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Current Museum Events

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June 1, 2019
DAR Museum Historical Tea


$45 per person

You've probably heard of Martha Washington and Abigail Adams, but there were plenty of other women who helped the United States gain independence. Meet a diverse array of historical figures through their work and records, and celebrate the women who made this country possible while you enjoy tea and pastries with your friends. All are welcome!

Included in the ticket price:

  • Finger-sandwiches and pastries
  • A tasting of teas popular in the 18th century
  • Activities related to the theme
  • Special access to objects from the museum collection


Ticket sales begin May 1, 2019


June 7, 2019
DAR Museum Coffee with a Curator: Cooking Tools


$8; Maximum 15 Attendees; Tickets on sale May 1st

Would you like to start your morning with some coffee, pastries, and a dash of American history? Then join us the first Friday of every month for our new Coffee with a Curator series! Every month the DAR Museum curators will highlight different objects in our Study Gallery collection, providing insights, pointing out significant details, and answering questions. This unique, informal environment provides the opportunity for in-depth, intimate conversations with curators about objects within their specialty.

In order to facilitate meaningful conversation and close-looking, this program is capped at 15 attendees. Coffee, tea, and pastries provided for all program participants.

This month, join Carrie Blough, Assistant Registrar/Associate Curator, in conversation about 18th century cooking tools from the DAR Museum collection. How were these tools used? What can they tell us about foodways of the period?

Grab a cup and let’s start the conversation.  

June 11, 2019
DAR Museum Tuesday Talk

“An Amazing Aptness for Learning Trades:” The Role of Enslaved Craftsmen in Charleston Cabinetmaking Shops


Free admission

When historic furniture is put on display, most of the attention goes to the quality of the work and the master craftsman from whose shop the piece came. However, little is said about those involved in creating such a piece.  This talk will examine the role of enslaved craftsmen in Charleston cabinetmaking shops during the late eighteenth century and how wealthy Charlestonians’ desire for fashionable goods fueled the demand for this labor force.

Speaker: William Strollo, Curator of Exhibitions

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July 9, 2019
DAR Museum Tuesday Talk

Arts and Science in 19th Century Quilts


Free admission

How do 19th century quilts show their makers' awareness of contemporary design trends and access to the latest technology of their day? Find out  how American quiltmakers were influenced by the arts and sciences from examples in the DAR Museum's current exhibit, "A Piece of Her Mind: Culture and Technology in American Quilts."

Speaker: Alden O'Brien, Curator of Costume and Textiles

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August 3, 2019
World’s Fair


“You must see this fair.” – Hamlin Garland, 1893

Experience the excitement, innovation, and wonder of a c.1900 World’s Fair. Learn about inventions that thrilled fairgoers and play games enjoyed by children and adults alike at these grand events. Celebrate cultures around the world by exploring the booths of local embassies and cultural centers. Fun for the whole family, this FREE event is not one to miss!

Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors have the option to earn a badge by attending this event! $10 fee for participants to cover the costs of the program materials and badge (which is included in the registration price). These are drop-in, self-guided programs; Girl Scouts can earn the badge anytime between 10am-3pm. Register for the Celebrating Community program here and the Product Designer program here. Contact with questions.

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(Admission tickets optional; if you are purchasing a ticket for the Girl Scout badge activities, you do not also need a free admission ticket)



September 10, 2019
DAR Museum Tuesday Talk

An 18th Century Cooking Challenge: Exploring Hannah Bloomfield’s Cookbook


Free admission

What can Hannah Bloomfield’s handwritten recipe book from 1765 tell us about cooking and eating in the 18th century? We will explore this question while studying her life and recipes using her manuscript cookbook. Manuscript cookbooks are handwritten books containing recipes deliberately selected by the author, and carefully transcribed into a personal book. These books offer another way of understanding past lives and foodways, and also provide insight into the social and economic status of the middle and upper classes in early America.

Speaker: Carrie Blough, Associate Registrar/Assistant Curator

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October 15, 2019
Museum Tuesday Talk— Curating Votes for Women: A Portrait of Persistence


Free admission

In organizing a major exhibition on the history of women’s suffrage, the curator faced several critical problems, including how to create a more inclusive narrative, and how to find appropriate objects that would tell this history. During this lecture, Dr. Lemay will relate how she addressed these issues, and guide members of the audience through the process of curating a major exhibition at the Smithsonian as part of the #BecauseOfHerStory initiative on American women’s history.

Speaker: Kate Clarke Lemay, Historian and Curator, National Portrait Gallery


November 15, 2019
Culture & Technology in American Quilts: A Symposium


Save the Date!

The DAR Museum’s annual symposium will explore how women engaged with the world through their quiltmaking, to compliment the museum’s current exhibit, A Piece of Her Mind: Culture and Technology in American Quilts. With a full day of speakers and a chance to tour the exhibit, this event is not one to miss.

Details and a list of speakers coming soon. Ticket sales begin July 31st.