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The concerted effort that began in the 1920s to compile a more complete and accurate historical picture of Margaret Corbin in order to properly honor her valor is ongoing today.

DAR is dedicated to continue researching Margaret Corbin in order to spread greater awareness of her brave actions as well as to emphasize that she was a real woman, not just a story.

Actually finding her remains in an unmarked grave from almost 220 years ago may prove to be an insurmountable challenge, but the hope that new research will one day lead to the remains of Margaret Corbin is a goal to which DAR is committed.

While our team continues to develop plans to explore this mystery, we welcome the knowledge and resources of others interested in contributing to further research that might shed new light on Margaret’s story.

Visit the Resources and Further Reading page to view a sampling of some relevant primary and secondary source material related to Margaret Corbin. We encourage you to suggest other sources that would be useful to add to this page.

Use the document linked below as a suggested guide in your attempts to help us discover new information about Margaret’s life and identify new, reliable historical source material to reference in the search.

Lingering Questions Related to Margaret Corbin’s Life

To share your interest in contributing to the search; to provide relevant discoveries, research and suggestions; or to ask general questions related to the Margaret Corbin search, please email