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Memorial Continental Hall Film Available Through DAR Store

Memorial Continental Hall Film
Available Through DAR Store

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of Memorial Continental Hall, a beautiful and fascinating historical documentary was created examining the history of the building's creation, its exquisite interior decor and the historical events that have taken place there. Memorial Continental Hall: 100 Years of History mirrors the current DAR Museum exhibition and tells the story of the 100-year old building using narration, video footage, historical photos and documents.

The film debuted at the Opening Night Ceremonies of the 114th Continental Congress and many attendees quickly purchased their own copies to bring home to their chapters and friends. Now the film is available for purchase through The DAR Store.

The 12-minute film makes for an excellent chapter program, a great gift for DAR members, or a special keepsake. History enthusiasts will also enjoy the story of this National Historic Landmark.

Memorial Continental Hall: 100 Years of History
recounts how the courageous DAR founders developed a plan to create a home for the organization. Vivid historic photos are brought to life with narrated descriptions of how the Daughters raised funds to construct their beautiful, state of the art headquarters and then gathered in their new home for the first time during the 14th Continental Congress.

Rare historical film footage of Memorial Continental Hall is also used in the documentary including footage of the 1921 Conference on the Limitation of Armaments, which was held in Memorial Continental Hall’s auditorium. This groundbreaking conference brought together major Allied naval powers from around the world to discuss a reduction in the size and armament of their navies and to ensure security in the Pacific. Memorial Continental Hall earned its National Historic Landmark status in 1972 based on this historic event.

Beautiful contemporary footage shows how some rooms in the building have changed over time while others look remarkably the same. In addition to explaining the history of the building, the film takes you on a virtual tour of what Memorial Continental Hall has to offer today’s visitors. The film shows researchers immersing themselves in genealogical records at the renowned DAR Library and includes gorgeous views of several of the DAR Museum’s State period rooms. Images of our elegant spaces such as the Connecticut Board Room and O’Byrne Gallery show how Memorial Continental Hall is often temporarily transformed to host special events such as receptions, meetings and weddings. It has also served as a location for shooting feature films and television.

The one hundred year history of Memorial Continental Hall is an amazing story to tell, but it is even more captivating to be able to show that history unfold on the screen.

Memorial Continental Hall: 100 Years of History is available in DVD and VHS format for $10 each. To purchase the film, call The DAR Store Online at toll free at (888) 673-2732.


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