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  • What is it?
    • The Trunk Show is a selection of items from the DAR Museum Shop packed into a sturdy shipping case and delivered to your front door. If you are unable to make it to Washington, D.C., a Trunk Show is a great way to bring a part of the Museum to your chapter or conference.
  • What kind of merchandise is included?
    • We pack merchandise that we think will be of interest to DAR members, including many items developed specifically for the DAR Museum Shop and around recent exhibitions. Most recently the trunk has included jewelry, scarves, teas, magnets, pens and pencils, stationary, cross stitch kits, books, etc. The merchandise is usually not large in size, usually not breakable, and comes in a range of prices. 
    • There are Standard Trunks with a wide variety of merchandise and Exhibit Trunks which feature more items directly related to the current exhibit but still contain classic DAR Museum items as well.
  • How is the merchandise sold?
    • The merchandise in the trunk is for display only. Customers look at the merchandise on display and can then order these products from the shop using the included order forms. The Museum Shop only accepts credit cards for the trunk show—no checks or cash. After the event, the hostess mails the orders to the museum shop, and the shop fills the orders and charges the credit cards (adding shipping) and ships them as quickly as possible.
  • What expenses are involved?
    • The museum shop pays to ship the trunk to the Trunk Show hostess. The chapter or conference pays to ship the trunk back to the museum shop. The trunk weighs about 25 pounds; shipping costs depend on location.
  • What is the purpose of having a trunk show?
    • Trunk Show sales benefit the DAR Museum. Also, it is an opportunity for members to “visit” the museum shop when they cannot travel to Washington, DC.
  • How to find out more?
    • Email the DAR Museum shop at to reserve your trunk today, or call 202-879-3208.