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The DAR Library collection includes printed materials in a variety of formats: books, periodicals, maps, microfilm and microfiche.  All printed, textual and microform resources are included in the DAR Library Catalog. 

The Stacks

The majority of printed Library materials are housed on two floors in the main Library in DAR Memorial Continental Hall.  The Library’s stacks are open for browsing.  Feel free to locate and retrieve any books or materials that you wish to review; but use caution when walking in narrow aisles, standing on step stools and moving compact shelving units.

View a map of the Library layout here

Collection Arrangement

The majority of the books in the Library are divided into three main subject areas—the State collection, the Families collection and General resources.  Items are arranged in the Library based on these subject areas.

Locating a Specific Book or Items

The Library’s collection is arranged by call words instead of call numbers.  In the online catalog the call words for a title are in the call word field.  Examples:

Virginia section within the state collection
County section within Virginia
Books about Albemarle County
First three letters of the author's last name
Family section
Books on the Hamner family
Full last name of the book's author

Each section of the Library contains many subject breakdowns that are shelved in alphabetical order.  The families section is in alphabetical order by the main surname in the title or contents.  The states, regions and the District of Columbia are separated geographically, and then arranged in alphabetical order.  Books on cities and towns are filed under the county in which they are located, except New York City, which precedes New York State.

Special Locations

Several abbreviations and notes appear in the online catalog that identrify special situations or locations in the Library.

L.C. - Book shelved in the locked case.  To view one of these books, turn in a request at the Reference desk.  You may be asked to leave some form of identification.

OV - Oversized book.  These books are often shelved in a location separate from the general collection.

PC - “Poor Condition”  These books are fragile and have been removed from the general collection.  To view one of these books, turn in a request at the Reference desk.

CD - Indicates a holding on CD ROM.  CD ROMs are located in the Seimes Technology Center.

FC - This is an indication that the entry refers to a file. Make requests for files at the Reference desk.

FILM or FICHE - Microfilm or microfiche are held in the Seimes Technology Center.

MC - Maps are found in the Map Case.  Ask a Library staff member for assistance.

MssColl - The manuscript collection consists of research materials including notes, documents, unpublished genealogies and indexes.  To view one of these items, turn in a request at the Reference desk.

Photocopying and Reproduction

Coin, bill and copy card operated photocopiers are available in the library for public use.  The cost of a photocopy is $0.25 per page.  Change is available at the Reference desk.  When others are waiting in line, please limit yourself to no more than 25 copies at a time.  For a daily fee of $15, you may use a digital camera (including those in cellphones) without flash, to copy printed materials in the DAR Library.  Photos may not be taken of any screen images.  This includes applications, supplemental applications, supporting documentation, and GRC Report pages.  Hand-held personal photocopiers or scanners are not permitted in the Library.

Microform Resources

The DAR Library holds over 12,000 microfilms and over 6,600 microfiche.  This collection includes records related to Revolutionary War service, vital records, and local court, probate and land records from various locations. 

The DAR is also a Family History Library Affiliate and can receive microform materials on loan from FHL.  For more information about this program, refer to the [link] Family History Library Affiliate page.

Microform materials are available in the Seimes Technology Center.  Copies of microform images may be printed or saved to a personal flash drive for $0.50 per page/image.