budget. It is remarkable that the only two organizations ranking higher than us were multi-billion dollar corporations.”

DAR’s winning submission, “The New DAR,” highlights the many new programs and publications that were set in motion at the beginning of the current administration, but have taken place largely in 2003. Tyson Heyn, principal officer of the LACP, expressed praise for the Public Relations Department in a congratulatory letter to the DAR stating, “Your submission demonstrated exceptional characteristics which set it apart as one to be truly celebrated.”

The DAR entry consisted of a general campaign summary and a sampling of materials that were produced as part of the campaign. Some of the new DAR publications included in the entry were the DAR brochures and media kit; the American Spirit magazine and Daughters newsletter; and the recently redesigned DAR Public Web Site. Increased communications and membership education were demonstrated through examples such as the ever-evolving DAR Members’ Web Site; easily available DAR policy statements; and instructive newsletter articles created to help members deal with controversial subjects. The entry also highlighted events surrounding the “Forgotten Patriots” effort, including the DAR Museum exhibition and DAR Library symposium, recognizing the contributions of minority patriots in the American Revolution.

The LACP 2003 Magellan Awards is a competition to showcase the best publicity campaigns of the year. There were over 300 entries representing a broad range of industries and organizational sizes. Campaigns were judged within peer-level competition classes to create the most level playing field possible between entries. The classes were determined according to company size, annual revenue, and other pertinent factors. The entry with the highest total score within its competition class was presented with the Platinum Award.

“The 2003 Magellan Awards drew an unprecedented number of entries representing a broad range of industries and organizational sizes so competition was exceptionally tough,” said Christine Kennedy, LACP’s Competition Director. “Winners demonstrated a laser focus of communications grounded in creativity and passion, which ultimately helped message recipients understand and appreciate its relevance and importance.”
The League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) is an organization dedicated to supporting and recognizing excellence in the practice of professional communications. The Magellan Awards competition routinely includes hundreds of entries from some of the most well recognized organizations throughout the world.  Entries came from organizations in the top 10 of the Fortune 500 to non-profits aiding individual communities, and sectors represented in the competition ranged from healthcare, technology, and utilities to financial services, chemicals, and charitable foundations. A field of communications professionals affiliated with LACP, whose expertise cover a broad range of disciplines, serve as judges for the Magellan Awards competition. 

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