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The DAR Library offers three services that handle requests via postal-mail. All of the services require a completed request form with payment by check or money order.  If you have a question before mailing your written request and payment, please contact:


Telephone: (202) 777-2366

Videophone Relay: (202) 559-5122 ask for Dennis.

The Search Service does NOT accept requests via Email or over the Phone. 

Supporting Documentation Requests

A Documentation Request should be used to request copies of available supporting documents that were submitted with a DAR Membership Application (these documents are also referred to as “proofs”).  The supporting documents were submitted to prove the lineage of the DAR Member back to a Revolutionary War Patriot.  The documents may also include proof of the Revolutionary War Patriot’s service or support of the Revolutionary War.  Documents may not be available for a specific patriot or DAR member.  We do not provide copies of vital records issued by a government agency that are less than 100 years old.  The supporting documents consist of the proofs submitted with the application regardless of the accuracy or acceptability of the individual documents. 

The Documentation Request is limited to one patriot or member per request form.  The Search Services Office does not search through all available documents for a possible resource or generation link.  A comprehensive review for a specific document would be considered a Research Request.

Fee for NSDAR members is $10.00 per request

Fee for nonmembers is $15.00 per request

The fee covers 10 photocopies, including title page of cited work.  (For more than 10 copies, we will bill you $0.30/page for photocopies plus $2.00 shipping.)  Please make check or money order payable to Treasurer General, NSDAR

Supporting Documentation Form  (PDF)

Supporting Documents can also be ordered online through the GRS.

Photocopy Service

The Search Services Office accepts Photocopy Requests to make copies of items or resources within the DAR Library collection when specific page numbers are known.  Please limit Photocopy Requests to a maximum of five titles per request.  These requests could include:

  • Copies of pages from the library book collection.
  • Copies from the Genealogical Records Committee (GRC) collection. When requesting copies from the GRC collection please include the state, series number, volume number, page number(s) and personal name(s) that should be found on the page(s) to be copied.
  • Copies of items in the Manuscript and File Folder Collection.
  • Copies for the microfilm and microfiche collection.
  • Printouts from the electronic resources available at the DAR Library.
  • Specific references cited in an approved DAR Membership Application. Note: Requestors should use the DAR Online Catalog to see if the DAR Library has the cited reference in the library collection.

Fee for NSDAR members is $10.00 per request

Fee for nonmembers is $15.00 per request

The fee covers 10 photocopies including the title page of the cited work.  For more than 10 copies, we will bill you $0.30/page for regular photocopies or $0.50/page for microfilm copies plus $2.00 shipping.  Please make check or money order payable to Treasurer General, NSDAR.

Photocopy Request Form (PDF)

Search Service

The Search Service conducts hourly-based research of the various sources within the DAR Library. Searches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Documenting lineage Gaps in NSDAR, NSSAR, N.S.C.A.R. applications 
  • Searching for Family Bibles in the DAR Collections
  • Conducting research related to Mayflower Descendants
  • Searching the resources of the Huguenot Society that are currently included in the DAR Library Collection

Fee for NSDAR members is $30.00/hour.

Fee for nonmembers is $40.00/hour.

The minimum request is one hour.  The hourly fee covers 10 photocopies of material. (For more than 10 copies, we will bill you $0.30/page plus $2.00 shipping.)  Please make check or money order payable to the Treasurer General, NSDAR.

Search Services Form (PDF)

Record Copy

Previously verified DAR membership and supplemental applications can be used as genealogical research tools as well as documentation for new applications. As long as there is no reason to believe that the lineage or service is incorrect on an older application paper, it can always be used as genealogical proof documentation. If DAR verified the lineage in the past, the applicant does not necessarily have to send documentation to DAR to prove her entire lineage, therefore expediting the process for the applicant and the verifying genealogist.

Copies of previously verified DAR membership applications (record copies) can be ordered from the Library Copy Services Office or online. 

Instructions for Ordering Online Record Copies

Instructions for Ordering Record Copies in Paper Form