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The DAR Library accepts donations of books, serials, and other manuscript materials.   The Library also accepts monetary donations either for a specified purchase or purpose or for general use.

In order to make our collection as useful and relevant as possible, all donations of materials must comply with our Collection Development Policy and with our Guidelines for Donations.

The easiest way to make a donation to the DAR Library is through the online wish list.  The wish list includes a selection of materials that have been selected as appropriate resources for inclusion in the DAR Library collection.  To utilize this method of donation, simply review the wish list, choose the item that you wish to donate, and complete the online payment process.

The DAR Library also accepts donations of other books, serials/periodicals or published genealogical and historical materials that complement our Collection.  Before donating any specific materials, please review the DAR Library Collection Development policy.  The Library cannot accept donations of any materials that do not conform to our Collection Development policy or that duplicate materials already in the Collection.

To donate materials, please use the online Library Donation Form.  Basic instructions and donation guidelines are included on the form.  If you have any additional questions about donating materials, please contact or

The DAR Library also accepts donations of unpublished genealogical materials for inclusion in our manuscript collection. Here are the DAR Library Manuscript Collections guidelines.  If you have unpublished genealogical materials that you wish to donate, please contact and include “MSS donation” in the subject of your email.

If you have published, unpublished or ephemeral items that you wish to donate that do not fit within the Collections Development policy of the DAR Library, you may wish to contact the DAR Museum, the DAR Americana Collection or the DAR Archives for additional information about the donation requirements for each of those collections.

While many donations to the DAR Library qualify as book credits for your chapter, please be sure to review all of the book credit requirements on the wish list and or the donation form for specific book credit criteria and exclusions.