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Marian Anderson performed at Constitution Hall on numerous occasions, some of which are listed below:

Marian Anderson onstage at Constitution Hall in 1943. 
(Marie Hansen/Time and LIFE Pictures/Getty Images)
  • September 1942 – the DAR invited Marian Anderson to perform at Constitution Hall for a series of benefit concerts to aid the war relief. Marian Anderson performed at the first of these concerts in January 1943.
  • March 14, 1953 – Marian Anderson sang to an unsegregated audience in Constitution Hall as part of the American University concert series
  • April 1, 1956 – Marian Anderson performs in Constitution Hall
  • February 7, 1960 – Marian Anderson performs in Constitution Hall
  • October 24, 1964 – Marian Anderson begins her farewell American tour in Constitution Hall