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The DAR Library has compiled a variety handouts and instructional videos on specific topics related to using the DAR Library for genealogical research.

Using the DAR Library

Using the Genealogical Research System (GRS)

Research and Organizational Aids

Getting Started Series - Documenting Revolutionary War Service

The DAR Library developed the ‘Getting Started’ series of handouts specifically to help DAR members plan their research and locate service sources.

Researching Revolutionary War Patriots from Specific Ethnic or National Groups

The DAR Lineage Research Committee has developed a series of brochures to provide some basic information about researching Revolutionary War patriot from a variety of specific ethnic or national groups. 

Citing, Quoting and Reproducing DAR Sources

Researchers should give proper credit for any reference in any publication or source they quote in their writing or note-taking.  A proper credit line or footnote is important.  This will avoid problems and misunderstandings in the future.  This guide includes instructions and examples for using and citing items from the DAR Library Collections.