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"An Agreeable Tyrant: Fashion After the Revolution"
October 7, 2016 – April 29, 2017

"An Agreeable Tyrant: Fashion After the American Revolution" takes its title from a satirical piece that first appeared in American newspapers in the 1760s, as colonists began to resent their dependence on Britain. “What is Fashion?” asked the satirically titled “English Catechism.” “An agreeable tyrant,” was the answer. This was widely reprinted in 1783, as the newly formed nation attempted to break socially and economically free from Europe.

The exhibition displays men’s and women’s clothing from 1780 to 1825 in a dozen period rooms throughout the museum. It considers how Americans fashioned a new identity through costume; on the one hand, Americans sought to be free from Europe, yet they still relied heavily on European manufacturing and materials. Come discover how fashion spanned these two ideals to embody the newly independent United States beginning October 7.