Is that Service Right?

Is That Service Right? is a publication of the National Society designed to serve as a reference tool for training, and to inform Chapter Registrars and DAR applicants of the types of military, civil, and patriotic service acceptable to the National Society.  Obviously, not every acceptable service is listed.

Our goal is to assist the DAR applicant and Chapter Registrar with the preparation of acceptable application papers.  This publication addresses locating correct service.  The Genealogy Staff has compiled an excellent bibliography using materials in the DAR Library for each state.  The applicant may submit a photocopy of the title page and pages on which her proof is found, or refer to author, title, and pages of the book in the DAR Library.  Specific pages may be ordered from the DAR Library.  Local libraries will have some of the suggested items or may be able to order them using Inter-Library Loan.  Some of these books contain militia lists and lists of civil officers with dates of service.  Libraries in the town where your ancestor lived may have rosters of men who served.  Applications Papers: Instructions for their Preparation (1998) gives step-by-step instructions for completing application forms, amounts of fees and dues, and mailing addresses.  This publication is available free of charge from the Office of Corresponding Secretary General.

The applicant and Chapter Registrar, or member assigned to assist, must develop the lineage to the Revolutionary War period, determining exactly where the ancestor lived between 1775 and 1783.  The ancestor must have lived within the town/township where the civil or patriotic service was performed, or state militia was activated.  By studying the battles that occurred in the area, the dates on which the various committees were appointed (Patriotic Service), or the dates civil government was in effect, you will know whether the service claimed was possible.

Men who served in the Continental Line may have served in all major battles from Canada to Yorktown.  You must prove that the service claimed belonged to the ancestor named.

Military Service and pension records are at the National Archives and Seimes Microfilm.  The State Archives of the state where the soldier lived may have additional records.

We urge the use of the DAR publications, Is That Lineage Right? (Rev. 1996), Application Papers: Instructions for Their Preparation (1998) and the three-volume DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, 1990, published 1994.  All are available from the Office of Corresponding Secretary General.

Photocopies of DAR application papers may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, Record Copy ($10.00 payable to Treasurer General, NSDAR).


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Is That Service Right? can be obtained by contacting the DAR Store, 1776 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006-5303.

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