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My Family Story (Brownie)

Use the DAR Museum collections to explore how family histories are collected and preserved. Share stories about your family with other Brownies and play a game to see how stories change over time. Then, write about your day and life in a brand-new diary and create a family tree to tell your family story! This program results in earning the "My Family Story" badge, which is included in the registration price. 

Playing the Past (Junior)

Travel back to 1913 to join the Women's Suffrage March! Create your own "Votes for Women" sash and write a speech advocating for a woman's right to vote. Learn about some of the heroines of the movement, including women that participated in the march right here in DC. What would it be like to be a girl at this time? Why is it important that women have the right to vote? This program results in the "Playing the Past" badge, which is included in the registration price.

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