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Colonial Life Trunk (Grades K-5)

Immerse students in the social and cultural history of Colonial America with this object-based mobile program for in-class use.  Lesson plans, worksheets, games, toys, and music complement the trunk’s reproduction objects, clothing, instruments, toys, games, and other items of the Colonial Era. Activities are designed to enhance students’ study of Colonial America and the American Revolution. For K-Grade 5 complies with history and English standards.

The program involves shipping costs. For more information on that and guidelines, please click here. (Insert guidelines.) Contact a museum educator for more informationat or 202.879.3241.

Programs of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution are made possible thanks to the generous financial support of NSDAR donors.

Note: The Colonial Trunk Program is available currently through August 1, 2014. It will be unavailable August through December 2014 as DAR Museum educators update the Colonial Trunk Program to national standards.

Trunk Guidelines

Who can use the trunk?

The trunk is available for teachers and educators for classroom use. It is also available for NSDAR members for public programs.

How far in advance can I book the trunk?

We recommend you book the trunk at least three months or more in advance.

How long do I have the trunk?

You have the trunk for two weeks, but it is due back to the Museum within three days after the last day of your rental.

How much does it cost?

The trunk costs up to $115. We have to be a bit ambiguous on cost due to shipping prices with some companies. The DAR Museum provides outbound shipping cost to you at a discount rate of $30. However, based on your geographic location, the return shipping cost of the trunk could be as much as $65 to $75. You are responsible for full cost of return shipment.

What shipment provider should I use to return the trunk?

Federal Express is preferred, but you can use another ground-based shipment provider.

Where can you send the trunk?

The Colonial Life Trunk Program has been sent across the continental United States.

How do I pay for renting the trunk?

After a date is booked, your shipment fee of $30 can be paid by check or credit card. Checks must be made out to Treasurer General NSDAR. Please phone 202.879.3241 to provide your credit card information. The Museum accepts Discover, American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Can I make copies of the lesson plans, activities and maps?

We encourage educators and teachers to photocopy lesson plans, activities and maps for use with students.

Can I take photos of the trunk’s contents and make photocopies of documents to make my own trunk?

We are sorry. This trunk is intellectual property of the DAR Museum, and it can not be duplicated or replicated without permission from the Museum.

How do I give you my feedback of the trunk and its contents and activities?

Please complete the evaluation information provided. You can provide further information in an email, if you like.

How do I keep track of all the contents?

There is an inventory sheet inside the binder in the trunk. We ask that you inventory all items upon arrival and upon return shipment.

Am I responsible for lost items?

Yes, you are responsible for lost items. If an item is missing upon return of the trunk, an educator will contact you. You will have one week to find the missing items, but if you can not find them, then you will be billed to replace the lost contents.

Can I rent the program for a DAR chapter program?

We apologize, but the trunk is an educational, outreach program. You may rent the trunk for an educational outreach program with the public such as with a class, Scout troop, or other group with children.

Can I provide/use photos of the program in action?

Yes, you may. However, to protect the privacy of participants, we ask that you do not take photos of children’s faces or publish any photos with children’s faces. We suggest you take photos of children from behind or over-the-shoulder.