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Locating the right chapter for you to join just may be the most important decision you have to make. In many areas, especially in large urban areas, there may be several chapters. Think about why you are joining the DAR. DAR is a service organization. Every year DAR members provide millions of hours of service to their communities and nation. Each chapter may not participate in the same service activities. If there are specific volunteer activities that interest you, look for a chapter that shares your interest.  Another factor to consider is meeting times. DAR chapters meet at various times. In some areas they may not meet in the winter, while in others they may not meet in the summer. Using the locate a chapter option can help you identify a chapter or chapters in your area. You can also contact the chapters directly to learn more about the chapter. Most likely they will invite you to attend a chapter meeting or activity in order to get to know them.  Another option is to complete the Prospective Member Form online.  A DAR member in your state will review the form and try to match you to a chapter based on your interests and availability.

Once you begin working with a chapter, you will likely be working most closely with the chapter registrar or someone assigned to assist her. The chapter registrar is responsible for helping you prepare and submit your application for verification. Ultimately, you are responsible for obtaining the documents needed for your application; however, the registrar can assist you with locating exactly what is needed. In the event that additional help is needed, the registrar can tap into DAR’s very large volunteer network for assistance. You are not by any means alone in this process. Once your application is approved, the chapter registrar can provide you with either a printed copy of the verified application or an electronic version.

Finally, another avenue for you to reach out to other DAR members to learn more about the organization is through social media, specifically through Facebook. There are a number of DAR focused groups on Facebook. The DAR Headquarters official Facebook page is: Many chapters have their own Facebook pages. You may want to look for those as well.