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"I joined to preserve our heritage and the genealogical information and documentation that I put in so much hard work to find."

Why should I become a member?

Membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution honors and preserves the legacy of your Patriot ancestor. Over two hundred years ago, American Patriots fought and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. As a member of DAR, through participation in the Society’s various programs and activities, you can continue this legacy by actively supporting historic preservation, promotion of education, and patriotic endeavors.

DAR provides the opportunity to...

  • contribute to important service projects
  • honor and preserve the legacy of patriot ancestors
  • make lifelong friends
  • participate in unique social and service-oriented programs within your community
  • be involved in a variety of programs that provide something for everyone
  • gain valuable leadership experience
  • establish a network of contacts in your community and all over the world.
Why did you decide to join the DAR?

We asked our Facebook fans this question: "Why did you decide to join the DAR?" Their answers spanned many reasons, including the desire to preserve their genealogical heritage; the opportunity to serve veterans, children and their communities; and the connections they built with family and friends.

"When I moved to a new neighborhood the Chairman of the New Neighbors Committee was Judith Hughes. She came to welcome me to the neighborhood, bring a gift, invite me to a social meeting and ask if I was a member of DAR. She set a wonderful example of how to recruit and become a good DAR member. Thanks Judy for inviting me to my first meeting and encouraging me to become a member, this was the very best gift I ever received from anyone."

"To meet new friends and be active in my community."

"Patriotic endeavors and to more directly provide practical support to our veterans and currently deployed and wounded troops--my way of giving back!"

"My aunt was so enthusiastic about the DAR that when she could drive no longer, she asked me to carry her to the meetings. I began to see the reason behind her enthusiasm. What a wonderful civic organization, of which I am proud to be a member."

"I joined because it is a great way to protect your ancestry. My genealogy will be located in Washington D.C. for ever and ever."

"It seemed a natural thing to do after I started doing genealogy and found out my female Cherokee ancestor was a Patriot. Since then it has become a wonderful part of my life and very rewarding to participate in the programs and functions of the DAR."

"I joined DAR as a tribute to my mother, who would have done the research and became a member, had she lived long enough. Since joining two cousins became members through my research. I love history as did my mother and want to see our history preserved."

"No one in my family has ever joined DAR. When I found out how rich my heritage was in Patriots I felt I needed to join as a tribute to them and so that future generations can trace back to their Revolutionary War Patriots."

"My grandmother, who instilled in me a love of history, was a member. She passed away when I was 12, but left all of her research for me to use. Her research was done the hard way - before Internet! I joined to recognize her, my Patriots and because I just love the research!"

"Because of my father, who researched the name because all his life he was asked, "How did you get a name like Christmas?" So he found out. I am a 25 year member. My Dad is gone now. He left me my heritage."

"I believe that by belonging to and supporting an organization that values our patriots, we can help keep history alive. My desire is to pass this love of history on to my granddaughters."

"It is something I had always wanted. I have so many ancestors that fought for our freedom. I am an organizing member of the Chapter I belong to. I have such a great feeling when I come away from our meetings.'

"My dad encouraged me to join. I am the first in my family to do so. I'm working on my 4th application now. I love my family and ancestors, their example, and all they sacrificed for me."

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