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President General’s Project

With your online gift to the President General’s Project, we can complete a full renovation of the Banquet Hall. From stripping woodwork and replacing moulding and trim, to a complete redesign of the stairway leading out to the famous portico, the planned renovations will cover all areas of the Banquet Hall.

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Members of the G7 Summit meet in the Banquet Hall, April 2005

The Banquet Hall sits on the top floor of Memorial Continental Hall, which was designated as a Registered National Historic Landmark in 1935. With access to the portico balcony that provides stunning panoramic views of the Washington Monument, the Banquet Hall has played host to so many important moments in history:

  • The G7 Conference convened in our Banquet Hall in April 2005.
  • The American Red Cross used the Banquet Hall as a training and orientation space for new nurses and volunteers in the early years of World War II.
  • The portico balcony outside the Banquet Hall has been featured in dozens of documentaries, television shows and movie scenes.
  • The Banquet Hall also provides an inviting and functional meeting space for outside organizations and DAR leadership, providing steady and much-needed rental income for our Society.

Past President General Eleanor Spicer (1971–1974) speaking at a reception and luncheon in the banquet hall for the annual Cabell family reunion, October 1971.

Completing the Renovations of the Banquet Hall

Your online contribution to the President General’s Project is essential in helping us to complete this important renovation project. From stripping woodwork and replacing mouldings and trim, to a complete redesign of the stairway leading out to the famous portico, the planned renovations will cover all areas of the Banquet Hall. Even the furniture will get a face-lift! All 101 chairs and two sofas will be repaired, cleaned and reupholstered. The unique Czechoslovakian crystal chandeliers will be taken down and thoroughly cleaned before being reinstalled. The Madison Damask wallpaper panels, which were made possible by the Daughters of the North Carolina State Society and installed in 2015, will be removed, cleaned and reinstalled once the woodwork has been completed. 

All this painstaking work is much-needed and long overdue. Your contributions to the President General’s Project will help us complete this important renovation.

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This photo, which appears in American Treasure, The Enduring Spirit of DAR, shows the Washington Monument as seen from the portico balcony, just outside of the Banquet Hall.

Recognizing Your Gifts

Contributions to the President General’s Project provide for the financial well-being of NSDAR and also the communities in which we live. Those dedicated Daughters whose generous donations make it possible to accomplish these goals are eligible for recognition at various levels.

One-time contributions to the President General’s Project totaling:

$100* or more qualifies the donor to purchase the President General’s Project Pin.

$300 or more qualifies the donor to have an inscription featured on the Moving Forward in Service to America donor wall.

$1,250 or more qualifies the donor to receive the President General’s Project Benefactor Pin as a gift. As a Benefactor you not only have the opportunity to have a 4-line inscription on the Moving Forward in Service to America donor wall, you will also be recognized from the Platform at Continental Congress. NOTE: Benefactor donations made online must be completed by June 21, and Benefactor donations made over the phone or in person during Congress must be completed by June 27 to be recognized from the stage during the Benefactor Ceremony at the 128th Continental Congress on Saturday, June 29.

* The $100 minimum donation for the President General’s Project Pin may be met in a single contribution OR through continuous contributions via the Sustaining Supporter monthly giving program. NOTE: President General’s Project Benefactor recognition requires a one-time donation and cannot be achieved via monthly gifts.



Contact the Office of Development

For more information, or to make a donation by phone please contact the Office of Development toll free at (800) 449‒1776 during office hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.), or send us an email inquiry anytime at

If you wish to donate by check, click HERE for a printable donation form (PDF). Be sure to write “Banquet Hall” across the top of the donation form and check the box on page 2 that reads: 1. President General’s Project Donor. Make all checks payable to: Treasurer General, NSDAR, and mail your donation directly to Headquarters: NSDAR, Office of Development, 1776 D Street NW, Washington, DC 20006-5303.

If you wish to donate to the President General’s Project online, simply click the “Give Now” button at the top of THIS PAGE. If you would like to make monthly donations to NSDAR, then please call our office or click HERE for more information.