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Contributions account for a significant percentage of the NSDAR operating budget, so giving to the General Fund regularly makes an enormous difference in our work.

The General Fund has played a crucial role in our ability to carry out our mission. Gifts to the General Fund provide immediate support for the day-to-day operations of NSDAR Headquarters, which is the hearth and home of our Society. Your contributions ensure that we can keep the lights on and the doors open for the nearly 18,000 visitors that we host annually. These donations also help us protect and care for over 30,000 historic portraits, photographs, documents and other precious artifacts by providing precise temperature and moisture levels at all times to preserve these delicate treasures. 

In short, your gift to the NSDAR General Fund is the “life blood” of this organization and helps to move our work forward.

General Fund Donation

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Click HERE to see how making regular monthly donations to the General Fund is the most convenient way to qualify for recognition in the 1890 Annual Giving Circle!

At the National Society’s organizational meeting on October 11, 1890, Founder Mary Desha introduced a resolution to support the completion of a monument to Mary Washington, and encouraged “every patriot to send in a contribution large or small for this purpose.”

Today, just as 125 years ago, each and every contribution is extremely valuable to our work, no matter the size. Collectively your donations help to support one of the world’s largest buildings of its kind owned and maintained exclusively by women—by you and so many other dedicated Daughters. It belongs to each and every one of us.  It is our heritage—and all of this is made possible through member support.

Members of DAR have a long tradition of selfless giving in support of our mission to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. Our significant achievements throughout history have been possible only because of the stewardship of Daughters like you. Your support is vital to ensuring that DAR can continue our work preserving America’s stories, documents and buildings for generations to come. Your gift today is greatly needed and deeply appreciated. Thank you!



In recognition of your ongoing commitment to the NSDAR General Fund, your donations may be recognized annually through the 1890 Annual Giving Circle.

See the complete list of members who have achieved recognition in the 1890 Annual Giving CircleClass of 2016, which is by far the largest class of 1890 in NSDAR history–with over 1,000 members!

All General Fund donations count towards your Heritage Club giving levels.


Contact Us

For more information, or to make a donation by phone please contact the Office of Development toll free during office hours at (800) 449‒1776. Or send us an email inquiry anytime at

If you would like to donate by check, please click HERE for a printable form (PDF). Be sure to check box #3, “General Fund” on page 2 of the form, or write “General Fund” across the top of the form, or on the blank line directly under “Name and address for acknowledgement.” Thank you.