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Through our Educational Resources Committee, DAR provides original lesson plans for the K-12 community that are rich in content that focus on America, its history, government, heritage, genealogy, as well as related language and/or math topics. These lesson plans are provided for teachers and other groups to use for educational purposes only.

Lesson plans identified by the Keywords "Community Classroom"  or "Enrichment Activity" provide an expanded content and may be appropriate for a variety of audiences with minimal adjustment by the teacher. Those items on the Lesson Plan template with a "*" would indicate the components that would need to be completed by the submitter to have it qualify as a "Community Classroom" or "Enrichment Activity" Lesson Plan.

New lesson plans will be uploaded to the website monthly. Revisit this site on a regular basis to find additional lesson plans for your use.

View Lesson Plans

For those interested in submitting an original lesson plan to the NSDAR, please refer to the following items:


A completed lesson plan and cover sheet are to be sent to to begin its vetting process.  You will be alerted that the lesson plan and cover sheet have been received.

As time passes, we look forward to having an extensive bank of electronic lesson plans from which educators of all types will be able to select, for use with their classes or groups.