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See “Instructions for Applying for a Special Projects Grant”, “Tips”, “FAQs” and “Applicant’s Submission Checklist”

The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Special Projects Grants Program provides local community grant funding to support projects exemplifying the organization's mission areas of Historic Preservation, Education and Patriotism. 

The program is open to public charity 501(c)(3) entities only. Grant funding will be awarded to a successful applicant only once during a DAR administration. For example, grantees awarded funds in July 2013 - June 2016 are eligible to apply for an additional grant, for another phase of the same project or for a different project, during any year of the subsequent administration (July 2016 - June 2019).

Grants of $1,000 - $2,000 are encouraged, with a maximum amount of $10,000. (For more information, see "Tips") Secured funds are not required to originate with the organization applying for the grant, but may originate with multiple donors or completed fundraising.  Projects must be completed within one year of initial grant funding (official grant year is July 1 - June 30).

Are you interested?  For more information on the program and how to apply, navigate through the links located to the right. 

Examples of grant funding include:

Historic Preservation
  • Restoration of historic buildings or sites
  • Preservation of documents or records, including cataloging and digitalization
  • Conservation of cemetery monuments or gravesites
  • Erection of historic site markers
  • Museum exhibits
  • Interpretive display panels
  • Children's mentoring programs and teachers' aids
  • Donation of books or resource materials for tutoring or literacy programs
  • English language tutoring
  • Programs supporting veterans' medical centers or health providers
  • Oral histories of active military or veterans
  • Flagpole installations to fly the American flag at national sites
  • Erection of veterans' monuments