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1890 Annual Giving Circle commemorates the founding of the NSDAR by recognizing those who give to the General Fund, allowing NSDAR to allocate funds to the areas of greatest need.  Those who give $500 or more to the NSDAR General Fund during a fiscal year—January 1 through December 31—are recognized in the 1890 Annual Giving Circle.

Gifts to the General Fund provide immediate support to the repairs, upkeep and maintenance of NSDAR Headquarters, which is the heart and soul of our Society.  Contributions to the General Fund ensure that we can keep the lights on and move our work forward.  Member contributions account for a significant percentage of the NSDAR operating budget, so giving—and giving every year—makes an enormous difference.


Membership is based on the NSDAR Fiscal Year, from January 1st through December 31st.

All donations to the NSDAR General Fund qualify including:

  • Online donations to the General Fund
  • Donations made through the summer and winter direct mail premiums
  • General Fund Donations made via the Sustaining Supporter monthly giving program

Click HERE to see how making regular monthly donations to the General Fund is the most convenient way to qualify for recognition in the 1890 Annual Giving Circle!

These donations will also count towards the Heritage Club.


Benefits and privileges are based on your level of giving and are awarded the fiscal year after donations are made.

Topaz level: ($500-$999)

  • Authorization to purchase the 1890 Annual Giving Circle Pin
  • Annual Recognition in the Daughters Newsletter
  • Personalized limited edition name tag
  • Library card with complimentary record copy

Pearl Level: ($1,000-$2,499)

  • All Topaz benefits, plus...
  • 10% discount card for the Gift Shop and DAR Store

Ruby Level: ($2,500-$4,999)

  • All Pearl benefits, plus...
  • VIP Registration line during congress

Emerald Level: ($5,000-$9,999)

  • All Ruby benefits, plus...
  • A gift, signed by the President General

Sapphire Level: ($10,000-$24,999)

  • All Emerald benefits, plus...
  • Early bird registration for Congress hotel rooms
  • Framed certificate with embossed emblem, to be presented by the President General at Continental Congress

Diamond Level: ($25,000+)

  • All Sapphire benefits, plus...
  • Complimentary Pins and Bars
  • Invitation to the President General's Reception on opening night of Congress