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Booking Policy

Requests for available dates and holds, or to lease Constitution Hall will be accepted only from a prospective Licensee. Information will be limited to open dates, leased dates, and dark dates. Information will not be provided on existing holds.

Holds will be taken, subject to approval of the Managing Director, only if the event is identified. An "acceptance of hold" letter will be mailed or faxed after approval is given, noting that the prospective Licensee must renew the request every month. Otherwise, the hold will automatically be deleted by the hall computer. "Blind" holds will not be entered in the hall calendar. Multiple holds for the same date will be entered in the order they are received.

If two or more prospective Licensees are holding a date for the same event, the date will be awarded to the one authorized to present the event.

If a prospective Licensee desires a date already on hold, a challenge may be issued. Two working days will be given to each prior hold to provide the opportunity to confirm or relinquish the date. If the person/company so challenged elects to confirm the date, they must immediately present the usual and non-refundable deposit (currently $3,500.00 for each day of the hold) and sign the Agreement for Lease. If each hold is relinquished, the challenger must immediately present the usual and non-refundable deposit to DAR Constitution Hall and sign the Agreement for Lease. Failure by the challenger to make the immediate deposit will result in the hold reverting to it's original format.

DAR Constitution Hall does not have a policy for protection regarding booking of similar acts with a similar audience in any given time frame.

No event shall be considered binding on DAR, and the premises shall not be considered as secured on any of the days mentioned herein, and Licensee shall not commence advertising nor sale of tickets to the event unless and until the Agreement for Lease has been signed by both the Licensee and DAR and the deposit has been paid.

Please contact the Event Coordinator for assistance in booking DAR Constitution Hall at (202)628-4780

District of Columbia Public Hall License

DAR Constitution Hall is one of the premier venues for performances, plays, meetings and other events in Washington, DC. It operates under a public hall license issued by the District of Columbia, and is bound by the laws and regulations of that jurisdiction. Specifically, DC law requires us to make the Hall available for use by outside individuals and groups provided the fees and obligations of our contract are met. It is a violation of DC law to be selective in terms of who is allowed to use the Hall as outlined below:

  • It is a violation of the DC regulation and 73-22 Human Rights Law to discriminate for any reason other than individual merit including, but not limited to, discrimination by reason of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, matriculation, political affiliation, physical handicap, source of income, and place of residence or business. The refusal to comply with the above shall be a proper basis for revocation or suspension of this license.

At the same time, use of DAR Constitution Hall does not constitute an endorsement by the National Society. DAR Constitution Hall serves as a public venue that can be rented by outside groups, and our contract document clearly stipulates that it is a violation for any group or individual to suggest that they have been endorsed by DAR.