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Located in Washington near Tyne and Wear 
Sunderland, England, UK

Historical Significance:

"It is important to note the historic preservation efforts of local Washington Village historian Mr. Frederick Hill, the Friends of Washington Old Hall, and Washington Old Hall Chapter. Although the property is located in England, it is a unique museum dedicated to George Washington and his English ancestors. George Washington is best known as the leader of the forces which secured the independence of the American Colonies from Britain during the American Revolution. The capital city and home of the Presidential seat in the United States was named Washington in his honour; however, as previously demonstrated, the name had its origin far across the Atlantic Ocean in what was a remote part of northeast England.

Due to the American connection, Washington Old Hall has an impressive collection of portraits of George Washington, illustrations of events connected with the struggle for American independence, memorabilia and books about him. American benefactors who were also very generous during the major restoration of the building have donated many of these items." (Wording from:


Acknowledgements: The Washington Old Hall Chapter, NSDAR helps operate and maintain this manor house and grounds of the ancestral home of George Washington in partnership with the National Trust and Friends of Washington Old Hall.
Form Submitted By: Washington Old Hall Chapter, NSDAR 08/31/2012