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New DAR Library GRC National Index Upgrade

New DAR Library GRC National Index Upgrade

The DAR Library and Genealogical Records Committee is proud to announce exciting upgrades to the online GRC Index. Each record in the index is now directly connected to information on its source, including book title and page number. Results also link to the book’s bibliographic record in the DAR Library catalog, which provides full details on the volume. These upgrades will make locating family records easier than ever.

Photocopies of records in the GRC reports and other sources in the DAR Library’s collection are available for purchase. For more information on ordering photocopies of records, see Search Services.

In 1913, the DAR established the Genealogical Research Committee to coordinate a nation-wide attempt to save historical records. The result has been nearly 18,000 volumes of records from across the country. These volumes, which are housed at the DAR Library, are referred to collectively as the Genealogical Records Committee Reports.

The reports contain a tremendous amount of unique genealogical materials from gravestones, family Bibles and personal collections. In, 2001 The Watkins Administration began an effort to create a master on-line National Index of all names included in the books.

Thanks to the efforts of DAR’s many volunteer indexers, the GRC National Index became available on DAR’s Public Web site in 2003. This enabled researchers to search the GRC Index from their home computers and immediately see if their ancestors’ records were included in any of the DAR Library’s GRC Volumes. However, until today these results did not include source book information.

This DAR Library is truly a leader in genealogical research. Earlier this year, the DAR Library added powerful on-site ancestry databases to its collection and continues to merge technology and genealogical resources in innovative ways. The DAR Library collection contains over 180,000 books, 300,000 research files, thousands of manuscript items, and special collections on Native American and African American history, genealogy and culture.

To access the upgraded index, go to GRC National Index.

For questions on visiting the DAR Library or using any of its services, visit DAR Library or contact (202) 879- 3229.







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