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Access to the Archives

The Americana Collection is open for research purposes by appointment to anyone who agrees to comply with both building security requirements and proper handling techniques for collections.  Requests for photocopies are handled by the Office of the Historian General. That office reserves the right to evaluate each photocopy request and to deny permission in certain instances such as when original copies are too fragile. Exhibits are installed in special display cases in the Americana Room and are replaced periodically. Individuals and groups are welcome. Tours may be arranged by prior consultation with the department director.

Contact Information

Potential researchers should work with an archivist to determine which specific archival materials may be of interest. Please be as detailed and specific as possible in describing your research question.  Contact the staff by telephone: (202) 879-3256 or email:

Location & Hours

The Americana Room is located on the second floor of the DAR Administration Building, 1776 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006-5303. The Americana Room is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Access Policy

The following items are available for research use without special permission: the DAR Magazine, the annual Proceedings, all printed histories of the DAR state societies as well as a variety of other publications including, but not limited to, chapter and state society yearbooks, committee directories, handbooks and bylaws. Additionally, access is granted to archival photographs, ceramics, music and assorted objects collections.

Permission from the President General is required for research access to all other materials housed in the NSDAR Archives. Researchers who wish to petition the President General for access to archival collections must do so in writing and should, insofar as possible, provide details regarding the parameters and goals of the research project, the records to be consulted and plans for publication. Researchers are encouraged to submit inquiries as early as possible to allow adequate time for the President General to review the request.

Interested researchers should review the complete NSDAR Archives Access Policy Statement.  A signed copy of this form should accompany any written request for access to archival records. 

If a published work results from the use of NSDAR archival or other materials, proper citations are required including footnotes (or endnotes) and bibliography. The archives staff should be notified when publications are released.


Please contact the Office of the Historian General to discuss a potential donation to the Americana Collection.  Interested donors should review the Americana Collection Development Policy before contacting the office regarding a potential donation

NSDAR Archives Fund

Contributions to the NSDAR Archives Fund are used to purchase appropriate documents or objects for the NSDAR Archives, conserve the collection and acquire items necessary for the maintenance of the archival facility.

Americana Room Fund

Contributions to the American Room Fund are used for the purchase of items for the collection, for the conservation of materials in fragile condition and for special maintenance needs of the Americana Room.