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Since our founding in 1890, the National Society of the DAR has supported historic preservation as one of our three main mission areas (along with patriotism and education). In tens of thousands of locations around the world, we have saved historic properties, erected historic markers, digitized documents and helped to preserve the American story in thousands of meaningful ways.

We’re proud to also provide $250,000 in grants annually to support historic preservation efforts in local communities. The DAR Historic Preservation Grants provide financial assistance for projects that preserve historic resources, sites and other history-related projects. Examples include restoration of historic buildings; digitization or preservation of documents/records; preservation of historical items/artifacts; erection of new or rededication/relocation of existing historical markers; cemetery headstone and monument conservation, etc.  Preference is provided to projects related to the Colonial-through-the-Federal period, but those from all chapters of American history are eligible to apply. The maximum grant is $10,000, and smaller projects are encouraged. Please note that each application must be accompanied by a DAR chapter or state organization sponsorship letter (find a local DAR chapter here).

The DAR Historic Preservation Grant Application may be accessed herealong with instructions here. Questions may be directed to

Thank you for preserving our nation’s history – we look forward to receiving your application for our DAR Historic Preservation Grant program.