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Westmoreland County 
200 South Church Street 
Mount Pleasant, PA 15666

Historical Significance:

"Samuel Warden, born August 8, 1822, was the first-born of Paul and Mary (Flemming) Warden, and the grandson of the Irish immigrant Samuel Warden Sr. He grew up on the old Warden farm near Mount Pleasant, and was a farmer for most of his life. In later years, he became involved in coal and coke production at the Warden Works near present-day Alverton. In 1845, he married Margaret Andrews. They had seven children: Mary Eleanor, John Andrews, Elizabeth Margaret, Clark Paul, Martha B., Samuel Neel, and Alice Flemming.

Samuel built the mansion in 1886 on land purchased in 1881 from Mrs. Barbara Tintsman and Peter Sherrick. The six surviving children were all adults at this time. Samuel died in 1894, leaving the house to his widow Margaret. After Margaret's death in 1904, Samuel Neel Warden became the head of the household. Three of his sisters lived with him, along with two servants. Samuel died in 1935, leaving the property to his widow, Pearl Carter Warden. At her death on March 11, 1960, Mrs. Warden left this property to her sister, Hazel Carter Gilkey.

When Braddock Trail member Bessie Campbell Cook died on July 12, 1960, she left to Braddock Trail Chapter one quarter of her estate. With this bequest, the Chapter was able to purchase the property from the Gilkeys. The indenture was made February 6, 1963, with Hazel C. Gilkey and her husband Robert M. Gilkey signing the deed transferring the property." (Wording from:



Acknowledgements: The Warden Mansion is owned, operated, maintained, and has docent led tours by the Braddock Trails Chapter, NSDAR. It serves as a meeting place for the chapter as well as a genealogical library.
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