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NSDAR General Fund

With your gift to the NSDAR General Fund, we can support the areas of greatest need in our Society. Whether it is the DAR Museum, the Americana Collection, NSDAR Archives or the DAR Library and Genealogy Department, the General Fund helps to ensure that our home at 1776 D Street remains beautiful, secure and relevant for future generations to enjoy.

Become A Sustaining Supporter

Sign-up NOW to make regular monthly donations to the NSDAR General Fund. Or you can sign up to make donations to one or more of 24 other funds that support vital projects in our Society!

Click HERE to see how making regular monthly donations to the General Fund is the most convenient way to qualify for recognition in the 1890 Annual Giving Circle!

Click the Give Now button at the top of this page to make an online donation of $25 or more to the NSDAR General Fund and we will send you a set of 12 Holiday Cards* designed especially for DAR as our way of saying “Thank you” for your support.

Or call the Office of Development at (800) 449‒1776 during office hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.) to:

  • Make your donation to the NSDAR General Fund over the phone
  • Check your progress toward the 1890 Annual Giving Circle
  • Check your giving level in the Heritage Club
  • Or to order additional sets of Holiday Cards.*

*Supplies of these cards are limited. Holiday Cards will not be reprinted.


NSDAR General Fund: area of Greatest Need

Thank you for helping us accomplish so much. The support of the NSDAR General Fund by dedicated Daughters like you provides the necessary funding for the National Society to furnish the staff and infrastructure that aids, encourages and promotes the work of our members.

It All Begins With People!

  • Daughters like YOU! All of this work is made possible because of YOUR commitment, YOUR involvement and YOUR support in our National Society.
  • Our librarians and archivists who spend their valuable time serving more than 4,000 members and guests each year, helping to uncover stories of patriotism and heroism deep within each family’s history.
  • Our historians and museum docents who eagerly share their knowledge with thousands of visitors and school groups who come to see the exhibits in our DAR Museum and the Americana Collection each year.
  • Genealogical researchers from across the country who avail themselves, both in person and online, of one of the largest genealogical libraries in the country.
  • And the countless others at our National Headquarters who support the important work of Daughters like you in so many ways!

Gifts to the General Fund provide immediate support for the day-to-day operations of NSDAR Headquarters. Your contributions ensure that we can keep the lights on and the doors open for the nearly 18,000 visitors that we host annually. These donations also help us protect and care for more than 30,000 historic portraits, photographs, documents and other precious artifacts by providing precise temperature and moisture levels to preserve the delicate treasures entrusted to our care.

Earn Chapter Achievement:
Make Your Donation A Monthly Gift!

Sign up to become a Sustaining Supporter by December 1 to be counted in
Fiscal Year 2018 for Chapter Achievement Awards credit (Section 5A) for YOUR Chapter!

Your Chapter earns TEN POINTS for EVERY Sustainer EVERY year they are an active Sustainer.


In recognition of your ongoing commitment to the NSDAR General Fund, your donations may be recognized annually through the 1890 Annual Giving Circle.

See the complete list of members who have achieved recognition in the 1890 Annual Giving Circle, Class of 2017, which is by far the largest class in NSDAR history, with more than 1,100 members!

All General Fund donations also count toward your Heritage Club giving levels.


Contact Us

For more information, or to make a donation by phone please contact the Office of Development toll free at (800) 449‒1776 during office hours (M-F, 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.), or send us an email inquiry anytime at

If you wish to donate by check, click HERE for a printable donation form (PDF). Please write “HOLIDAY CARDS” across the top of the donation form and check the box on page 2 that reads: 3. General Fund.